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We have many of our Sea Speed Design designed aluminium catamarans around the world in service including passenger Ferry, Dive Boats, Cruise vessels, Crew Boats, Whale Watching Boats, Wind Farm Catamarans, and Motor Yachts. We have a large product line including Aluminum Drift Boats, Aluminum Monohull Boats, Aluminum Catamarans, Aluminum Special Purpose Boats, Aluminum RIBs (rigid-hull inflatable boats), Aluminum Landing Craft, and various styles of Aluminum Work Boats. Writing, a private narrative sand the hull then understandingly create bad odors just as they.
Some trips are made of dreams, and when they do happen, the dreams transcend into enduring memories that one will forever cherish and treasure. I was very lucky to be enlisted in a dream trip several weeks ago (May 27th – June 1st) with Red Boat Fish Sauce on an odyssey to Vietnam, a country that evokes expansive glistening greenery, pristine coastline, picturesque landscape, tranquil valleys of rural villages, friendly people, and exquisite cuisine. My companions were my dear friend Chef Robert Danhi, culinary educator and scientist of Southeast Asian Flavors, the uber talented and quirky Chef Lon Symensma, the gentleman Chef Jeff Stoneking of ChoLon Modern Asian Bistro and Gather in Denver, and our generous and honorable host Cuong Pham, owner of Red Boat Fish Sauce. We arrived in Ho Chi Minh City on the morning of May 27th, and would spend six days in Vietnam, traveling from Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc island in south of Vietnam.
After touching down in Ho Chi Minh City International Airport, Cuong, with his hired mini-van, immediately chauffeured us to a famed restaurant serving hearty bowls of steaming pho, one of the most iconic Vietnamese dishes. After checking into the hotel and a brief freshen-up, the crew were ready and eager to explore.
We sampled an amazing bowl of crab noodle soup or Banh Canh Cua, complete with coagulated duck blood, crab, fried pork rinds, and pork. There are countless stalls selling everything from dried mushrooms, cassia barks, beans, rice to dried Chinese sausages.
We all had a huge appetite and the next stop was Banh Xeo, or Vietnamese crepes filled with pork, shrimp, and bean sprouts. Curious to find out how the “real” Cha Gio (fried Vietnamese spring rolls) tastes in Vietnam, we also had these hot-off-the-frying-wok Cha Gio. When you had a group of chefs and a food blogger, dinner wouldn’t stop until we had yet another round of food. The next morning, we started the day early and headed to Cho Ben Thanh market, a large marketplace in downtown Saigon for breakfast. During the journey, we stumbled upon large oxen wading in murky river water and endless jade-green rice paddy fields that dotted the roadsides. After that, we walked towards the other end of the island and got on these small row boats through the canals, soaking in the fresh air and pristine landscape around and experienced firsthand the rustic local villagers’ daily life. Once onshore, we continued our journey to Can Tho, the gateway to the Mekong Delta floating market. Cai Rang floating market is one of the three largest floating markets in Vietnam where local vendors commune, in their boats, trading fresh fruits and produce sourced from and grown in the surrounding region. Cai Rang floating market at the Mekong Delta was a tremendously humbling experience as I witnessed the simple lifestyle of these boat denizens.
The next two days, we searched around the island for good food made with the prized local fish sauce.
After the market, at long last, we visited Red Boat Fish Sauce factory, the ultimate reason we all came to Vietnam. These are fresh black anchovies caught by the local fishermen and are salted immediately on the boat.
The backdrop of the dinner, we watched the sunset while enjoying the dinner and having great conversations. Like all journeys, Red Boat Odyssey had to come to an end, but an auspicious one that opens up to more exciting adventures of the same kind, only at different destinations. In autumn, the weather is very nice so the food is better than normal :D Wait to see your entry about Hanoi.
Bee – it was quite an adventure traveling with you – some fun time cooking, laughing and cruising the Mekong Delta in various boats! After just buying fish sauce and seeing Red Boat at about twice the price of others, I can now understand why it costs so much. Bee what a special trip – so glad you got to enjoy it and thanks for sharing it with us! We were just in Vietnam last November but we didn’t have time for Phu Quoc, thanks for sharing your experience, it’ll be on my list next time!
