I have always used reeds but I think one of those rock concert foggers might be evewn better to create your own fogbank. Share tips, suggest or request changes, anything that does not fit in the other categories.
I did not talk with the builder of the blue minor, I just overheard him talking to someone else. One of 60 27 ft Chris Craft Customs built and one of two with Scripps 302 V-12 engines it was purchased in 2006 by Russell Hagen, Minneapolis, MN. The boat was purchased in July 2011 as a pattern boat and was completely restored over 12 months, being completed mid-August 2012. I was looking for a challenging project, I came across this rare Ventnor Sport Runabout 7 years ago. Hull #U-18-1013 was shipped from the Cadillac plant in June of 1952 to Sturgis, Michigan, less than 20 miles away from her current hailing port of Three Rivers.
The Sedan was first of the Glasspar Seafair Series manufactured from 59 into the early seventies.
For as long as I can remember we have been a boating family, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2006 that we were introduced to wooden boats. Right after World War II captain Steve smith, a p40 pilot in the south pacific needing something fun to do at his family’s lake house in upstate NY, he bought this boat from the trojan boat co.
Eric & Kathy’s 1958 Streblow Rebel 19’ is one of the oldest surviving Streblow inboards. If there is anyone out there who has experience with the old school auto pilot system by Bendix or the Radar system by Furuno please let me know as I have alot of questions,,lol. Im currently going through plastic filler and resin like there is no tomorrow , and am making some progress, but I do have many questions for those who have done repair work like this.
Maintaining that boat, uncovered, in south Florida is basically a full time job so I hope you enjoy it. Not trying to ruin your dream, just want you to really understand what you are getting into.
I agree with you 100% however, as I mentioned in my listing I am not going to do a full blown restoration, and I know if you dont remove most of the rotted wood, it will not look or work well. I didnt get a chance to look into the anchor well yet, but I did have a survey and seems to be ok. The survey probably points out the things that need to be done, but this Forum is full of answers if you're willing to take advice.
Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. Looks like the only one not getting the best performance is the only one built exactly to plans! Hauled from Connecticut to Minnesota where it was completely restored by David Watts, Little Rock Boatworks, Rice Minnesota.
1940-2009 History unknown October 2009-Purchased from antique and classic boat seller in Minnesota September 2010- Won second best in class award at Geneva Lake Boat show. Walker was inducted as the first “Canoe Builder Emeritus” in the Canoe Builders Hall of Fame established by the Canadian Canoe Museum. Production started in 1962, and a total of 769 Aquarama's were produced until production ended in 1995. This specific Shepherd was on display at the Chicago Boat Show in 1961 when my Aunt & Uncle bought it new. The boat was restored using new methods including CPES sealing, 5200 bottom and all new upholstery.
The boat is powered by a rebuilt, and equally rare, factory built racing version of a 244 c.i. The boat was order and delivered to Kramer’s in Fox Lake, IL for Rex Fitzpatrick of Elmhurst, IL. It was found in long term storage in Maine and was transported by the second owner to Lake Mendota (Madison, WI).

