Power Boats – If you love the water, but would like to skip the getting wet, then the power boats are for you.
PUT-IN-BAY HOTEL ROOMS, GOLF CART RENTAL, BICYCLES, MOPEDS Welcome to "The Edgewater Hotel Put-in-Bay! Jet Ski Rental at the Bay is your Put-in-Bay Watercraft Leader for Jet Ski fun in Put in Bay, South Bass Island, Ohio.
Put-in-Bay Watercraft Rentals, is the Jet Ski rental and Boat Rental for the Lake Erie Islands. Fully equipped with kayaks, wave runners, dinghys, and power boats, Put in Bay Watercraft Rentals allows you to further explore the island and its waters. For an experience of a lifetime, Atlantic Beach Clubs offers personal watercraft and jet ski rentals at a price that is worth your while. Along with rental jet skis, we also provide vacationers and residents in Fort Lauderdale with ski, fishing, and deck boat rentals for partying, and parasailing services. The excitement of riding a jet ski can’t be put into words; taking on the ocean spray and feeling the warm, Florida air collide with your skin and hair as you speed through the water is just something you have to experience to understand.
With dozens of jet skis and waverunners to choose from, Atlantic Beach Clubs has one of the most diverse selections of personal watercraft rentals in all of Fort Lauderdale. Kawasaki enhanced the overall design of the 1500cc Supercharged engine reinforced the hull and transformed the Ultra in such a way that it remains in top of the muscle craft class. Kawasaki’s new power plant was redesigned and manufactured in Japan while KMC-USA was responsible for the hull and pump setting and also carried out the overall endurance testing.
Perhaps the most stunning of all these performance- and comfort-related advancements, is the fact that the new Ultra 300X weighs nearly 40 pounds less than a 2010 Ultra 260X.
It is the first time that Kawasaki installs a trim on the Ultra hull and this occurred because the customer research showed the demand for it.
On the waterHard to believe, but revised ergonomics improve comfort significantly over the already plush 260X. The Ultra 300X’s cockpit and rider accommodations didn’t escape the designers’ efforts either.
Riding the 300X is a unique experience since you realise immediately that it is not a beast but a muscle craft which can accelerate strongly but at the same time in a very smooth controllable manner.
Top speed is something that everybody is interested to so the new Kawasaki hits the 67mph barrier faster and easier than anyone would expect. Four-stroke Ultra is running for its fifth year and the particular version it the best compared to its predecessors. Shuswap Lake is located in the beautiful and sunny Okanagan region of the province of British Columbia and is home to the Fairmont fleet of houseboats. Shuswap Lake Vacation Rental homes and Suites, Cabins, Cottages and Houseboat accommodations. The Shuswap boasts the largest houseboat fleet in Sicamous, the Houseboat Capital of Canada and the service centre for Shuswap marine park. Cabin Rentals Shuswap are among the most popular vacation options in Shuswap Lake at Sicamous, the service center for Shuswap marine park and center of the houseboat fleet.
Florida Houseboat Rentals – Find houseboat vacations and house boat rentals in Florida.
In the race for the vacation rental management company that offers the most services to its guests, Justin Ford thinks hea€™s got a winning horse. Ford a€“ co-owner of On the Water in Maine with his wife, Tiffany a€“ has made it a priority to offer his guests just about anything they need to make their vacation a hit. In the past, those services have gone as far as escorting guests to their island property by boat and picking them up in a helicopter a€“ thata€™s right, a helicopter. A sister company, also owned by the Fords, Maine Watercraft Rentals, Inc, offers a complete line of rental boats, which includes canoes, kayaks, ski boats, ocean boats and more.
A sister company, also owned by the Fords, Maine Watercraft Rentals, Inc, also offers a complete line of rental boats, which includes canoes, kayaks, ski boats, ocean boats and more. With more than 200 vacation rental properties available across the Pine Tree State, On the Water in Maine has a corner on the statea€™s waterfront vacation experience. Whether youa€™re looking to stay on a lake or by the ocean, On the Water in Maine offers a range of properties that can meet just about any budget. If youa€™re thinking that the company being so spread out affects its service, stop right there. And, in the summer months, Ford sees guests flock to Maine to escape the scorching summer heat in the cities. Understanding customersa€™ needs is one of the things that has helped keep On the Water in Maine successful. About two years ago, Ford started looking for a system that could really increase the efficiency of his business. The company eventually decided that LiveRez was the answer, and theya€™re still reaping the benefits of that choice today.
One aspect of the system that helped On the Water in Maine increase its efficiency was LiveReza€™s reporting features.

