The all new Corsair Pulse 600 was officially launched over the weekend at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show on Australia’s Gold Coast. Featuring a striking vinyl graphic wrap and red front deck and aft beam, the new one design is hard to miss and is turning heads. With more than 20 boats already sold and four boats on their way to Australian distributor,¬†Multihull Central, micro fleets are starting to emerge around the country.

Supported by Ronstan Australia and Multihull Central, the Pulse received overwhelming interest from both the sailing industry and the general public as people flocked to see the striking new trimaran design, built as a fast and fun family day sailor and racer. The large floats with raked bows presents this 19ft trailer sailor as a much larger boat than described on paper. The hull features a self training deck, basic storage forward for items such as sails for the racer, or tents and supplies for the day sailor or camper, while the boat is designed to be easily folded with mast lowered for storage or trailering.

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