For 16 years the Vintage APBA Hydroplanes and Inboard Raceboats have been coming to Lake Chelan, Washington for an outstanding exhibition of speed and sound. This is why you have to be quick when your trying to take a shot of an Unlimited Hydroplane racing past with a wooden boat in the foreground.
Lake Chelan appears to have lots of good public dock space for a show, reasonably priced accommodations, centrally located and a wonderful laid back, local atmosphere. One last look at those glorious Unlimited Hydro’s – What a great weekend event! I was lucky enough to be at the show with our boat this weekend and wanted to say that Texx you do an awesome job. My wife & I attended the Woody Boat show at Chelan last Fall and really enjoyed them along with the Vintage Unlimited Hydro,s .

For the first time this year the Pacific Northwest ACBS Chapter joined the event to show off some beautiful Antique & Classic Wooden Boats from back in the day. As we were flying across the lake, all of a sudden Curt slowed down in the middle of the lake and stopped.
Thanks Curt for the opportunity, that was the highlight of the weekend for me and I really appreciate it. Curt and I were probably 100 yards from the edge of the race course when the hydros came thundering past, it was quite an experience. Mike (a fellow Woody Boater supporter) is the current President of the Columbia Willamette ACBS Chapter and owner of Lake Oswego Boat Company near Portland, Oregon. For the last few years, they have been searching for a place to hold their annual boat show.

According to Dick it’s becoming more and more difficult to find a suitable area near Seattle. Then he looked at me, smiled and motioned with his hand to pin the throttle… So I did. From the response to this event, Lake Chelan may be an ideal candidate for a future Pacific Northwest Chapter show. I’m not sure how fast we were going but to me it felt like I was in one of those hydros!

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