The ship was operating on route to Singapore, when armed men boarded the ship with fast wooden boat. The company bought Bow Europe from the Japanese shipowner Iino Marine Services for the price of 18,000,000 USD. The ship is the third and last from the order made by Bernhard Schulte, which will increase their fleet and will modernize it according to the latest standards of IMO and MARPOL.
The technical malfunction was the main reason for the blackout, which happened a few miles off the French coast in the Bay of Biscay. The accident happened on 18 nautical miles east off Palamos, Girona and only due to the fast reaction of the crew and the accurate firefighting the vessel was saved and there were no serious damages. The vessel is property of the South Arabian company National Chemical Carriers Ltd, part of the National Shipping Company BAHRI.

The new chemical tanker is brand new, built in the shipyard of SHINAsb (ex SLS) in South Korea with large size and capacity. The ships will be constructed according to the latest marine engineering standards and will have 22 coated cargo tanks, available to carry large variety of cargoes. The LPG Carrier Al Marona was discharging ammonia into the port, when a strong leakage started from broken pipe.
The journey was one of cultural immersion, and more importantly, we set out for our final destination Phu Quoc island on a mission: to learn more about fish sauce, which is the building block of flavor used in the cuisines of Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam and Thailand. Along the way, our journey took us through the verdant Mekong Delta, before we embarked on a ferry to Phu Quoc island.
Despite being jetlagged and exhausted from the long-haul transpacific flight, I chowed down and thoroughly enjoyed the beef noodle soup. After that, we all piled into the van and headed south to the Mekong River Delta on a pilgrimage to the Cai Rang floating market.
During the boat ride, we passed by many enchanting fisherman’s piers and stilt houses along the riverbank. Every boat sports a long upright pole at its bow on which samples of the goods for sale are hung on. It is still a sleepy island with very moderate development, completely laid back, and screams tropical island paradise.
We were going to have a beach cookout and dinner where everyone would cook for our host Cuong and his friends. The factory is spotless clean, and built right by the river to facilitate the shipping of the fish sauce to Ho Chi Minh City for bottling. The small migratory anchovies are in abundant supply around the waters of Phu Quoc island; the highest quality fish and the traditional year-long fermentation methods resulting in fish sauce sought after by the world’s cooks and chefs alike. Put simply, Red Boat Fish Sauce is the highest grade fish sauce available in the market today. Oh yes, I have no doubt that Hoi An, Danang, Halong Bay, will top what I had just experienced. It’s always lovely if you have a local who acts as your guide to the local food and the places which are a must to visit.
See inside this site for Photos, designs and info about our design services and showing our boats in action. The deal was completed yesterday and the new chemical tanker will join the fleet of Zodiac during the next month.
On the naming ceremony were invited guests from the shipowner’s office, SMC, DNV and the Shipyard. The ship agent requested support from the local port authorities and towing tug was sent to the scene of the blackout. The crew was able to extinguish the fire, but after that the engine did not started and the chemical tanker Guyenne was disabled drifting on 15 nautical miles off the shores. The ship was completed in August 2012 and constructed according to the latest standards of IMO and MARPOL. The chemical tanker was part from contract for 155 million USD, signed for building of five chemical tankers in South Korean shipyard.
The rationale is simple: Phu Quoc is known to produce the best fish sauce in the world and 75% of fish sauces sold in the United States are labeled with the words “Phu Quoc” on the bottle even though they are mostly made in Thailand. We would eat, drink, and comb the streets of these places, immersing ourselves in the food, colors, smells, culture, and tradition of Vietnam.
No trip to Vietnam is complete without trying its Banh Mi sandwiches, so we stopped for a snack.
Seated next to a river, we sampled an utterly mouthwatering dry rice noodle dish and a gigantic fried dough ball.
We stopped by at one of the islands and there, the guys had fun with a giant python while sampling local honey and candied ginger. There are boats selling drinks (aka mobile mini bar per our tour guide), gas station in the middle of the river, and smaller wooden boats with vendors selling breakfast such as noodles.
This is the final leg of our journey, the home of Red Boat Fish Sauce, where local black anchovies caught off the coast of the island are used in the fish sauce.
As soon as the fishermen are back on the island, the anchovies are transported to the factory for fermentation. It was an umami bomb with the cleanest of taste: rich, savory, salty, and just a hint of sweetness.
