Funny, ain’ it, how something like wooden blocks which used to be the ONLY kinda blocks have now become almost an extravagance, a kind of nautical jewelry.
However, like other traditional aspects of sail and rigging, there is still virtue in the old ways.
Far as that goes, matey, you can just go to work whittlin’ out yer own blocks and strop em’ yerself with rope grommets.. Well, I’m ‘bout chock a block here haulin’ this little ditty up; so lemme cast off by sayin’ that if ya got a nice, salty, small boat, I recommend treatin’ her and yerself to some real nautical jewelry. Book is a compilation of reports on discoveries of gold on Washington State's Olympic Peninsula.
Ferries of Puget Sound is a about the history of ferries and ferry traffic on Puget Sound in Washington State.

Oswald Hoot: The Owl Who Was Scared of the Dark is a book written by Elizabeth Gullander and illustrated by Dan Youra. Tyee Under the Southern Cross is a book written by Port Ludlow resident Betty Whipple of her sailing trip with husband Bill from the Northwest to and around the South Seas and back.
Partying Around the World is a book written in a collaborative effort by a Port Townsend, WA writer and Portland, OR writer.
DISCLAIMER: This web site is not associated with the United States Olympic Committee nor International Olympic Committee.
Some projects are hazardous, dangerous and expensive and should be attempted only by professionals.. It features hard-to-find, historical information on locations of beaches, rivers and mines where gold has been found.

Use of the word "Olympic" on this site is permitted under US Code Title 36 : Section 220506, allowing any person who used the word "Olympic" prior to September 21, 1950 to continuing such lawful use for the same goods and services, recognizing its use by the Olympic Peninsula Resort and Hotel Association starting in 1932 and continuing to the present. Real personal and homemade; very much in the home brew tradition of seat o’ the pants small craft self–reliance and know how. Includes geological descriptions of placer sediments, recovery techniques and mining documentation from government reports as far back as 1800s.
The Webmaster, contributors and authors, will not accept, nor be held responsible as a result of any use of the material presented.

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