Even with the best maintenance, however, these original bottoms have long outlived their useful lives and many, if not most, have lurking problems underneath the surface where it’s not visible to the naked eye. After replacing tens of bottoms one of the most prevalent problem areas are loosened, broke, or bent fasteners (they are after all, soft brass).
It goes on like thick like paste, is spread to a consistent layer with a trowel and then remains flexible like rubber when cured. Finally, the 5200 system bottom will increase the value of your boat by the amount invested in it. Sierra Boat Company has more experience with the Riva brand than anywhere else on the West Coast. Finally getting settled in after last weekend want to make sure I say thank you to everyone at Sierra Boat Co. Antique Boat Center is a broker of classic and wooden boats, including Chris Craft boats, and specializes in vintage antique collectible boat restoration and repair. I suspect many of these manufacturers, if completely honest, would say they expected even less actual life out of the most important single part of any boat.

Other common areas of trouble are bottom plank cracks following the fastener lines where screwed into the frames…again from the planks expanding and contracting over the years. If done properly, 5200 will ooze between each adjoining plank seam to make a watertight, yet flexible fit.
Ask any boat broker and they will tell you boats with properly done 5200 bottoms will bring anywhere from $8,000-$12,000 more depending on the size and model of boat. This really means very little unless you’re willing to get a little dirty by climbing into the bilge with an ice pick and flashlight and do some serious poking around in known problem areas. The new lumber is attached with silicon bronze fasteners and 3M 5200 adhesive in lieu of the lead soaked canvas between the inner and outer layer. Keep your boat on a lift or trailer and never, I repeat never have to worry about having to soak your bottom again. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
The slip accommodations were fantastic and best of all, the boating conditions were unbelievably good.

The 5200 product comes in a caulk tube which is applied to the inner layer (marine grade plywood) before attaching the outer mahogany planking. Again, it’s important to reattach those planks with 5200 to make both a watertight and flexible fit. This is obviously not good for the boat, resulting in even more damage that you started with. The 5200 is flexible and thus flexes and moves with the wood, eliminating stress cracks while it continues to maintain its water tightness.
When finished, though, you will have a bottom that will not leak and, if not abused, out live you.

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