For younger kidlets, these activities usually will ensure a great naptime afterwards, perhaps even in the car on the way home!'>Often in the far north it is warm enough in the rain to enjoy the overflowing water holes, or get out and see some of the magnificent waterfalls in full flow. The Barron Valley Gym is a great place to get the kids active while having lots of fun at the same time.
The Cairns indoor sports "shark cage" centre provides excellent sporting facilities and competitions in Manunda and the whole Cairns area. CrossFit Kids is a Strength and Conditioning program, instructed in a fun and safe environment by a qualified CrossFit Kids Coach.

For adults and children aged 6 and older - learn to climb and dance in the air aerials style with professional circus performer Lou Kohn. Even the lagoon or the muddies playground water play areas can be fun in the rain if you are prepared to get wet. They run classes for kids from the time they can walk right up to teen and adult competition preparation.
This is a perfect way to get the kids absolutely exhausted and ready for a great afternoon nap!

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