Another part of the increased efficiency that LiveRez brought the business was giving travelers the ability to book properties online, which saved On the Water in Maine valuable time and made the booking experience more convenient for guests.
Ford said he constantly receives positive feedback from guests regarding the companya€™s LiveRez-powered website. This site was specifically designed to help you find the leaders in rental homes, cottages, condos or hotels on Put in Bay, Ohio. Safely take on the thrill of riding some of the newest waverunners on the Ft Lauderdale waters, and you’ll have a story for the ages.
At Atlantic Beach Clubs, our goal is to give you the toys necessary to create your adventure of a lifetime. Also, each of our jet skis is a newer model and serviced regularly by experts to ensure the safety of all of our customers.
Although we do not require reservations, we recommend you call in advance to make sure a jet ski is available for you or your group of friends. Though, the Akashi factory put the market research on the table and decided to come stronger during this current economic crisis by presenting the most powerful muscle craft in the personal water scene. The important news for 2011 is the use of an all-new supercharger, one that is two steps beyond the abilities of the roots-type unit fitted –the Ogura one- to previous X-model Jet Ski watercraft.
The all new ETC, is the 300X’s Electronic Trim Control system, which controls the nozzle angle of the revised, 160mm jet pump to adjust hull attitude to suit water surface conditions and riding style. The handlebar remains five-way adjustable to fit a range of riders and riding styles, with grips positioned nearly an inch wider to accommodate all-new handlebar switch assemblies.
With nearly 21 gallons of fuel capacity – the most in its class – the 300X allows plenty of range for long-distance rides.
An all-new high-visibility instrument panel has been fitted, which features an all-LCD info screen and visor that is not only futuristic but wildly informative. Top speed is limited by an electronic governor and the funny thing is that you actually feel it since it holds the crafts potential.
It is faster from one buoy to the other, it accelerates lack a true bullet and it is equipped with new electronic systems and most of all it fulfils your needs and satisfaction under any weather or water conditions. We have the only parking space in Jacksonville that will ALWAYS put a smile on River Adventures Houseboat Rental Company St. In addition, when it comes to amenities offered, Ford is happy to put his company against anyone else in the country.
And, unlike other companies that focus on one area, On the Water in Maine offers properties from all across the state. And when it comes to offering guests everything they need, Ford has even higher aspirations: He wants the business to stand alone. With our spacious rental waverunners, you can experience that adventure on your own or in a team with two other friends and make memories you can cherish for years down the road.
The best day of your vacation or weekend may be just around the corner, so gather your friends and family to make the most of your time on the ocean.
Power matters and Kawasaki was always ahead in terms of overall true performance and is the only manufacturer that has won more titles than anyone else in the Pro Runabout Open at the World Finals. Root-type superchargers are known as fixed-displacement units, which produce large quantities of boost at all rpm levels, even right off idle, for a flat torque curve and usable, step-free power across the rev range. The system has a plus-or-minus range of eight degrees, and works with the revised hull design to allow quicker turning characteristics.
The wider bar allows even better manoeuvrability and is more comfortable, especially on longer rides or during sport riding since you apply more forces much easier. A convenient storage bin with 54gallons of capacity hides under the front cowl, and a dual drink holder keeps refreshments just a reach away.
The highly legible LCD display accommodates the fore mentioned riding-mode displays along with a range of other functions, including clock, time, trip and hour meter, digital or bar-graph tachometer, water and air temperature gauges, speedometer and max-speed functions.
The new engine provides a much better low end rpm useful power which enables you to accelerate from one buoy to the other very fast but without upsetting the handling. The craft we rode was actually brought to us by KMC (Kawasaki USA) though, British rider Russell Marmon gave us the opportunity to ride his unrestricted 300X in order to get an overall view of this speed limit issue.
In fact, they offer a guarantee that if you encounter a problem during your stay, they will respond within one hour a€“ no matter where in the state youa€™re staying. The Ultra X hull was proven to be unbeatable especially under rough water conditions and this was the reason that made Kawasaki keep the outer shape of this hull and provide a meaner and more powerful engine having as a main scope to increase the acceleration, overall performance and in addition to provide a new package of electronics than people require for recreational reasons. The new Eaton Twin Vortices Series (TVS) roots supercharger features a twin four-lobe rotor and offers a significant performance increase over the already impressive previous unit.
Additionally, the new deck may look exactly the same as its predecessor however; it has been reinforced in several locations too. The two-piece seat offers plenty of accommodations for three people, while a new slightly narrower seat (at the front) makes it easier for riders who prefer to ride standing. Overall, the combined storage capacity is an industry leading 60gallons and also bringing extra gear along is never an issue. Everything is done in a very smooth manner so the rider gets the maximum satisfaction out of it.

