Location: Milwaukee, WI A cloth of 10oz or so will make the surface more abrasion resistant. Location: Turkey Actually the designer, neither the planss reflect any need for fiber coating inside or outside.
Inside 3 coats are sufficient, outside it's better to add resistance abrasion with glass 6 or 10 oz. Location: maine This is a kind of updated double-plank method combined with a variation of cold molding, with the frames as the tensile element.
I don't think chestnut is a good choice for an encapsulated planking material of any width but especially for normal plank widths of over 100mm.
However, it sounds like you've been thinking about taking a tried and true construction method and attempting to modernize it by encapsulating it with epoxy. While some hardwoods might work in this situation, an oak-like wood is probably too hard to carry over into an encapsulated hull design. Location: Cancun Mexico The boat is made, so a discussion about the wood to use is pointless now.
It's why epoxy glue cannot be used on laminated beams left unprotected (or just painted) in exterior conditions. Resorcinol has not this problem, and it has been used successfully on simply painted boats. So the boat must now be completely coated with epoxy, one of best known water barriers, for stabilizing the wood.
Outside you can use fiberglass (but it's not mandatory) 6 or 10 oz, in satin weave so it's highly deformable to follow the contours of the boat without wrinkles and the weave is very small, easy to fill.
The glass has 3 main advantages; better resistance to small knocks and abrasion, impedes the cracking and checking, and more important it permits to control the thickness of the epoxy coat. 2- To be sure and eventually to improve the adhesion of the epoxy on the wood as your planks seem to be rather large.
I have no idea of the behavior of the wood you have used with epoxy as I have no experience with it. I would check the adhesion of the epoxy by using 2 simple and cheap tests: one of peeling with fiberglass, one similar to the test used for the adhesion of paints on a substrate. In short words the advice given by your fellow countrymen was good: resin inside, glass and resin outside.
Location: maine I didn't get that the boat was already planked,Ilan, but if so I apologize to the builder for misunderstanding the situation. If using a 5 to 6% elongation resin the finish will last without problems, the resin being enough flexible.
The lines, and structure shown in the PDF look very similar to Italian runaboats made in the 60's in plywood. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Guest625101138 Previous Member   If stability is an important criteria for a 12ft boat that is being rowed then you should consider a catamaran. So a 12ft cat would be more like the col_cat pic but Rocat shows the sort of sea conditions that a cat will take.

However now I think I'd like to add a Reclining seat back to my rowing seat for those times when I'd like to rear back and rest.
But those little Aluminum semi-V's are much worse for an old fart because they fill with water so easily, even if they dont flip. Looking at shortening it to 10 ft, raising the bow curve for better shore ramming and maybe some other stuff.
If I had a little guy sitting up front, your angle would keep his weight from steering the boat.
If I could draw, or use your CAD program, I'd show you what the seating arrangment I think I'd like.
This works great, and when I get another boat this is what I want to do for the rowing seat. For the first time, we have made plans available for one of our popular small V-bottom boats.
Our 34' Odyssey has been described as the smoothest riding boat of its size, especially in a chop. There is plenty of walk-around deck space, making it easy to get forward when docking or anchoring. Our standard paint is the highest quality marine polyurethane available, in your choice of colors.
We are located on the Snohomish River in the Pacific Northwest, about 20 miles north of Seattle. The barracouta (Thyrsites atun) was one of the most important food fishes found in Australian waters. In her working life, "Muriel" wore out twenty-eight mainsails and Tim believes that she has sailed well in excess of 300,000 miles - not bad for a boat that measures just 26' by 10' by 33". The hull is made from 2 layer of strip plank chestnut wood (each 0.5 inch width), nailed and epoxied together.
If I glass the outside, with time, isn't it going to crack and maybe alow water to go through and create problem ?? I do repeat, the epoxy as glue on wood has a major drawback: the glue lines do not withstand the stresses made by wood changes of dimensions by the effect of humidity. Epoxy resin is very basic, I mean the PH is pretty high and sometimes on a very few woods the chemistry between a very acid wood and the basic resin is not good. That improves the strength of the glass-epoxy coat, as two stands of fiber will cross on each glue joint. If I see something I like I'll doodle with it and see if I can come up with something I can build. Also, I can mount the battery up front with your design and that little bit of weight wont steer the boat. This one could use some engineering and if I'd have thrown a little more money at it, maybe t could even be better.
I'd make a piece of aluminum or steel shaped in a triangle with the lower wheels exactly between the uppers. So when we started thinking about this new design, the obvious starting point was the hull form which we developed for the Odyssey.

The portside console has a glove box, while the starboard console has room for the mandatory chart plotter and other instruments.
The sundeck covers the thoroughly sound insulated engine compartment, and two separate side storage compartments.
I doubt that in Turkey (very beautiful country, excellent food and the Izmir wines are marvels) Teoman would find the soft woods at a affordable price.
I want the bottom to be flat and wide so I dont tip this one over as I have in the past with the V-bottom boats.
These storage compartments offer excellent engine access through large removable doors in the engine compartment sides, while they provide a huge, clean storage place for canvas and other boat equipment.
Chine guards and skeg are oak to resist abrasion and are applied over the glass and epoxy finish. The cabin interior is coated with an easy care clear gloss marine finish to show off the beauty of the woods and fine joiner work.
We can also furnish full-size, Mylar patterns for frames, molds, cockpit sole, transom, and stem. This fish became the mainstay of the fish and chips trade supplying Melbourne with an abundance of inexpensive fish.
It's better to leave the epoxy resin without finishing paint in the bilges, so any infiltration of water in the wood will be immediately visible as the wood darkens when wet. We named this design the Wooden Shoe because the first of these boats will be built in Holland. The sound insulation and sundeck cushions combine to keep engine noise down to a pleasing exhaust note. The first back to port got the best price and so began the development to build faster boats giving birth to the impressive performance they are known for. An additional advantage of cold-molded construction for the amateur is that no single piece of the boat is very large or has much surface area. A bench seat aft makes a comfortable spot for passengers and can contain a built-in ice chest or other goodies. When we build this boat, we put a layer of glass cloth and epoxy between the planking layers, and another layer of glass and epoxy on the exterior. This combination of oak and stainless steel will resist the abrasion of beaching far better than any fiberglass boat could. There's plenty of sitting headroom on the berth, and you can stand in the companionway to cook and wash up. The cockpit sole and bench seat are teak planked as standard, though you can glass these surfaces if you are building the boat yourself.
We also epoxy coat all exterior surfaces except the teak trim, and we put glass and epoxy on the deck and cabin top.

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