Katz’s Marina is the 1 antique boat dealer inward the world with a natural selection of ov. She is brisk off Interior Online Classifieds Market spot Boats for Sale Euphrates is a beautiful 1949 Matthews classic wooden motoryacht. Among the hundreds of classical wood boats available on the owners of the boats listed on this page have decided to have their used boats for For classical Wooden Boat wood boats for sale by owner.

First raced again after restoration in the Portsea fishing boat regatta in 1986 winning the regatta. Work included new deck, ribs, spars, some planking and a new engine.Further restoration has been done by the Wooden Boat Shop and Corsair Boats.
Race Record2 time winner Portsea fishing boat regatta 2 time Walter Todd trophy (Queenscliff) 1st Nissan Regatta Season aggregate winnerWinner of KPMGWinner of Queenscliff Cup and Coveted White JumperPlace getter in many races.

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