It's called The Boat House and it is the place for serious wooden boat owners and collectors. Check out what's happening at our boat shop by going to Boat Shop Log, Photo Gallery and Boatworks Events. At Hall's Boat Corporation, we believe it is essential to match the right boat with the right owner.
The Lodging’s at Hall's Boat Corporation offers discriminating boaters the ideal Lake George vacation package that includes three distinctive classic Adirondack-style lake houses, full membership privileges at Hall's Boating Club during your stay and use of a boat slip up to 23 ft (fees do apply).
From a full-service marina with all the standard services you'd expect—plus a few extras you might not expect, such as concierge service to prepare your boat for excursions, to charming Adirondack-style lodging accommodations, Hall's Boating Club offers an unparalleled experience for our members. At Hall's Boatworks, our restorations are designed to meet the needs of both the boat and its owner. We invite all of our customers to come down to the boat shop and follow their boats' progress. Written by Thomas Larsson, who has been renovating wooden boats full-time since 1974, The Big Book of Wooden Boat Restoration (Basic Techniques, Maintenance and Repair) provides tips and instructions on surface maintenance, winter treatment, wood selection, engine installation and more, with an extensive glossary and full-color photos of wooden boats. Location: Long Island, NY Restoring Bronze winches Can anyone recommend a restoration process for bronze fittings and winches?
Location: Milwaukee, WI If you use your winches at all the laquer will wear off. Location: Long Island, NY I've read that steel wool is not a good idea, but bronze wool is the way to go.

Location: spain restoring bronze winches the fastest way to polish bronze,or stainless steel and other metals is produced by 3m.
Location: NewZealand I have some bronze mushroom van's wich a stuck in the threat. Location: Eastern Shore Mobile Bay I recently cleaned all of my bronze Meriman turnbuckles (14 in all) and the bronze mast goose necks buy using a bead blaster where I work. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Comprehensive Service PackageWith the unique maintenance needs for wooden boat owners, SEA offers a Comprehensive Services Package that allows wooden boat owners to forecast their routine and ongoing annual maintenance needs into savings – spreading costs over 12 months. Nested in the "picturesque" website of Hall's Boat Corporation, The Boat House is a place to indulge in your love for wooden boats. Our experts can work with you to find a boat that suits the way you will use it—from the water you'll be on, to the number of passengers you'll carry, to the activities you'll do with and in it, to how you will board it, and more. We can maintain the historical fabric of the boat as much as possible, as well as the original construction method, or we can apply contemporary materials and technologies that make a classic or antique wooden boat easier to use and easier to own.
We work on boats up to 54 feet in our shop in Port Townsend, WA, located just inside Point Hudson Marina. We have the experience to keep your boat in the best shape for safety, enjoyment and lasting value. Above all, we strive to insure that our wooden boat restoration work is itself restorable so your boat can live on for decades.

Watered it all down and attacked it with the 3M pads (medium) which have done the most to help me feel like I'm getting somewhere. From a full rebuild to installing or upgrading systems, or interior & exterior repairs and refinishing with a custom paint or varnish job, SEA Marine has everything you need for the proper restoration of your wooden boat. To get the most out of your wooden boat, take advantage of our full range of services throughout the year. In order to provide our customers the best value, SEA’s framework for traditional wooden boat restorations combines sensibility and cutting edge technology with the required skills of master craftsmen to meet the unique challenges of wooden boat restorations. From hauling out and decommissioning in the fall, to our clean, modern paint shop and launching in the spring, SEA Marine Yacht Services will give your vessel the care she deserves and you require.
Once the corrosion is removed, I'd like to keep them in a polished state for as long as possible. I would go for machine polishing, you know what I mean, using an industrial polishing machine. Actually, even on the less oxidized area, Noxon does very little to help and can't understand why the company would even recommend it's use for bronze. One of your free bonuses really sold me and it was the complete guide to boat building techniques.

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