The more luxurious and bigger the base superyacht is the more difficult it is to find the right tender, when searching for it on the web. It is not only because of the fact that the starting price for such pieces of jewellery is about the two digit million Euro sector (there is of course no limit in the height of the price). Seems logical as a superyacht is for its owner most of all like a hide-away against parasitic papparazzi or twilight commisioned agents – only if the yacht is not laying on ancer for representative cases on the coast of Barbados, Monaco or Key West.
These circumstances have to be regarded, when Florian Graf junior head of the exclusive, Swabian boat building manufacturer, abruptly stops giving information about his principal.
It is of great value for our clients to handle everything more than confidential Graf says nearly apologizing “it makes no difference there if the boat is used as a tender for a superyacht or as a sport boat on a inland territory” he is explaining.
His formula for success, Graf is describing as a mixture of craftmanship without any compromise and being absolutely focussed on the customer.
As well the craftmanship of boat building as the equipment and the surface finish of the draft done by Wilfried H.
Success did not came immeditaley to the manufacturer, which is family owned and in 3rd generation. Nevertheless the Grafs do not want to build more than 3 pieces of the classic sport boats per year.
The Ipanema yacht tender can be ordered with one or two motors, with diesel or otto engines, with z-type propeller or dual drive with rigid motor shaft and gear pair with center distance with soft or hard top and in various other versions. The beautiful Ipanema yacht tender has been developed by Florian and Gunther Graf in the Bavarian village of Breitenbrunn half way between Munich and the Lake of Constance. For more than 40 years, Gunther Graf, senior partner of the boat building yard Graf in Breitenbrunn in Algovia, has been an enthusiast of boat building. His son Florian, junior partner of the company, has imbibed from infancy this mixture of water foam and the sonorous sound of the motor. About 2 years ago the project was started under the title “Graf Classic 880” when father and son were looking for a reputable designer and constructor of their boat. After innumerable working hours the Ipanema yacht tender was launched for the first time in Kressbronn, July 19th, 2007. The Graf Ipanema yacht tender is crossing the wake of the camera boat as if she were driving on invisible rails. Despite the elegant appearance and the excellent driving characteristics, it is the detailed quality of craftsmanship and the chosen materials which make the deepest impression: Fine oxhide and alcantara leather, high-grade woollen materials, finest wood (mahogany, teak, larch, oak, okoume) brass chroming and stainless steel, a panorama windscreen and further equipment are the guarantee for a haptic and sensory experience. It is, of course, also a consequence of Graf’s perfectionism that not only the instrument panel (which basically consists of solid ply-wood) is pepped up with very fine leather but also the back side of the seat cushion and the cover of the stowed convertible top. There is enough space for six persons to take seats around the mahogany table which can be folded and stowed away with concealed champagne flutes integrated. Reaching up to the back of the boat there is a spacious sun-lounge (also made of fine leather) which ends with the ante-skidding swimming plateau made of teak wood.
The Ipanema yacht tender could be good for great posing, but it was not manufactured with this purpose in mind. And innovations that were born out of such old ethos are often among the milestones of human achievements.
Once one has made his decision for the Ipanema yacht tender he will own a rare jewel with excellent driving characteristics comparable to those of the brands mentioned above. Presented at the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show, Ipanema yacht tender is a lovely, sporty wooden motor boat, developed by the German company, Graf Bootsbau.
Fittings of brass chroming and stainless steel, a masterpiece of windscreen, phenomenal upholsterer workmanship, instrument panel and switches as a haptic experience: most of the details of the fittings and equipment have been especially designed for the GRAF Ipanema yacht tender. Many of the boat building branch may run the risk to hide compromises behind the visible surface. Graf Bootsbau is keen on solving all exceptional special requests of course in a perfect way. Similar yachts include motor yacht SYCARA V, Amels motoryacht IMAGINE, and the James Bond-inspired yacht DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. This yacht is available in winter for Bahamas yacht charter vacations, and in the summer for French yacht charter vacations along the Cote d’Azur.