If you are a professional chef or serious home cook, you would be crazy to not discover Red Boat Fish Sauce. You were really blessed to have your Vietnamese host!More importantly, the facts about the fish sauce factory were interesting; henceforth I shall read the labels of the varieties available in the supermarkets with a better understand of the quality. The company is planning to expand its fleet, because of the new contracts signed last months. According to the official press release from the technical superintendent of Bernhard Schulte, the shipbuilders integrated the most modern technology and reached the standard of the world’s top class shipbuilding.
The chemical tanker Amaranth was tugged and docked into the CIB Brest Shipyard, where the engine will be repaired. The ship’s engine ordered tug service and the vessel was towed into the port of Marseille, where the repair of the main engine will be done.

The vessel is part from the large order, which National Chemical Carriers Ltd signed with the South Korean shipyard. The vessels will be delivered later in 2012 and 2013 and will form one of the largest chemical tankers fleets of the world.
The vessel will be designed and built with new and modern engineering, low fuel consumption and latest environmental requirements.
Essentially, there is no better way to learn, but with Red Boat Fish Sauce, the premium artisanal fish sauce in the market today. We had live octopus in a coconut water hotpot, grilled snakehead fish, and grilled river prawn. Our boat cruised along the Mekong waterway while the breeze gently caressed our cheeks, with the early sun rays peeking through from the horizon. Our hotel is right on the main hotel strip, a 15-minute walking distance to the town area and the vibrant nightly street market. And it would be more exciting if we have you to share the excitement and experience along our journey.
They took all the values, technologies and money from the crew before leaving the ship into their fast wooden boat and head to Malaysia.
Currently the company has total 14 chemical tankers, which has capacity for carrying of 301,802 cubic meters of cargo. Definitely the cargo vessel is combining, environmental engineering, powerful propulsion system and really quality design. The chemical tanker Soechi Lesmana was fully loaded with 3,000 tons of petroleum products, but the cargo holds remained slightly damages.
The vessel will have maintenance of the engine and replacement of the defected elements, which might cause delay into the ETA with a few days. Also the local authorities were informed about the accident and requested full inspection of the vessel before returning to operation. The company BAHRI is leader Saudi Arabia and Asia in chemical carrying and definitely is planning to grow and increase its market stake in the years of decrease of maritime transport.
The chemical tankers will be part from the renovation of the fleet of the Norwegian company. The LPG Carrier Al Marona had pipe damage and one of the duty deck officer left one of the valves closed during the offloading operations.
We didn’t want to go overboard with seafood as there was abundant seafood beckoning at Phu Quoc island. The robberies in the route were quite frequent last years as three more ships were attacked and robbed in the same way. Zodiac Maritime Agen­cies Ltd is one of the leaders in ship management in Europe and has plans to grow the fleet even more by acquisition of used cargo ships. According to the port authorities the explosion came from the fuel pipes and did not damages the cargo holds. After the repair the chemical tanker Amaranth will be fully inspected by the local authorities. Part of its order is also 75,000 DWT chemical tanker, which will be built in Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co Ltd, which will be largest vessel with such classification in the world. Odfjell plans to replace the old chemical tankers, which service is quite more expensive and operate with lower profit. In Vietnam, the quality of fish sauce is measured by the nitrogen content per one liter of the product. The crew on board of the chemical tanker MT Bintang is in good health and had no injuries during the pirates attack.
The old chemical tankers most probably will be sold and will continue operations for other chemical tanker operator. The local port authorities started investigation of the accident and fined seriously the master and shipowner of the LPG carrier – Qatar Shipping. It signifies how much of the naturally fermented fish has actually become part of the fish sauce –the higher the degree, expressed in °N, the higher quality the fish sauce is. Two of the seamen were taken to the hospital with serious injuries, one died during the explosion and other 20 people were transported to the port. Such dimensions are really large, when talking about chemical tankers, but the shipbuilders introduced their most modern technologies inside and make the vessel really safety.
The deadweight of NCC Najem is 45,499 DWT, the gross tonnage is 29,168 GRT and the net tonnage is 11,678 NT. The pollution as restricted from the local authorities and the process of cleaning started immediately.
The cargo ship has improved size and cargo capacity, which definitely makes the vessel more profitable for the shipowner. All the cargo tanks have epoxy coating, which allows carrying of large variety of chemical inside and makes the vessel more flexible for operations.

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