If the ground is firm and level, a basic framework can be laid straight onto it, commonly 50 x 100 treated timber. Dig four footings and use concrete to securely fit your four treated 100 x 100mm wooden posts in place. You can then attach your joists to the outsides of the 100 x 100mm posts, creating the outer perimeter of the patio. Monthly OffersTo find out when we're running special offers and discounts, sign up to our monthly email. I need to build a flat file for my studio so I thought I’d take a stab at some ideation while traveling today.
A look at any manufacturer’s website will quickly show you that there are several different wood species available. As always, speak with the manufacturer for the final details and then discover the final results with the right wood. About BrojectsFollow brothers Kevin and Andrew as they retreat from their everyday lives to their cottage ‘man’tuary’ where they engage in challenging and often quirky DIY cottage building projects. Wood fences are the most common type of fence we build today, because of wood's availability, its aesthetic versatility, and its relative low cost of building and maintenance.
The most common species used for stick-built wood fences include pine, spruce, fir, cypress, red cedar, white cedar, and redwood. Posts, which are partially buried underground, are the vertical structural members that support the rails and pickets of a fence. Stick building a wood fence offers the opportunity to be creative; however, it should be noted that several traditional styles of fence are well received by neighbors. Picket fences will generally have two rails, with evenly spaced pickets on one side of the fence.
Shadowbox fences will have three rails, with evenly spaced pickets on two sides of the fence. Board on board fences (see image above) have two or three rails, depending on the height of the fence.
Prior to building a fence on your property, you should have an accurate understanding of where your property lines are located.
After you have planned the fence on paper, you can locate the corners and the ends of the fence on your property.
Drive a nail into the center of the wood stake and run a line of string tautly from stake to stake. Outdoor lighting illuminates social gatherings, comforts us with additional safety and security, enables us to work or play, and enhances our home garden aesthetics from dusk to dawn. Soil-packed post: Place 6" of gravel in the bottom of the post hole and pack the space around the post with soil. Post set in concrete: Place 6" of gravel in the bottom of the hole and fill the remaining space around the post with concrete. Post anchored to concrete pier: A concrete pier is formed in the ground with a metal post anchor embedded in it. For the purpose of this article we'll assume you are setting posts that are rated for ground contact and able to be cast in concrete.
Place and compact a 6" base of gravel in each post hole and, if desired, place a tubular concrete form inside the hole. Insert the post in the center of the hole and brace the post by anchoring to the ground, two 2 x 4s, one on each side of the post. Once the concrete has cured for an appropriate duration, you are ready to attach the rails and pickets.
Starting at a corner or at the end of the fence, hold the bottom of the picket at the height of the guide string, using a level to ensure that the picket is plumb, and attach the picket to the rails by using two appropriate fasteners at each rail.

Move to the next picket, using the block of wood to separate it from the adjacent picket if applicable.
Once the pickets have been attached, your fence has been built, but it is not quite complete. Each type of wood has its own individual characteristics, grain and color which distinguishes one type of wood from another.
As well as being attractive it can help compliment any existing garden features and furniture you already may have .
However, for most of us the job would be taken on as an exciting, yet achievable DIY project. This will be unlikely unless you live in or adjacent to a listed building but it is best to exercise caution regardless. You can then place weed barrier fabric over the ground, using gravel or stones to evenly weigh the sheet down. This board serves to attach the wood floor to the adjacent house, so bear in mind the shape and sloping of the deck during installation. You should then install joist hangers at 400mm intervals across these timbers before attaching cross members with galvanised nails and ensuring that they remain flat and parallel to the outside edges. Keep in mind that even treated wood will expand in damp conditions, so leave around 3mm space between the boards. Cleanly remove any overhang from the last step and attach your boards to be flush and neat for a finished look.
Why not acquire one of these versatile wood products and recycle it into something useful that you and your family can enjoy for years to come?
Whether you intend to replace the entire living room floor or just the steps on your staircase, you need to be certain of your choices. Before you make one of your own, you’ll need to learn about the different types of pizza ovens and what they do.
When it comes to making fresh, artisanal pizza, making it properly means making it outdoors. With a black oven, you put the fire in the chamber and cook your food in the same chamber while the fire is going. The other type of pizza oven is a masonry oven, which is usually made of brick or stone, although sometimes you can find them made out of concrete. The temperatures of a masonry oven can get extremely high, so materials need to be able to withstand the expansion and contraction that comes with that intense heat. Once you gain an understanding of the materials required as well as layout and installation techniques, building a wood privacy fence is a job many do-it-yourselfers can accomplish.
Shadowbox fences feature a picket on one side placed alternately to a picket on the opposing side. With the variety of outdoor lighting fixtures available, selecting the right one can be somewhat daunting. Prior to joining Buildipedia, Jeff's work experience included carpentry, construction documentation, specification writing, construction administration, project management, and real estate property inspection.
They can be built almost anywhere and can therefore provide extra space for you to enjoy your outdoor living.
A line level can be used to ensure your deck slopes enough to promote good drainage, with 10mm per meter considered as the ideal standard. All that’s left is to use your chosen wood stain or varnish, to best protect your new wood patio deck and provide an attractive finish. All of the materials required are available from George Hill Timber and Building Supplies and we’d also be happy to share any tips and tricks which we’ve picked up over our decades of experience in the trade. Below we have 64 different pallet recycling ideas to show you different possibilities that can be created with a wood pallet.

Even within the wood species you can pick from, there are different cuts that will showcase variances in grain and color. You should start with the grade of wood you want as it will visually reflect a certain style. This is a much more complicated construction, but you don’t have to worry about getting any ash in your food.
Because these ovens are so good at retaining that heat, one fire can be used for a whole day to make pizza. With the growth in popularity of the pizza oven, you can find all different makes — big or small. Understanding the available outdoor lighting technologies, techniques, and fixtures will allow you to make better use of your property after the sun goes down.
This type of wood extensively used for quality furniture such as wooden cabinets, boat construction, wood facings and veneers. There are lots of options available to you, from building them on more than one level to adding a balustrade or a pergola. No matter what the plan may be, you will want the decisions you make to reflect positively on your home interior.
High quality wood grades mean that the wood has very little in color variance and even wood grain, as well as few imperfections such as knots.
As quality slowly moves toward rustic, more knots will appear as will color and grain variations. When you choose something that doesn’t work, the results can be jarring, so it is important that you get the right wood so the job can get done the first time. If the water soaks in and darkens the wood, then it’s time to get on that deck maintenance before any serious damage is done.
Join the At Home channel’s host, Jeff Wilson, as he demonstrates how to refinish a wood deck. If you want something clean, smooth, and even when it comes to the overall look and color, then you will want a higher grade.
If you would be more than happy to have a more natural look with dark knots appearing throughout, then rustic is the style for you. Lighter colored wood species will match beautifully with these, and the sunlight will bounce off the floor to help light up the room even more. Oftentimes the current design of your home will help steer you in the right direction of wood grade. On the opposite end, if you have a darker room with richly colored furniture, a darker wood species can be perfect to set the tone. Having a high ceiling gives you the opportunity to build and add a loft to your existing home. Having a Murphy bed is great for a guest room or your bedroom as it can be stored in the wall. You can by building this bed yourself and adding a string of LED rope lights to the bottom. The wood for this project will cost around $300 dollars depending on where you purchase it from.

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