Over the many years in the business we must have laid or re-laid miles of Teak deck so you would be correct in believing that there is not a problem we have not come across.
The lads from the school have recently replaced a number of laminated frames aft of the solid part of the deck as this was most in danger of distorting as it had no support whatsoever. After the war was over Warrior had a number of owners and travelled as far as the Mediterranean and the Devon resort of Torquay coming to rest in a traditional wooden boat yard on the South coast of England. And here she is after we have nearly completed the restoration, work almost ready to launch.
Whether used as an attractive non-slip surface in the cockpit, Gangway, bathing platform or for a fitted shower or even an attractive table top.
Here we undertook major structural repairs with much hull planking replaced and completely refitted her with a new deck house and internal joinery. We have made removable hatch panels to match existing decks and made locker tops to blend in with existing cockpit soles. 1912.This beautiful motor yacht was originally built as a naval pinnace in 1912 of double diagonal Mahogany on Oak frames.
This happened with a large number of the smaller vessels because it would save fuel and get her there quicker but alas she never made it.

All in best quality materials with care and attention to detail and always having made sure the supporting sub structure is in sound condition. The component parts are degreased before being fastened with high strength epoxy adhesive. Substantial changes had been made to create the quality finish required for a yacht which is how she went to Dunkirk. Close to the beach she was dive bombed by German Stukas and suffered two near misses which served to crack ribs on both sides causing severe leaks and the crew to abandon ship.
Quite often we get asked to replace "just one or two planks" by the owner, but on inspection problems are found where water has got beneath the decking and rotted the waterproof layers beneath or the deck beams or worse still, the beam shelf and knees. Unfortunately she has more recently sustained such severe damage from a fire that the vessel was nearly lost to us altogether. She was sold into private hands namely the Greiner family who used her as a gentlemans’ yacht until the second world war when, once again, Count Dracula saw action sailing from Ramsgate to Dunkirk where because of her power she was able to tow two 35 ft. Please be aware that this may be the case and either have a proper survey first or ask us to make a thorough inspection before assuming that is "just a small job".
I believe this to be the Hilfranor that belonged to Mr Douglas of the Douglas Aircraft Company who took his design team aboard her to brainstorm the conversion of the famous DC3 from a commercial airliner to a military plane when the Americans entered the war.

He knew the value of this little ship as he had spent a number of months in hospital with wounds sustained on the beach before being brought home by a similar vessel.He renamed Falcon, "Alabama". If it is indeed "just a small job" we are happy to do it but it is better to be fore warned. It certainly is the boat that was shown as such in the television documentary "Planes that Changed the World". Whilst still in naval hands in 1942 she was attached to Coastal Defence and served as a training vessel to teach navigation and ship handling to aspiring young Royal Naval cadets at HMS King Alfred.
As always, ask us for an estimate of time and costs by contacting the numbers on the "contact us" page.

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