Bonding high performance with fiberglass, the X-Plode XT delivers speed and incredible handling on the water. In addition to marine electrical advice, we offer lots of marine wiring info about everything from shorepower installation to standard boat wiring colors. Your new LED lights will draw considerably less power than the old lights, so you can certainly use the existing boat wiring. We looked at the boat wiring and there are several wires that are not connected to anything.
Check out page 2 of our sister site’s Rewire Your Switch Panel instructions to learn how to properly wire your navigation light switch.
Do I need to run a separate negative wire to each light, or can I loop all of the negatives to a single wire? It is a common and accepted practice in boat wiring to chain the lighting grounds together, but keep voltage drop in mind.

In marine electrical it’s usually smart to avoid chaining your navigation lights, pumps, bilge blower, and fuel sender ground.
As for your project, it is a common boat wiring practice to run multiple lights off on the same set of wire leads. Since these will be below deck, I would recommend using a waterproof splice to keep corrosion out. That is, if they don’t work at first, you may need to swap the wires to make them turn on.
As you add more lights to the same circuit, the current draw and voltage drop increases causing the lights to be dimmer. I simply want to tap into the main wire at each desired location of the LED by using a splice connectors. Even though your pontoon boat has lots of aluminum, I would not recommend using any of it as your ground.

If you distribution panel does not have a ground block, you can run the LED light ground back to your battery or a marine electrical ground bus in that area.
The switch sends 12 volt dc to the anchor light, but less than 3 volt dc to the red and green navigation lights at the bow. I assume I can remove the screws and the existing crimp on receptacles on the wires will slide over the terminals?
Many of the large production pontoon builders here in the Great Lakes are offering them as options for the new model year.

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