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Our dedication to providing you with a truly unrivalled level of service has led us to carefully select partners that ensure your dream continues each and every time you step aboard. Much as we enjoy gawping at the super-yachts and at the Big Stuff going about its daily business on the other side of the port, for us the best thing about Las Palmas is the other cruising folk. Amongst the boats which caught our eye this year was Pedro Canoero – a beautiful, gaff-rigged Colin Archer which belongs to a charming Italian gentleman called Ugo.
Ugo’s boat was built for him in Malaysia, and her construction uses only one type of wood. Sitting in their cabin, with its furniture knocked-up from packing crates and its (perfectly adequate) make-shift lockers, I find that I can stop fussing about the fact that Molly’s cabin is still only half-built. The other yellow steel boat that we met this winter was called Rusty, and she came sailing into the anchorage one night while we were partying. With all five of the crew aboard, Tippy (also known as Rot, in expectation of her fate) was far more stable.
Another gaff-rigged vessel which grabbed our attention this winter was Opal, a big black schooner flying the Finnish flag. Fortunately, the young captain can call on the assistance and advice of a sailing master who has perhaps twice as many years as he. It was in celebration of his son’s 18th birthday that the old man gifted his dream-boat to Spike.
Comparatively little time or trouble was expended on the interior, and so it has the kind of rustic charm which is only to be found aboard a one-time working boat. Whilst the accommodation took a back seat (as, of course, it should) Spike and Charlotte were expending a great deal of effort on getting the boat seaworthy. All throughout this endeavour Spike’s intention was to rig Rosa as a gaff schooner, and so he cut the holes in the deck in the appropriate places and he fitted the partners (which are the pieces which strengthen the deck in the vicinity of the mast-hole, enabling it to take the strains engendered by a sail filled with wind and a boat heeled hard over).
In the summer of 2010 Spike, Charlotte, and 5 year old Jake sailed Rosa down the harbour from Penrhyn, out of the Fal estuary, and away from England. Will Charlotte and little Jake join the ship again, and will the threesome sail merrily off into the sunset?
Whatever they all decide to do we wish them well, and we hope that Rosa looks after them as well as they are taking care of her. Nick Skeates began cruising as a teenager, his first command being a Wayfarer and his first stomping ground the Solent (in Southern England).
As Skeates saw it he had two options: he could either get a job and earn the money to buy a new boat, or else he could design and build his own one. Besides these two friends (who also happen to be Caesar’s godfathers, by the way) there were numerous other sailors with their oldish and newish gaffers assembled there, in the mouth of the Medina, for this particular day was the occasion of the annual Solent Old Gaffers race.
We quickly spotted the famous cruising man, with his famous boat, but he seemed to be a bit preoccupied. Well, we all headed out to the start and played about on the line, in the usual way, charging to and fro and jostling for a good position. So high did she point, compared to the rest of the fleet, and so fast did she sail, that Wylo might have been in a different fleet. As likeable, laid-back sailors go, Nick Skeates just about takes the biscuit being one of the most friendly and easy-going people that I have ever met. Jill started sailing at the age of three weeks and spent her formative years messing about in racing dinghies in Chichester Harbour. Jill has written a handful of books and has many more in the pipeline, but her true vocation is as an artist.
This is the story of the good ship Mollymawk, and of how she was built, and where, and why.
Packed full of advice about such things as ocean-worthy design and sail plans, it will also tell you how to operate a cutting torch, how to avoid a leaky stern-gland, how to pour your own rigging sockets, how to handle a ferocious gander, how to sandblast, how to weld in mid-Atlantic, how to amuse three young children in a cabin space the size of a phone booth… and much, much more besides.

Copious illustrations and photographs ensure that even the most complicated piece of engineering can be understood by all, and Jill’s observations and anecdotes, combined with the cartoons scattered here and there ensure that the account never gets too heavy.
Turned out it was a big headache of course, causing the loss of blood as well as sweat and tears, So Spike knew considerable more than we did – aged 4!!!!!!
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We have just completed a lovely 11ft long rowing dinghy, and she is now for sale, based on the dinghy owned by Colonel Treffry in the 1930’s, built in Spruce with steamed Oak timbers, mahogany to strakes and thwarts, varnished throughout, complete with bronze rowlocks and fairleads, pair of oars, and cover.  The stern thwart has additional width, and a backboard, for the passenger to recline in comfort !
We are specialists in the construction of wooden masts and spars for classic sailing boats and vintage dinghies.
Some of our spars are constructed from one piece of timber, others can be four, six, eight, or more pieces depending on length and requirements. Examples of our work can be seen on many boats on the river at Fowey, and other harbours around the country.
Masts, gaffs, sprits, bowsprits, topsail spars, gunters, spinnaker poles, whisker poles, booms, made, repaired, restored. Entering your story is easy to do, just type and don't worry too much about syntax as I will proof your entry before publication or you can copy and paste from your word-processer.
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This is a simple, effective and easy way to beat the recession and sell your Wooden Boat or Boat Bits at the next-generation boat jumble, online! Tessa is a gaff-rigged boat, copied from a nineteenth century Mevagissey Tosher called Yo-yo. His son, Martin, now runs the business, Gaffers & Luggers, producing a range of traditional south-west boats.
