Dory Boat Plans - Building Small Wooden Boats Dories are small boats with flat bottoms and are made of wood, although later versions also make use of aluminum and fiberglass. A traditional looking 17 foot clinker style rowing boat that offers thoroughbred performance or a leisurely picnic boat.
A 20 foot traditional looking clinker style rowing boat that offers thoroughbred performance for two rowers using sliding seats. A fast, seaworthy sliding-seat rowing boat with enough watertight storage for camping gear. A stable and fast team rowing boat for competition and expedition rowing with a low barrier to entry. A wooden racing boat for six-oared team rowing that is quick to build and as elegantly proportioned as the traditional Cornish Pilot Gig hulls.
An 11 foot 7 inch clinker style pram dinghy that performs beautifully when rowed, sailed or motored. A lightweight beach cruising and expedition boat for sailing, rowing and motoring, which can also be built as a motor launch without the sailing rig. A pretty, light, tough, roomy and easy to build 7 foot 9 inch pram dinghy that can be rowed or sailed. An easy to build rowing and sailing pram dinghy that splits into two nesting sections for compact storage. A popular v-bottom pram dinghy that is perfect as a tender, a pond utility boat or for just messing about in.

A half-size replica of the Eastport Pram dinghy for use as a baby cradle, a pet bed or an attractive coffee table. I found the lines for this 15-foot Rushton catboat in a reprint of Henry Rushton's 1903 catalog that was published by the Adirondack Museum and The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association in 1983. Frankly, I was surprised to see a sailboat in Rushton's catalog, and I have no idea if his company ever built this particular design. I searched for plans for this boat at the two major maritime museums with significant collections of Rushton boats: The Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, and The Antique Boat Museum in Clayton. Marc Bauer, a naval architect and colleague, had listened to me extoll the virtues of this boat and unbeknownst to me he had drafted the lines using traditional methods except for using AutoCAD instead of paper and pen.
I like lofting boats on large rolls of high quality paper (which I get free from a printing company). My setup for the Rushton catboat was typical, with pine moulds set up on a ladder frame made of 2x6's.
For glue I was going to use general purpose epoxy thickened with wood powder so that, spread along a fifteen foot long plank, it does not drip off the lap. These full size plans include patterns for all the forms needed to build a strip-built rowing boat. Neither had any material on this particular boat, so I decided to enlarge the lines drawing to a one inch to the foot scale on a copy machine and scale the offsets. LOA allowed pulling sliding boats sit down shells and retractile capstans and high-capacity inflatable boats.

Dories are modest boats with categorical bottoms and are made of wood, although ulterior versions besides take a leak utilization of Al and fiberglass.
Dory Boat Plans - Squidoo : Welcome to Squidoo Have you thought about building a Dory Boat - but don't know where to get started?
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