However, I must now choose between finding a new owner for it (which I don't want to do), or moving the boat to New Mexico where I live.
Although your boat may be strip-built, such a method would have been the exception to the rule back in the fifties, though not unheard of. Knowing what your build method is would be helpful in providing the best advice for keeping the hull sound. Cedar, of all woods, is known for its amazing ability to resist damage from compression (wet) cycles. Location: Eustis, FL Storage is a matter of the usual suspects, ventilation, dryness and keeping it clean.
Strip planking has been around a long time, the modern variants include glue with the edge fasteners, but older methods used just a sealer (shellac, lead, etc.) which required a wood that took to moisture content changes well, like most of the cedars.
Keep it dry, don't let moisture collect in the lower areas of the boat, have plenty of ventilation (use a box fan with a thermostat if necessary, to stave off condensation accumulation) and the boat needs to remain clean, particularly where moisture may collect.
Location: maine So many people ask questions here, using the wrong terminology, and I wanted to make sure you really had strip construction. Strip planking is an old methid, but most boats of that vintage and type were batten-seam construction, or ply, just before fiberglass made production wood-built boats practically obsolete.
The fasteners used in strip building are small enough to maintain a grip on the wood, their lengthwise travel being small. Location: Abq, NM Shell Lake Boat Restoration I have got the boat and am just getting ready to start restoring it.
If you keep her covered, ventilated and maybe even moist with a garden dribbler hose, those seams will probably close right up.
Location: Brisbane Basically all the advice above is relevant, however one more thong to add.
Location: Milwaukee, WI I've been succesful swelling planking with a sprinkler. BoaT Plans » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Best epoxy for use in tropical and humid climates. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

Building your boat… If  “only new will do” we’d  appreciate the opportunity to speak with you! The grace of  classic design and the unequalled beauty, ambiance and ride of  wood construction combine with modern power, systems and construction techniques to create these new classics at a level of quality, reliability and performance  never  dreamed of in days gone by. In their time, Gar Wood motorboats left all competition in their wake, winning the coveted Harmsworth Trophy year after year.
I have known and worked with Pete Fish for over 30 years and after building more than 130 boats and restoring countless others,  Fish Brothers are rightly considered one of the finest wooden boat builders in the Country. The boats, inspired by their real-life counterparts on Oregon’s Willamette River, are just as varied, ranging from mini-tugboats to larger skiffs. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
We are committed to producing handcrafted wooden boats that are built to the highest standards of craftsmanship possible.
Our boats are built with integrity and you the owner in mind to reflect your individual boating style.
Coronet 31's are a Scandinavian classic aft cabin cruiser.The design allows for 5 berths in 2 cabins. I have a tent over it, which keeps the sun and rain off of it and a 30" box fan in the cockpit. You wouldn't fill the seams with anything, they're glued and probably edge nailed as well as screwed the the frames. The garboards and turn of the bilge planks would be the places I'd want to look for loose fasteners, as here will be the first ones to start.
Boats are designed to keep water out, not in, so the loads of water in the boat on the ghard are not natural.
This is an old school trick that no longer is valid and is only suitable for very small, easily carried craft of specific build type. Today’s Gar Woods, as powerful as they are beautiful, are sure to make your heart race. Perhaps one of Friendly Fairies’ handmade wooden boats, which are sea-worthy enough to weather the high seas of your bathwater.

With computer aided design and modern building techniques, we strive to create boats where performance and visual drama are on an equal plane.
Offering a full range of services Clarion Boats is completely experienced in all aspects of wooden boat restoration and construction, traditional and modern. Ives, Cambridgeshire on the River Great Ouse, and within an hours drive from Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Peterborough, Greater London, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Northamptonshire. If you put anything in the seams, they'll just spit it out when she's launched again and the planks swell up. Your New Mexico environment will make it worse, but all she probably needs is to be floated.
Carved in Oregon from solid wood, then wood-burned to create the effect of planks and nails, each one-of-a-kind clipper is hand-embellished with nontoxic paint and triple-finished with a nontoxic sealant. The semi displacement hull is usually powered by single petrol or diesel engines on shaft drives. We specialise in river boat sales and inland boat chandlery.Local river networks served by the marina, boat sales and chandlery include the River Great Ouse, the River Nene and the Middle Level, the Old West River, the River Cam, the River Lark, the Little Ouse, Brandon Creek, the River Whissey. Maybe some has oozed out some place, like near the stem or transom framing, where cleaning any squeeze out up would have been more difficult.
We have produced a multitude of show winners for our restoration work and contemporary construction. In the morning hours, condensation collects on the underside of the decks and the hull sides (inside), as a result of the rapid change from night time temperatures to sun warmed temperatures (in the desert this will be much worse) in the first part of the day. The fan doesn't need to run 24-7, just before, during and a little after the rapid temperature changes (dawn and dusk).
This evaporates the moisture before it can get anywhere and doesn't permit any still air to remain in the boat for very long.

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