Whether you're laying out in the sun on the top deck or taking a ride down the slide into the water, your group is going to have a great day on the lake. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.
In today’s marketplace this means that exposing your boat to the worldwide boat buying public is just as important as being an expert in the local market. Based in one of the UK’s leading full service boatyards and with a pool of experts who cater for any scale of projects involving all brands, models and size of sail or motor yacht.
Whether this is your first boat, next boat, or the last of many we’re confident that our approved partners can enhance your boating life. As I said at the outset of the previous article, hundreds of yachts pass through the port each year and amongst this little lot there are bound to be friends, old or new. Not only were there four other banana-coloured boats moored in Las Palmas at the same time as us, but two of the fleet were actually yellow steel boats.
Her owners, Veit and Sophie are a lovely couple, with an outlook on life which is much like our own, but quite apart from that we enjoy their company because their boat always makes our own one look trim and tidy. Anyone who sails into the harbour in the dark must be okay, so we invited the Rusties over unseen, as it were. One of our principal entertainments, during this time, was watching them all pile into their Rusty-designed, Rusty-built two-part dory-type dinghy. Their flimsy-looking dinghies were superficially very similar to Rusty’s cranky little tender, and yet they were capable of surviving a rough ride in those dangerous waters. She had spent the previous few years moored alongside the boat where his father lived, up at the head of Falmouth Harbour, and over the years she had just gradually rotted away. Still, it also happened that at this stage in the game Spike didn’t have a home, and so he moved aboard. There is no loo, but there are two cookers, one in the aft cabin and the other in the usual place, in the saloon. At one stage they had to replace some rotten planks on the waterline and so, lacking the funds to slip the boat, Spike just heeled her over in the water, onto her other side, and got on with the job.

As the tide went down fine adjustments were made to the boat’s position, and then, when the lump of metal was in more or less the appropriate place and the water had all gone away, Spike and Charlotte drilled down through the wooden keel, tapped the iron keel, lying immediately below, and then bolted the boat onto it. It was done in an effort to move the centre of effort of the smaller-than-planned sail to the place where it would be if the mast had been set in the appropriate place two feet further for’ard. They took her to a certain top-secret location which is the rendezvous of various old salts and younger salts who seek to avoid marinas, mooring fees, motoring their boats, and everything else which is entailed in the tupperware-caravan scene. Well, Spike and Rosa would grab anyone’s attention, as did the the big black gaff schooner, Opal, but not everybody sat up straight or went rushing for their cameras when a very much smaller, steel-built gaff-rigged cutter came sailing into the anchorage one morning. Being young and (therefore) enthusiastic, he chose the latter option, and the result was Wylo II.
We were sailing aboard Lona, the beautiful little Edwardian cutter which belonged, at that time, to Richard Meynell. In those days he was a fairly green, would-be cruising man who had revealed nothing of his desire to chase after storm-force winds or to go rushing around the Southern Ocean as captain of an out-and-out racing machine. His lifestyle is as basic and simple as his cabin, which (like ours) is built mostly from recycled wood. We only hope that we don’t have to wait another fifteen years to meet up with him again.
She made her first blue-water passage at the age of 18 but it was to be a further ten years before she was shanghaied by the skipper and started her career as an ocean-going hobo.
It is a DIY instruction manual, a travelogue, and – at times – a comic tragedy, all rolled into one. Weaned on bilge water, cut his first teeth on a belaying pin, and probably knew how to caulk a seam before he could talk. We can produce solid or hollow spars to suit your specification, using top quality, specially selected timber, and modern reliable adhesives.
Clair River near Port Huron, Michigan This is a shot in the dark but, I'm moving back to Michigan from Montana.
The hull is not caulked, her owner tells me: the planks simply butt together and they are so oily that they never dry out and never shrink.
Clearly there is a big difference somewhere, and the moral is that a dory needs to be carefully designed. It was acquired by a syndicate of young couples whose ambition, we are told, was to sail together around the world.
So it is that the fruit of their labours is being reaped by another – to be exact, by the nineteen year old son of one of those couples, and also by his young friends. Or rather – skippered and co-owned, because he shares the boat with Charlotte, whom we had already met aboard Rusty. When winter arrived it became in his interests to plank up the gaping stern… and so began the five year restoration project.
One of the finest features of the latter is a beer engine which Spike’s dad rescued from a skip. My favourite feature is the cutlery drawers, which came from a treadle-operated Singer sewing machine. If so you need to include a location, however do not at this stage include your address, just a city or province. They set about restoring the boat to her full health, and they rigged her; but boat-building, as we Mollymawks know only too well, is a process which gobbles up the years and wolfs down your life. They seemed a cheerful bunch, and they looked as if they were having a whale of a time together.
They just took the boat back into the mud berth and hacked off the back end of the lump of iron.
As you may have gathered by now, I like a cabin to resemble a peasant cottage, whereas most production-boat interiors look more like the lounge bar of a designer-revamped pub. Sister ship Tai Taki was on the RYCV slipway with Satori Dolphin last week – just coincidence. Every morning they took a dip in the insalubrious waters of the port, leaping naked from the lofty bowsprit.
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