It's called The Boat House and it is the place for serious wooden boat owners and collectors.
Check out what's happening at our boat shop by going to Boat Shop Log, Photo Gallery and Boatworks Events. At Hall's Boat Corporation, we believe it is essential to match the right boat with the right owner. The Lodging’s at Hall's Boat Corporation offers discriminating boaters the ideal Lake George vacation package that includes three distinctive classic Adirondack-style lake houses, full membership privileges at Hall's Boating Club during your stay and use of a boat slip up to 23 ft (fees do apply). From a full-service marina with all the standard services you'd expect—plus a few extras you might not expect, such as concierge service to prepare your boat for excursions, to charming Adirondack-style lodging accommodations, Hall's Boating Club offers an unparalleled experience for our members. Hall's Boatworks is not a production boat shop, churning out wooden boat after wooden boat of the same design. Our crew is experienced in preserving the integrity of classic wooden boat design as well as employing contemporary design and current construction trends.
I have to stay to start that all of you that have built, or are building a boat have my upmost respect. He offers some pretty good looking boats as well as kits for them and his prices are reasonable, as it goes.
I just built one of his models, although it wasn't in kit form, and I am pleased with the results. Sandy  Pittendrigh at Montana River Boates also offers some plans, but not kits, for boats he has designed and has some pretty good models as well. The first thing you will need to decide is wether you want a framed boat or a stitch and glue. Myself, I prefer the stich & glue as they are much easier to build and can be built right side up, whereas most framed boats are built upside down untill the bottom panel is is in place and then flipped over for finish construction.
The type of boat will mostly be determined by it's use (white water or fishing up to class III), both styles can be built to suit you needs, although most framed boats are more geared towards white water, class III and up. Good hunting and congradulations on you choice to build your own boat, it is a most gratifying experience, especially when you get to sit in a boat you built yourself and enjoy scenery that you can only experience from inside a boat.
Welcome to the site we look forward to seeing pictures of your build and details of your experiences. New construction on wooden or fiberglass boats can be a new mast, new galley, or a new boat. A custom built boat is your boat, designed and built the way you want it to be, for your own particular use. You have a wide choice of construction methods: traditional, such as lapstrake, carvel, seambatten, strip, or contemporary, such as cold molded, plywood, or plywood stitch and tape.

Your boat may be a dream for the future but I’d like a chance to help you realize your dream. If you have a dream of owning a new boat, let us help you fulfill your wishes as new wooden boat builders.
Most of the boats we have built have been owned in the UK however we have exported our new boats overseas when required.
This is the simplest way to ‘build your own’.  The hull is completely assembled and therefore most of the headaches are taken care of as is a large chunk of the hard work. Another big plus is that the area required for working is less because nearly all the work left to be done is within the hull itself.  We can also supply any other items for the boat including hatches gratings masts etc if these are found to be beyond the ability of the builder. These are built as is everything we do using materials carefully selected for suitability and quality, and the same attention to detail and pride in the job runs through from beginning to end.  Each complete is built to individual requirements and so therefore each boat is as individual as the customers themselves.
Motor both inboard and outboard can be supplied and fitted if required, as can gallery equipment, navigation lights etc in face the choice is wholly yours. Nested in the "picturesque" website of Hall's Boat Corporation, The Boat House is a place to indulge in your love for wooden boats. Our experts can work with you to find a boat that suits the way you will use it—from the water you'll be on, to the number of passengers you'll carry, to the activities you'll do with and in it, to how you will board it, and more. Instead, for wooden boat construction, we work with knowledgeable clients to develop designs for fully custom, one-off boats-unique from the keel to the fittings-that suit their desires and aesthetics.
This balance allows them to construct wooden boats with a sensibility to the manner in which they are used today.
It is derived from the Kingfisher from Montana Boat Builders, with a few added features I incorporated into the build. We can modify such designs for your special needs, or develop a new design specifically for you. You can opt for durable local woods, including oak, spruce, pine, hackmatack, ash, locust—as many as six different kinds can go into a dory or a skiff.
Leaving Chicago, up the west shore of Lake Michigan, through the Straits of Mackinac, down the west shore of Lake Heron, through the St. A George Buehler design, a 38' Diesel Duck, that we have added 2' in length to bring it up to 40'. Ita€™s also a good choice if you do not have a lot of wood working skills or time is limited on how long the construction phase can take. I live in the rather benign Minnesota region so we don't have much for the flavor of the activities you find out west.
The search function allows you to lookup specific topics and explore the answers and discussions previously provided.

I have extensive experience in most types of traditional and contemporary wooden boat construction. Clair river and lake past Detriot, into the Lake Erie, past Buffalo, through the Erie Canal to the Hudson River, down to NY City, across the Long Island Sound to Westerly, RI for the rest of the summer. Youa€™ll find other important information below on the four main wooden boat building techniques so you can make the right choice for your next project. Stitch and Tape This is generally the fastest, easiest, and least expensive means of building a boat with a plywood hull. Randy Dersham, whom originated and provides this site has good information on the drift boat design characteristics and how they affect each other. This construction method uses epoxy glue, a€?stitches,a€? and detailed cuts to create the hull. I think it makes the most sense for me to start with a kit (not the best wood worker in the area).
There is a wonderfully informative book you will find in almost every drift boat builder or admirer's library. Ita€™s also called a€?stitch and tapea€? or a€?tack and tape.a€? This wooden boat building method became popular in the mid 1960a€™s with televisiona€™s first do-it-yourself expert.
But I am having difficulty finding anyone to respond to my inquiries about selling me a drift boat kit.
It is Drift Boats and River Dories by Roger Fletcher, a frequent contributor to these pages. This type of boat building is strong and reliable when completed correctly. Strip Planking Strip planking is a type of cravel planking.
The edges are glued and fastened together. Modern epoxy adhesives are used to hold the hull together, not the fasteners. There are many variations to strip planking and most woodworkers will tell you that this method is best suited for those with quite a bit of experience. Clinker Ply This method of constructing the hulls of boats is done by using wood planks in such a way that their edges overlap.
The joint is called a a€?land.a€? This is an ancient form of wooden boat building, with the Vikings being the most successful in its application. They used wood planks and iron plates. Today, the iron plates have gone by the wayside, but the method is still used with wood planks. A boat crafted from this construction technique is lighter and it tends to move more efficiently.
Obviously, this type of boat building will take a lot of knowledge about the clinker ply or lapstrake method, but the results are quite exceptional. Another boat plan supplier who have focused their plans towards the unskilled is Gator Boat Plans, 8 types where you might find a plan to suit your needs.

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