There appears to be a growing interest in small boats since they are easier and cheaper to maintain and build, quicker to launch, and just plain get used because the boats aren’t complicated! For a limited time the book will be available for FREE to folks who are subscribers to my eNewsletter.
I am feverishly working on my SCAMP to have it fully assembled before the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival starts September 6th.
I want to build a community of people from all over the world who want to connect, learn, share stories and photos, and have fun with wooden boats. I would REALLY appreciate you sending me wooden boats pics, stories, or projects you are working on.
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Inger is originally from Norway, and as a youth was regularly rowing the families wooden clinker workboats to and fro the island her grandparents lived on. Sean grew up in southern California boating and fishing in his dad’s classic woody boats. Thanks Sean and Inger for taking time to do the interview – and best to you with your sail and canvas business and your beautiful boats. You will be mentally prepared to build a nice boat – no surprise later on about the final cost of your boat.
Small kit boats are the most predictable to budget for since 80-90% of what you need is included in the kit.
If you build a good quality boat that will last, IT WILL COST MORE THAN YOU THINK (most likely). They seem to be an excellent investment, and the prices have been rising for the past few years.

You should really take your time and look around for the best deal you can find in your area. Lyman's appear to be good boats.I have inquired to a few off of the web site I was provided.Is there anything specific that I need to look at that could make the whole thing not worth it?
Drew I will jump in here and say (me being the non-expert that I am) that lapstrake will live fine on a trailer. When we did the little story on the sea skiff the other day, we were reminded of how passionate the lapstrake folks were.
Trying to velcro some extra wood onto my CC today to make it look lapstrake, not really working out too well. For those who may not know, If you would like to see a larger version of the image, RIGHT CLICK and select VIEW IMAGE.
Can’t wait to get our 1958 Raven 22 back in the water after a ton of bottom work at Freedom Boat Service.
Year round boating on San Diego Bay with our 1957 South Coast 23 powered by a Crusader Charger 250. The Birlinn is an interesting reconstruction, but I could never get my head around the twin tiller. That looks so much like a reprinted 60s brochure photo that I almost thought you were kidding. I was the photographer for this picture on Lake Minnetonka taken on her maiden voyage 04 September 2007. Yes, this boat was displayed at the 32nd annual Lake Minnetonka Antique & Classic Boat Rendezvous on 08 Sept. Click HERE to subscribe to my email news list for the latest and greatest fun stuff and click on one of the buttons below to subscribe to my show.

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There are some cheap projects around but they need thousands of dollars worth of work and materials. I know of at least 2 17 foot outboards that are available, boat motor and trailer.I have looked at these boats myself, since they are in Ohio and close to where I live. No matter how small I make the pictures before I ask the server to load them, they are all still and silent. As a kid, I used to walk over there, grab a couple of brochures and drool over the floor models, so if I get by to see it, you'll want to keep some paper towels handy to follow me. The Thompson guys would chase us kids out of the boats and we'd be back 30 minutes later and someone else would chase us out! They usually cost less than some other more well known boats like Chris Crafts and others.Hang in there and let us know what you find. So Texx and I had a board meeting last night and voted today Lapstrake Love Day in Woodyboaterville. We have planted the seed with some very nice Robert Miracle pictures, now all you have to do is the same.

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