It was followed by the Sunliner, an open runabout, then the Sportsman which was a utility, and the Phaeton, a faux hardtop. My father bought it from a neighbor of ours where I grew up in New Jersey after it was involved in a fire mishap. Originally built as an "open sportsman" the buyer requested that it be sent back to the factory and have a custom Teak hardtop installed on the boat, making it possibly the only full Teak hardtop Sportsman Lyman ever built. It all started when a friend of my parents, Tom Seger, from “Fleet 17” (a boat club they belong to) showed me my first boat.
It was purchased as a derelict in 1994, and was refurbished by the Moberg family over the next 3 years. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
Did the builder of the blue boat make any comment about his use of a rounded tunnel instead of the Atkin-drawn triangular shape?
The WHAT FUN is a 1937 17’ Chris Craft custom runabout, acquired September 23, 1973 for $1 (and attorney’s fees of $10). The family camp, as they call them in the Adirondacks,  was on Cranberry Lake which was the boats home until I purchased it in 2011. Within that total, 203 were designated Super Aquarama's, which were fitted with larger, big block engines. The first was outward, new bottom, new wood throughout, varnish, engine refurbish, and trailer. When I purchased it in 2001 the original cast metal Maine registration numbers were still in place.
The boat itself has just under 600 hours on it, but the 5.7L GM V8 engine was replaced with a new high nickel content marine block, with all new parts, carb to oil pan. At that time, I began the initial restoration but despite these efforts, the boat continued to sink. Restoration was completed in May 2008 and the boat was entered in the Keels & Wheels boat show, Seabrook Tx where the boat was awarded "Best of Show". With less then a 100 of these made, it is believed that only 9 exist as documented in 1995. Walker’s death marks the end of an era; he was the last orginal link to the heyday of wooden canoe-building. The new deck planks are compound curved, tongue & grooved Honduras mahogany that is blind nailed as it was originally constructed.
Second was outward as well, a repair to the bottom, transmission, prop, shaft, rudder, and some more bottom wood.
Over the course of 2 years I spent all of my hard earned money on this boat as Tom taught me to restore it.
It is one of only two 19’ Streblows built in 1958, and has the original Cal Connell Cadillac Crusader 390 cu.
It was left in storage for more than 25 years, until the turn of this century -- when the fix-up really began. The boat was then entered in the Lake Tahoe Concour where it was awarded 2nd place in the catagory "Prewar 23 ft and over" (no first place award was given) and "Best Engine of Show".
Walker, who was born in Ancaster, Ontario on November 4, 1907 and who began his career as a furniture-maker, worked for boat and canoe companies in Lakeville and Peterborough, the field in which he eventually earned the distinguished title of Master Canoe Builder. The new covering boards are compound curved, stack laminated cove and bead mahogany, as in a canoe, with no perimeter caulk seams, also as originally constructed. Since that time I have maintained the paint and varnish, but everything else is the same as it came from the factory. The original owner had a summer home at Pell City Alabama and used the boat for fishing and water skiing on the Coosa River.
It has a TRS outdrive that was completley gone through 4 years ago, only 20 hours have been put on the boat since then. After that time the boat was used extensively along the New Jersey Shore, lower Hudson River, Lake Hopatcong, and the Fulton Chain of Lakes in the Adirondacks region of upstate New York.

All the windows will likely need to be removed, the frames re-bedded and the channels replaced. Read the website of the flats-boat style one a while back, pretty good adaptation of the boat for contemporary uses. Walker built and personally presented a cedar strip canoe to Britain’s Prince Andrew upon the latter’s graduation from Lakefield College School in 1977. James Gardner found it in nearly perfect condition in the summer cottage formerly owned by the Abbott family of Gouverneur. All of the Aquarama series were fitted with GM or Chrysler block engines as Riva believed they were the most reliable engines available.
The original Chrysler motor was rebuilt once and is still in use.This boat has been docked at Pier #1 since 1961 on Geneva Lake for the last fifty-one (51) years. Due to its unique styling, the restoration of this boat easily took me twice as long as any model Chris Craft up to 26. The boat has won numerous awards including Best Century at the 2008 Geneva Lakes Boat Show. I had the opportunity to meet the gentleman and he told me that he replaced the original twin Mercs with the 1961 Merc 800 which was the largest outboard available at that time. The boat has never been stored in the water, it was always stored indoors on the trailer both summer and winter. Captain Steve became well known for winning races, but even more infamous for dive bombing his competitors.
Larry Streblow and son Randy purchased the boat and retuned it to their factory in Kenosha. The vessel’s name comes from another project of mine -- a 1969 BMW motorcycle with a side-car ride that I restored. In 1999, Walker presented a handmade paddle to the Prince when he visited the Canadian Canoe Museum. These boats were incredibly well designed and engineered, using the finest craftsmanship and materials.
The Fox River Valley Boat Company has been our restoration and maintenance partner for the past 26 years. Marine alkyd enamel bilge paint throughout, total interior cleaning, paint ribs, paint battens, paint bottom, paint all removable floor boards, sand and paint gas tank, and add new stainless gas line with polished brass fittings and filters and shutoff valve, buff and polish all mechanical fittings and brackets(The worse part was 30 days for paint drying time!!!). My father gave the boat to my sister and I in early 2011 and it was trailered to Illinois shortly thereafter. Only one other Streblow used this engine, which was the most powerful engine available in 1958. The Streblow family remodeled the boat and kept it for personal use for a couple of years until it was sold to Gregg Liebovich from Rockford, Illinois. While I was riding the bike on the Gold Coast of Chicago, a female onlooker commented, “What fun.” I couldn’t have agreed more, and thought her words might also apply to my boat. Its no wonder that Motorboat and Yachting magazine named it #1 of the top 100 best boats ever. Under the supervision of Tom Wagner I am improving a skill that will forever remain in my life.
After that event lil’suzy, named after his plane, was permanently banned from racing on the lake. By 2017 I plan to have graduated with a degree in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture from The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. 50 years later, she has been found tucked away in a barnThe boat needed a full restoration.

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