The factory has 380 staff members,6,580,000 rmb yuan fixed assets,7,832 square meters area of which 2100 square meters is office building. Unique items - Get great deals on Photos How Wooden Model Ships are built items on eBay Stores!
Inside the hull, the use of high quality epoxy helps the thin wooden bars to bond close to one another and not split, crack or twist even in variable climatic conditions. We have the products of yuanbao ship, banbian ship, fengling ship, jiaban ship and fishing boat series.

They are built according to scale of the original ships through original plans or pictures using the plank on frame construction method.
A wooden frame is used to protect the ship from breakage when the box is accidentally tipped up-side down, dropped or has heavy objects placed on it. We also have craft wooden shoes, the specifications from 2 to 16 centimeter and the varities of windmill flower, american flower, dutch flower, violin and sea picture frame series, altogether over 2000 specifications. Our products are well sold over 20 countries and regions of Europe, America, England, Germany, Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan, etc.

There are 8,800,000 rmb yuan foreign trade value,11,500,000 rmb yuan sales value and 1,050,000 rmb yuan profits.
Traders' all over the world joining and business talking are welcome by the diveetor zhu jianguo and his staff.

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