The unrestricted craft is more linear from bottom to mid range rpm and it keeps spreading its true horsepower potential until it reaches the top speed of 72mph (a fact that KMC had assured us about three months ago) according to Russell that tested it prior competing to Mark Hahn 300 Endurance race.
If you are looking for a fast ride whether the water is calm or rough Kawasaki has the answer. Please note that all jet ski drivers must be 14 years of age or older, although passengers can be any age. Kawasaki’s top-shelf performer, the Ultra 300X has been thoroughly redesigned for 2011, from nose to jet pump and everything in between.
Where the standard roots unit delivered compressed air in waves, the new Eaton TVS unit offers continuous delivery for more power and smoother power. The hull cleaning system has been replaced with a two-circuit design, each with a dedicated flushing port for easier maintenance.
A redesigned reverse lever on the left side of the craft features a more ergonomic design and lighter operation. As for the updated hull you feel it much lighter (or it’s the engine efficiency that gives you this feeling) and certainly more nimble and easy to control on a tight buoy course. Definitely, the 37 years of experience and multiple National and World Championships count a lot.
If born after  January 1st, 1988, you must have a valid boater’s license to operate and drive a jet ski.
There is more power and thrust, along with loads of engine strengthening to handle all that power and help ensure typical Kawasaki reliability.
Revised styling through the use of more radically edged contours and new front nose trim, results in a more aggressive look up front.
We have been already been informed that R&D will come up with an aftermarket speed derestricted device (which will be done electronically) in order to unleash the full potential of the 300X engine. You can obtain a lifetime boater’s license at PWC Safety School, or grab yourself a temporary one-year license from Atlantic Beach Clubs when you rent a jet ski. That is new technology in the form of an all-new and high-tech supercharger and Kawasaki’s Electronic Throttle Valve system. Supercharger efficiency is also up too, nearly 30 percent, while mechanical losses have been reduced to just 10 percent. Apart from the particular device if the craft will be equipped with a handling kit will pick up a couple of miles more on its top speed without touching the engine. This race-derived hull has been extensively updated to provide the sort of top-tier handling hard-core enthusiasts expect.
Power and thrust are key ingredients in the Ultra 300X package, and the thoroughly “massaged”, 1,498cc inline-four DOHC engine supports that recipe like no other power plant in the entire watercraft world.
A liquid-cooled intercooler helps keep the compressed intake charge cool, which stops power-robbing heat from sapping the systems efficiency.Stronger and more advanced internal engine parts assist power production and help maintain the high level of reliability you come to expect. Revised pistons, team with a pumped-up valve train that includes stronger, hardened-nickel valves with thicker stems, a beefier cam chain and reworked exhaust camshaft with revised lobe profiles and increased durability. According to Kawasaki the new pistons sit on the bore a few millimetres though, it uses the same type of piston rings.
Cylinder temperature has been increased on the new 300X with smaller water jackets on the cylinder and by controlling oil temperature with a thermostat.
Stronger crankcases help harness this entire extra horsepower, while an advanced and more efficient oil cooler helps minimize temperatures when the action gets really hot upstairs by sandwiching oil between two cooling jackets instead as the ones before.
The thermostat ensures that the oil temperature is kept to the desirable level providing greater reliability under any operating environment (hot or cold weather conditions).
Controlling all this substantial power is made easier via the 300X’s array of futuristic electronics, which include a highly advanced fuel injection system controlled by a high-tech Electronic Control Unit (ECU), the “brain” of the entire system. These include a range of varied riding “modes” such as Fuel Economy Assistance mode (for maximum economy during slower going), one-touch 5mph mode (for use in no-wake zones), the 300X’s handy Electronic Cruise Control system (for steady cruising speeds when touring) and the Smart Learning Operation (SLO) mode, which allows newer riders to become familiar with the handling and response of this Jet Ski at a more relaxed pace. The setup also includes a digital dash display called the Economical Riding Indicator that shows the rider when riding conditions are most efficient (such as at planing speed, where hull resistance is minimal). According to Kanamori when riding the 300X at WOT (Wide Open Throttle) will result at an increased fuel consumption compared to 260X. On the other hand fuel efficiently gets better at cruise control or at mid speed because the Eaton Supercharger is more effective. Larger horsepower usually raises the issues to the driveline that Kawasaki (and other manufacturers) experienced under racing conditions.
As a result, an even stronger engine coupling assembly was designed and was presented initially at the 2010 World Finals on the Factory Kawasaki STX-R.

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