How do I evaluate the "true" condition of my recently purchased runabout?I just purchased a 1956 Helton Runabout. If you wish to add more photos (or videos) to your post or if you have any problems loading photos use the link below (there is no need to resize or adjust your photos).
So, before selecting your photo please use the 'Message Box' to indicate to which post the photos belong. The Saetta project, now called the Capital Runabout project is now available at The Boathouse of Madison. The dash board of this Classic Owens outboard was saved by George Hazzard and his crew as much of it can be cleaned, stripped, stained, and finished with many coats of varnish.
The steering wheel and its assembly are to get their own separate attention for a proper total classic boat restoration. She is a classic v-drive (some say vee drive) inboard with one bigger center cockpit wood runabout.
This built from scratch 29” long boat is modeled from a privately owned version of a real boat and is shown here for its outstanding workmanship and attention to detail. One interesting fact to seabuddy is that the full-size runabout’s windshield was from the rear window glass used in a car. One thing to note, the photos here do not show the colors as well as an in person review will. It seems that lists are the in-thing on blogs these days, so here is my first attempt at a top-ten list.
Many purists will scoff at this boat making the top-ten, but they can write their own lists.

This Chris-Craft utility has an unusual aft-facing rear seat along with two small jump-seats next to the engine box. I agree with your comments and selection of the 1939-1942 29′ Express Cruiser into your Top 10.
I Artium Magister currently seeking plans for type A two-seater as axerophthol newly project.
Banshee is a impost designed fourteen foundation roadster with antiophthalmic factor beam of precisely under half a dozen feet wood runabout blueprints. Those sections that are still good pieces will be the beginning of defining a runabout deck, side rails, motor well, and cockpit for this Owens wooden boat restoration.
Wooden Boat Restoration, LLC has a very complete paint booth on site to best achieve that high level of finish that makes for a boat that fellow boaters look at with admiration.
I have seen George’s work on these types of somewhat side issues and must say that his inventiveness and attention to detail is outstanding. John Into, a boat modeler for 50 years and a published author on boat modeling, even discussed this boat model with the real boat’s naval architect, a designer named Robert Rioux, who designed all of the Century Boat Company’s boat models at the time this boat was conceived. Let me tell you, Into got those color shades right as a match to the real boat he was modeling. Chris-Craft was ahead of it’s time with this little express cruiser, which had fairly modern looks for a pre-war boat. I promise number 8 will be a classically styled mahogany speedboat, but I do have to confess a soft-spot for small cruisers and utilities, as you will discover from this list. This boat that was modeled by John was a wood classic utility runabout, it is one of the last wood ones, as Century Boat Co.

If you like his work and want to better understand boat modeling for yourself, ask him to autograph a copy of his book for your home boating library.
Painted hullsides, wood deck, navy top, open cockpit, what more could someone ask for in a little cruiser? This choice doesn’t really count because Chris-Craft only made 11 of these boats according to The Essential Guide. I saw one of these boats for sale at a boatyard somewhere in the Northeast a few years ago, although I can’t recall the name of the yard. Made in a small run back in 1931, she let the kids ride in a mahogany wood runabout just likeDad’s.  Only eight feet long, she got the “look” down very well for a reduced sized craft. Most Antique and Classic Boat Society boat owners like to be reviewed or judged by experts against a very exacting set of standards. We only had to get to number 8 to get away from painted hullsides, but rest assured, I’ll sneek a couple more in before we get to number 1. Wooden runabouts have axerophthol real long and magisterial history here in the United States. For that and other reasons, this classic outboard powered runabout needs to be restored to the highest level of fit and finish. The pre requisites were simple decent A fourteen foot two-seater that seats four with go Wooden Boat Plans here http GetBoatPlans There are many shipway to find boat plans for.

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