The factory has 380 staff members,6,580,000 rmb yuan fixed assets,7,832 square meters area of which 2100 square meters is office building. Unique items - Get great deals on Photos How Wooden Model Ships are built items on eBay Stores! Inside the hull, the use of high quality epoxy helps the thin wooden bars to bond close to one another and not split, crack or twist even in variable climatic conditions.
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Before I begin with the actual instructions for building this model, I'd like to go over the process I use to mill wood for a model ship. The various PDF files that you downloaded are used as templates to make the various parts of the model.
You will remember from the previous step that there was a scarf joint at the fore end of the keel. The final assembly of the keel structure is to add the sternpost as shown in the 1st photo and the stern deadwood as shown in the other photos. In this step we must finish something we started in the previous step, that is, trimming the remaining frame tops. Some of the outer planking is Virginia holly, a very clear, white wood, as is the deck planking. Using Chappelle's body plan and waterlines, I was able to loft a set of frame drawings for my model.

There are several items I use regularly in my model building that constantly need replenishing.
Other items may be needed as we progress and I will try and give some advance notice of these items when they come up.
CAUTION: PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT CAME WITH ALL OF YOUR POWER TOOLS TO UNDERSTAND THE SAFETY PROCEDURES ASSOCIATED WITH THE USE OF EACH TOOL. I have always wanted to build a Chinese Junk in this fashion and leave it half done so the intricacy can be viewed. We have the products of yuanbao ship, banbian ship, fengling ship, jiaban ship and fishing boat series. They are built according to scale of the original ships through original plans or pictures using the plank on frame construction method. It's a kind of tree that grows in various parts of the world and has virtually no visible grain and is very hard. You might also want to browse my website to see additional photos of my construction of the Hannah model as well as some other models I've designed in AutoCAD and buit from scratch.
Well if Mr Hunt didn't remove the link to the plans and close down both sites he mention above , and if he was man enough to answer my messages on the now deleted sites as to why no one could access the plans any more , all I will say is TUFF .
A wooden frame is used to protect the ship from breakage when the box is accidentally tipped up-side down, dropped or has heavy objects placed on it. Additional information on milling the wood will be covered in the next step of these instructions.

We also have craft wooden shoes, the specifications from 2 to 16 centimeter and the varities of windmill flower, american flower, dutch flower, violin and sea picture frame series, altogether over 2000 specifications. He probably spat the dummy because he didn't win and shut down his site So no one could down load the plans His forum is run like a communist state .
Our products are well sold over 20 countries and regions of Europe, America, England, Germany, Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan, etc. His is the first instructable I have come across where you can't do the project because of no plans . This instructable should be deleted because its useless with out the plans of which he won't share .
There are 8,800,000 rmb yuan foreign trade value,11,500,000 rmb yuan sales value and 1,050,000 rmb yuan profits. Traders' all over the world joining and business talking are welcome by the diveetor zhu jianguo and his staff.

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