Team scarabaeus sells multihull boat plans by Ray Kendrick for the professional or home builder. 8 RagWing Puddlecats Roger Mann mission writing desk plans Wooden Catamarans Ply Plans RagWing Puddlecats.
This entry was tagged multihull design plans, multihull plans free, multihull plans plywood, small multihull plans. The top coat followed and then the deck gear, plumbing and electrics inside a temporary shelter. Every year in September, Port Townsend turns itself into a virtual Victorian seaport bristling with wooden masts, steam funnels, pirates, boatbuilders and sailors, the smell of tar, varnish and frying cod, and thousands of tourists soaking it all in. The only “multihull” to claim bonafide antique status was the 16’ VIPER - an authentic 1929 Hickman Sea Sled. A Papua New Guinea dugout outrigger canoe was on display, built with Soi Islanders by the young crew of the schooner Pacific Grace during her offshore Pacific voyage of July 2008.
My “Best In Show” is the new OUTRIGGER JUNIOR displayed on the water by Chesapeake Light Craft. If what you're doing is like the things you read about here - please write and tell us what you're up to.

Specializes in catamaran sailing and motor yachts 20 to 200 feet developed from Crowther engineering science base. The odd multihull is occasionally found nestled between the ratlines and the bow sprits… this is what I saw this year.
The little cat’s home port is Capitola, CA, and with her 8’-6” beam and 800 lb displacement, was trailered up to Washington State behind the family car.
The designer describes her as a semi-displacement power catamaran ideal for couple to cruise the Pacific NW. Launched in 2002, the tri was built in the Mohave Desert by Dick White while he was employed at Burt Rutan’s air and spacecraft company “Scaled Composites”.
This is a really lovely little multihull that gives nothing away to the varnished monohull eye candy floating around. I don’t know that it has anything on a beach cat in terms of performance, but it sure is more attractive and it just makes you want to sail it. Besides illustrating my stock designs for which iodin small multihull plans sell field of study plans and full.
We can handle any size job, from simple bottom painting and hull buffing all the way to complete refits, repairing collision or storm damage, and complete paint jobs.

This summer she was launched in Anacortes for a cruise up to Desolation Sound and back, before attending the Wooden Boat Festival. The flow between cockpit and cabin takes advantage of “living all on one level” of a solid bridge deck cat, and I can well imagine it as an ideal cruiser for the inland passage.
My hat is off to John Harris and CLC for bringing such a sweet outrigger sailing canoe to market.
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Have a aspect at our online aim catalogue to get hold your perfect multihull from renowned multihull interior designer Jeff Schionning.

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