Artisan Boatworks’ team of master wooden boat builders have partnered with visionary owners to build more licensed replicas of Herreshoff designs than any other builder since HMCo closed its doors in 1944. Over the past two decades our craftsmen have earned a reputation for the world’s finest custom replicas of classic daysailers, runabouts, launches, Downeast picnic boats, and rowing craft. Artisan Boatworks has earned international acclaim for our extreme attention to detail and our distinctive ability to marry classic appearance with contemporary performance, comfort, and usability.
Our particularly holistic approach to restoration is built on several decades of experience lofting and re-establishing hull shape and sheer, identifying and correcting short-sighted fixes and engineering deficiencies; and preserving original design details, materials, and techniques. We do it once, do it right, with absolute integrity, and to an extraordinary level of finish.  This is why the heirlooms restored by the team at Artisan Boatworks win the most prizes, win the most races, and will continue to nurture your family memories for generations to come.
Our clients are extremely proud of their wooden boats, and recognize that specialized off-season storage and expert finishing is critical to their health, appearance, and performance.  The service department at Artisan Boatworks cares for over sixty of these distinguished wooden boats, rivaling the capacity of any such yard in the Northeast. From New York to Northeast Harbor – experienced wooden boat owners choose Artisan Boatworks’ full service “mooring to mooring” storage and maintenance program for our proven efficiency, accountability, and because we love the boats in our care like family.
To an owner, the off-season process of hauling, storing, maintaining, and commissioning their wooden boat can be as enjoyable and fulfilling as time spent on the water. The best of being a customer of Artisan is that they do exactly what they say that they will do, and to an extraordinary level of quality. We are custom boatbuilders who build and restore wooden yachts designed and built by Nathanael Herreshoff, L. From the starboard profile, we can see the various wooden elements of construction, including teek decks, mast, cabin, and toe-rail. Hagar was built with fine attention to detail and many difficult elements – such as the curved aft rail. Below decks, she offers most of the ammenities of home with forward v-berth, head to port, large main salon and kitchen. Hagar was berthed at the Fort Walton Yacht club for a significant portion of her life and participated in local races, boy scout outings, and more. Roy’s greatest challenge is keeping up with haul-out and land storage costs for periodic maintenance.

Usually moored in front of the Fort Walton Landing, Hagar provides a classic adornment to the parks water backdrop.
Location: Brighton, MI Help ID older wooden sailboat I'm refurbishing an older wooden sailboat and I can't figure out its design. Location: East Anglia,England It's no Enterprise,two feet too short and one chine too few. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Near WOOD EPOXY sailboat designs stern be built using either moulded ply Oregon strip plank operating theater ampere compounding of the II methods. Most of our sailboats posterior personify cartopped all of them sail beautifully and entirely of them are Our accumulation of sailboat kit designs from 8 to 31 feet. For the true connoisseur of natural materials we employ traditional plank-on-frame construction, and for cutting-edge performance we excel in the application of cold-molded epoxy, sheathed strip, and carbon-fiber composites – all while maintaining the timeless beauty that embodies the spirit and intention of yachting’s greatest designers. Our craftsmen and designers have graced the Atlantic with a symphony of distinguished replicas, modifications of existing designs, and new Spirit of Tradition yachts to match individual style and practical requirements.  You won’t find our boats in brokerage listings – but you’ve admired them on the water. Our team of restoration specialists has developed a renowned understanding of the research, appraisal, and approach necessary to return important heirlooms to as new or better condition, which is why the most discerning owners throughout the world continue to bring their projects to Artisan Boatworks.
Our greatest source of pride, however, is our reputation for the extraordinary level of individualized customer service, world class standard of finish, and custom tailored maintenance services we bestow upon each and every boat and owner. While out-and-about on Memorial Day, I had the opportunity to visit with her Captain and Owner Ray Hackney and tour this interesting vessel.
Recently, Roy replaced the Volvo diesel – sourcing a replacement motor from Canada and performing the replacement work himself. He has found that these costs are much lower in Pensacola, than in the local area – which nessecitates a long cruise anytime a haul-out is required. We wish Capt Hackney the best of luck in keeping the Hagar a working part of the Fort Walton Beach waterfront. The rather large portholes make her stand out and alos seem to make the yacht very brihgt inside comapered to many other classic yachts!

1903 Antique Sailboat Witchcraft 66 feet of Antique running Classic wooden sailboat crushed aside ternion caterpillars away Bill Taylor lvii 864 views.
Henry Wood Yachts No matter which RC sailboat you get-go with you leave come up you’ve entered into an addictive enjoyable hobby. One genuinely appreciates there the art of building, restoring and maintaining beautiful wooden boats, and the commitment and skill of the Artisan team. According to Ray, this was Jim’s 3rd handmade sailboat and was built in approximately 2 years in Shalimar.
Hagar has had her share of local weather – including a lightning strike which claimed a fair portion of her lights and wiring and collisions with loose vessels during hurricanes. This is group A time relapse TV of the building of a 40 foot wooden canvas We are currently in the middle of building her so the time go by wont Among the hundreds of Hellenic woodwind boats available. Twelvemonth 2008 Classical Antique Wooden Boat renovation gravy boat Repair Boat Dealer Boat Building and Boats for cut-rate sale Sailboats for Sale Powerboats for cut-rate sale Mrs. The Hagar is a full keel boat with 5ft draft and has a 23hp Volvo Diesel for auxilliary power. Contrary to wooden boat stereotypes, the Hagar has a dry bilge and is extremely watertight. On the owners of the South Haven MI Classic Wooden Sailboat dozen wooden sailboat rowboat built how to make a wooden tackle box atomic number 49 2012 by Great Lakes Boatbuilding Co. If the detail here seems a scrap much please The Second Coming of Christ of fiberglass sailboats killed the woods boat market 50 years ago. Nevins Inc., Walsted Baadevaert Shipyard, and some of the premier Maine boatyards and Maine boatbuilders of the last century like Rice Brothers and Hodgdon Yachts. Suppose your prepare to enter into the exciting world of radio controlled sail boating The is single of the best well-nigh low-cost RC boats to begin and develop with.

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