The hull features a wine glass transom and a gracefully curved sheer line to the clipper bow. Uncover objects from the Titanic, find out about life at sea and learn about the port of Liverpool.
The Galatea was the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board's yacht and was used for official functions around the dock estate - entertaining guests, breaking ribbons at opening ceremonies etc. The tender was stored on davits on the afterdeck of the Galatea and is clearly visible on photographs of the yacht.
The Galatea entertained many high profile guests during its working life, including the Queen when she was still Princess Elizabeth, but the yacht was not replaced when taken out of service in 1958. The market for superyachts measuring over 60 metres in length is one of the most discreet as well as exclusive ones in the world. Even compared to this his intense study of the cleverly worked-out construction plans in the middle of his boatyard seem to be easy going for him. Anyway he is abandoning that he had until now always the pleasure to meet the owner face to face.
It would be extremely unlikely that they would arrive by a conventional Volkswagen Gulf Cabrio he is adding with a smile, and normally they do prefer to meet on the boat on the water instead of in the shipyard. Experts only smiled at us when they heard about our project in building a perfect classic runabout made from solid wood.
This is to make sure that we can steadily guarantee the requirements in quality and flexibility to customize each desire of our clients. Indeed, the origin of the company was the production of individual interior furnishing, it was the basis for its meanwhile outstanding reputation. In the meantime, he belongs to the most experienced specialists in the boat building scene. They finally found the right partner in Winfried Wilke who doubtlessly is in full line with them. Wilke comments: “Seldom before have I seen that my constructive ideas were realised with such creativity and perfectionism. The construction of the Ipanema yacht tender is so well balanced that the Grafs could even do without installing elevator and balance assemblies. The cabin of the boat disposes of a roof made of alcantara and extra converted bull’s eyes, which do not have to be closed during the boat trip.
Most of the fittings on and under the deck haven been especially designed, moulded and chromed for the Ipanea or directly made in V4A stainless-steel. When looking at the Ipanema, one can see and feel that it is the result of smart knowledge of construction, combined with the strong will of a craftsman to create high quality. With the creation of the Ipanema, the brand Graf is now competing with such great names as RIVA, Predrazzini and Boesch.
Boasting a technically perfect hull, Ipanema boat features an elegant appearance as well as uniqueness, both accomplished by love in details.
One surprising effect is for example the table – a piece of clever craftsmanship concealing champagne flutes for a luxurious drink. The control unit and the instruments installed are state of the art – even so this must not be seen in classic style boats.
We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. The boat is 12 feet long, has a 48 inch beam, weighs approximately 84 pounds and has a load capacity of 750 pounds. The boat in the museum collection was a rowing tender from the Galatea and would have been used to transfer people and equipment between the yacht and the shore.
The tender was built by JP Rennoldson of South Shields in County Durham and was decorated with gold leaf along the gunwale (the top edge of the boat). Of course the sophisticated clients would like sit once behind the steering wheel (for a test drive) of the object of desire before they have to think about spending the not irrelevant amount of at least 445.600 Euro for the basic version of the Ipanema yacht tender.
The latent arrogance in their smile is at the latest changing into approval when they see the Ipanema for the first time.

Noblest materials, sophisticated detail solutions and an incredible perfect quality impression develop an aesthetic, from which the observer cannot escape. By immeditaley adding with a smile “thank god that our Ipanema is an enormous charming object of sympathy”. This flexibility is also the reason that arouses the interest of the project managers who are responsible for the construction and the equipment of the superyachts.
Both father and son have a love of detail and are keen on achieving ultimate perfection in their craft.
Even some of the best renowned brands could learn a thing or two from this skillful way of handling with wood as a raw material”. A noble steering wheel, a throttle control with wooden knob and a trimmable z-type propeller is all to keep the Ipanema on the right course, at any time. It is self-evident that the materials of these seats, originally in plastics, have also been concealed with leather.
Whatever may hint at the existing control unit is cleverly concealed so that nothing in the surroundings of the helmsman and the passengers can blur the nostalgic-perfect atmosphere. The hull is carvel-planked with double diagonal mahogany, a method which may even surprise inveterate fans of classic boats. It embodies the ethos of craftsmanship which can only be found among manufacturers with a fine tradition. Therefore it may hardly be surprising that the price range is to be settled beyond 445.600 €. One thing is sure, however, the foundation for a successful development of a great brand has been laid, anyway.
The company continues its ambition also regarding the equipment to obtain always the optimum. By the way the drinks have of course the right temperature because of an integrated elaborate cooler.
Before the two boat building partners can go for a spin, very detailed examinations and extensive test drives under the critical eyes of the constructor Wilke have to be done. Even the most narrow curve radius is no problem and the boat remains easily controllable in all driving situations.
There is also sufficient storage space and a capacious cupboard cooler under the leather seating area. Not to forget, the planked layer on the highest top is made in one piece reaching along the whole length of the Ipanema yacht tender.
Quite a few of relevant drafts of modern motorboats have begun in the office of his construction company “Yacht Design International” in Kassel. The exterior and the interior are finished with 6 ounce fiberglass, 3 coats of epoxy and 4 coats of spar varnish.
Everywhere you look, you’ll find rich woods, ornate cornices, honed marble, and custom-made deck furniture.
Wilke has proven his very excellent skills by using all his knowledge to create an aesthetical as well as a functionally convincing piece of art. The spacious main salon with 9 feet of headroom, is flooded with light through huge floor-to-ceiling glass. A grand piano sits unassumingly amongst a mixture of luxurious furniture; perfect vignettes for small and large gatherings. Hallmarks throughout the yacht include various combinations of exotic wood species with intricate veneer patterns, beautiful use of rare Italian marbles and fabulous custom Lalique glasswork.

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