The Vancouver Wooden Boat Society does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the listings. This boat really is the best of the best with a warmth and spaciousness that is hard to find.  Pride of ownership is evident throughout. It remains completely original both inside and out including the 1956 Johnson Javelin outboard engine.
Hello, I am looking for a galvanized open U oarlock, open 2 inch and a quarter to three eigths oar lock and flat pop in socket.
The basic lofting and framing have already been completed.  Finishing drawings are included.  Why not make it your project? Night Wind is unique: her sweet sheer, twin masts, double headsails, bowsprit, and laid decks mark her from another time. Drawn by renowned Victoria naval architect Frank Fredette in 1955, she was built of old growth, solid red cedar, including her decks and cabin, in the early 60s.
Bilge has removable platforms on each side of the centerboard for easy cleaning as well as stainless drainplug just aft of centerboard Trailer has 1000lb. I am asking $35,000 or $30,000 if purchased before March 31, 2014.  Preference will be given to a buyer who will use her and look after her. The owners of MV Invader have just completed a re-fit from the keel up at a cost of $2 million. Invaders interior was completely stripped and rebuilt using sapeli mahogany with granite countertops and commercial grade fixturers and appliances. Cruise the PNW with luxuries such as a steam shower, outdoor hot tub and modern entertainment systems. She is 44 feet at the waterline, 48 feet overall, 14 foot beam, draws 42 inches of water, powered with 2 Cummins Diesel Engines (installed new in 2000) -155 HP each, turbo charged,1200 hours on engines. Visit Plunger Cove - The home of whimsical water-craft of all shapes and sizes, created using only the finest in re-claimed and salvaged materials, by artist Mark Wilkinson.

Performance sprint at 7 knots cruise at 4-5 knots Two adjustable sliding seat rowing stations with a foreward seat in the bow and a stern seat for passengers.  Can also be rowed as a single. Lots of room for lounging passengers and the picnic basket for beach combing Construction lapstrake mahogany marine plywood with epoxy and fibreglass reinforcing.  Exterior white with varnished interior. Please let us know when items are no longer available for sale - We want to make sure our postings are current. Decks are Fir over Yellow Cedar beams which are all varnished  and visible from within the interior.
This boat is a testament to the beauty and enduring craftsmanship of one of the very best builders of wooden boats showcasing the magnificence of premium materials, materials that are no longer readily available and are truly enviable. The shipwright's family would like to recover the basic cost of the drawings and wood used so far, about $1200. Her ketch rig and simple systems delight the sailor, watching her tell tales to work the wind, the sun playing over varnished bright work.
One fellow I met not long after we purchased Winsome III, 15 years ago, admitted that in his youth he used to sit on the beach in English Bay and dream of owning her. Cruise equiped: gaff rigged, five tan-bark sails, including matching jibs with whisker poles for downwind sailing.
With a new exhaust system it is in excellent condition and drives the new hydraulic bow thruster and the hydraulic windlass and davit. She is a beautiful antique craft built in 1946 by Hodgdon Brothers Boat Builders of East Boothbay Maine.
Has been maintained on a yearly basis, has only see fresh water and is in excellent condition. Free to someone interested and willing to take on a project to bring it to working order. If I have to take them to Vancouver there will be a charge to cover the ferry fare for me and the truck, and I do not want to go across the Fraser River, i.e.

Exceptionally built, designed for the sometimes unforgiving conditions of the west-coast of British Columbia, this heavily built and robust vessel performs magnificently in all conditions of the seas.  Built from clear fir on oak frames with spectacular materials used throughout, the display of quality and craftsmanship is evident everywhere you look. Topside, the fir decks and cabin top have been sheathed with plywood and then fibreglassed  with epoxy resin and painted. Not a conversion this boat is an EXTRAORDINARY custom design and build.  If you seriously want to own a one of a kind extraordinary vessel this one is not to be missed. For 9 years I envied our friends out cruising  while we were hard grafting with wood, varnish and paint . The teak, white oak, native cypress, Glasgow bronze, Gardner diesel and classic design speaks for itself. He exhibits in the Wooden Boat Festival at Granville IslandHe is 71 yrs young & started to do this at age of 12 yrs old.
Described as a wood boat that is not a wood boat she is beautiful and has always had the very best of care and attention to detail and has always been professionally and meticulously maintained and is in outstanding and first class condition.  Powered with a V-8 Chrysler Nissan Diesel she will go anywhere at any time. The superstructure is sheathed in Bruynzeel plywood with  heavy teak trim and is well insulated.
I used to sit on the bow of Winsome and imagine we were cruising local waters with dolphins playing alongside.
This handsome superstructure with Diamond Sea-Glaze windows was drawn by Tad Robert's Yacht Design. Our first trip was to the Gulf Islands for Thanks Giving; we were accompanied by a pod of Dolphins. Large enough for comfort and small enough for exploring and tight anchorages, Meander is a vessel you will be proud to be the owner of.

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