Sydney Wooden BoatsSydney Wooden Boats is a specialist timber boat building and restoration yard.Established by shipwright Simon Sadubin in 2000, the business operates out of a shed on Darley St, Mona Vale at the top of Sydney's Northern Beaches. Woodcraft BoatsWoodcraft Boats is a small boatyard in Sydney specialising in building and restoring wooden boats.Woodcraft Boats work with both traditional plank-on-frame and epoxy laminated boats, from dinghies to large sail and power yachts. The Wooden Boat Centre - MelbourneThe Wooden Boat Centre builds wooden boats and provides facilities for individuals to build their own boats. Wooden Boat Association - Wooden Boats AustraliaThe Wooden Boat Association was formed in 1989 for people who enjoy wooden boats and wooden boat building. Wooden Boat Association of NSWThe Association is based in Sydney and is part of a national community of wooden boat enthusiasts whose purpose is to enjoy, share and promote an appreciation of wooden boats of all sizes. Wooden Boat Association Queensland - Wooden Boats AustraliaThe Wooden Boat Association of Queensland is keen to support the sharing of information an ideas about building, restoring, and generally messing about with Wooden Boats. White Rock Lake will once again welcome the gleaming mahogany hulls of classic and antique boats of the 1930s-1950s at the White Rock Boat Club, 340 East Lawther Drive, on Saturday, September 7, from 9 a.m. The boats, owned by members of the Wooden Boat Association of North Texas (WBA), are restored examples of the wooden boats that ran on White Rock Lake and other North Texas Lakes in the days before fiberglass existed.
North Texas was once a hub of wooden boat manufacturing, especially in Denison, where more than 20,000 Yellow Jacket Boats were built between 1949 and 1959. Dallas, too, was well known for the Willis Boat Works, which hand-built highly successful racing hydroplanes and runabouts. This page is devoted to you, our new member, in an effort to acquaint you with our history, our culture, our events and our projects. The past twelve years or so of our club's history are well documented on this web site, either on the Bilge Pump Newsletters page (see links in the left hand column of this page) or the Photos and Videos page. We have a brief business meeting, including reports from each of our officers, our membership chairperson and our projects chairperson. In recent years, we've been holding a season kickoff party in May at the home of one of our members. Also, the Club holds an annual Christmas Party at the home of the club President, normally on the first Saturday in December.
In addition to the events sponsored by the WBA, there are a number of events held by other antique and classic boating clubs in our area in which the WBA participates.
On the first of each month, WBA members receive an electronic newsletter entitled The Bilge Pump.
WBA members use the shop and its tools, paints, chemicals and other equipment at their own risk, and are asked to sign a waiver of liability before accessing the shop.
The Wooden Boat Association of Victoria is a friendly, warm and welcoming association that was formed in 1989 for people who enjoy wooden boats and wooden boat building.

The Wooden Boat Association of Victoria has always taken great pride in the way that we welcome anyone who has an abiding interest in wooden boats. Whilst our Association is based in Melbourne, at the Albert Park Yacht Club on the Albert Park Lake, we also have a branch on the Gippsland Lakes, catering for wooden boat enthusiasts in East Gippsland.
The Wooden Boat Association of Victoria has sister associations in every other state and territory of Australia. Manager Larry Eastwood, an owner of several wooden boats, strives to improve the knowledge and understanding of construction and maintenance of wooden boats to add to the numbers of wooden boats owners – especially on Pittwater. The Wooden Boat Association was founded in the 1980s and has about 75 active members in North Texas.
Several of our members have contributed to this page, giving you information they wish they would have had when they first joined. We have over 100 members, most of whom hail from Texas, but some of whom live in other states.
You can click on the logos of a few of these clubs seen in the left-hand column of this page, to visit their web sites.
The newsletter covers in word and pictures all the activities of the Club, including its meetings, events and projects. Filled with information about past and upcoming events, projects and activities, the site remains the primary web presence for the group. If you are interested in performing work in the Lucas Shop, contact Robin McGeorge or David Kanally. This year is our twentieth anniversary, where we celebrate the diverse breadth of interest that our members both past and present have always had for wooden boats of any shape or size. Members appreciate wooden boats for their aesthetic qualities, the inherent beauty of handcrafted wooden boats and the materials from which they are constructed, and the pure romance of wooden boats. Most members own boats, others do not, but we all enjoy the chance to get together and mess about in boats.
The group participates in both land-based and in-the-water boat shows and events to build awareness of the hobby. Many of our members own and maintain antique and classic boats, but boat ownership is by no means a prerequisite for membership.
We send monthly reminders of the meeting dates, including a map in our newsletter, The Bilge Pump.
Members with particular boating interests or stories are encouraged to provide a presentation at a meeting. Then, after New Years, usually around the third Saturday in January, the Club holds its annual Officer Installation Banquet at the Canyon Creek Country Club in Richardson, TX.

Members are encouraged to submit updates and photos of their latest projects and boat acquisitions to our Bilge Pump editor, David Kanally. Many WBA members keep their boats in storage units adjacent to the shop, and it's not unusual to find quite a gathering of WBA members there any given Saturday morning.
In an age of mass production, each member’s wooden boat is truly as individual as her owner.
Our boats include rowing boats, putt-putts, Couta boats, radio controlled models, pond yachts, canoes, kayaks, steam-powered boats, sailing dinghies, dayboats and ocean-going yachts. We publish Watercraft, a quarterly journal with news and articles about events, boats and people across Australia and around the world, and Shavings, a monthly newsletter that brings together timely news about wooden boat events and activities in Victoria.
White Rock Boat Club will also be hosting an open house that day with members available to answer questions about sailing and boating on White Rock Lake.
For example, members have demonstrated staining and varnishing techniques, shown photos of trips to national and international boat shows, described their own boat restoration, and told the history of a specific boat manufacturer. The banquet is our yearly opportunity to dress up, recognize the service of our officers, and install new officers following their election. You can look through many years of past Bilge Pump editions on the Bilge Pump Newsletter link page. In addition, for members who join Facebook, the club has a Facebook group, where members can post their latest activities and share other items of boating interest with others. Members advise each other, share their particular expertise, and even lend a hand, to move projects forward. We're here for fun and fellowship, not to put pressure on people to take on unwanted responsibilities or burdens.
Members without boats are able to use the Association's own trailer boats, two traditional sailing boats, the Begonia and Lindsay Symons, and the canoe Stringybark.
We also cater for armchair enthusiasts and members who want to carry out nautical research, with our extensive and growing library of boatbuilding and other nautical books.
Whether the WBA is a place for you to enjoy an occasional classic boat outing, or an opportunity to serve in leadership, or a place to learn the techniques of restoration, the club is here for you.

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