When it comes to enjoying your time on the water, our extended term charters mean that you have absolutely no limits. Charter a yacht to the Bahamas and get away from the mainland with an adventure to Bimini, a chain of small islands situated just west of the Bahamas that are only a three hour boat ride away from Miami and South Beach.
When you charter a yacht to the Bahamas you will enjoy traveling around the 700 islands and cays that make up the Bahamas. Charter a yacht to Little Palm Island Resort and Spa – an amazing getaway which is only six hour from Miami.
Nestled halfway between Miami and Key West, Hawks Cay Resort is only a four hour luxury boat charter trip away from Miami. There’s nothing quite like chartering a motor yacht to the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, which is only a two hour ride from Miami. Plan luxurious celebrations with boat cruises in West Palm Beach Do you have a love for the open water, sailing across a breathtaking ocean or the sparkling Intracoastal? Impress your guests with a party yacht charter in West Palm Beach Is there a special group of people in your life who you would like to treat to a glamorous and luxurious yacht excursion?
Nothing compares to the 360° views and upscale experience of hosting your event on the water.
The International SeaKeepers Society in collaboration with researchers from the University of Florida (UF) returned from a successful global initiative surveying ocean biodiversity aboard the Discovery yacht PENNY MAE. Minute, planktonic organisms, which are found in the upper part of the water column, are critical to the health of all oceanic ecosystems, and yet, are the least understood.
Photographs were taken of the new and representative species which were preserved for the Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida in Gainesville. A selection of the species was also specially preserved for additional genomic analyses to identify new biologically active compounds, which could be used in the development of future pharmaceuticals.
Expedition yacht Penny Mae and her tender, Little Penny, both have been involved in several other SeaKeeper expeditions in the past, including shark research in Florida and the Bahamas. This year’s 30th Annual Palm Beach International Boat Show is set to take place in downtown West Palm Beach, a lovely Florida yacht charter destination, from March 26 to 29. Gaining notoriety as one of the most significant international yacht shows, the world-class event will feature more than $1 billion worth of yachts, boats and accessories from the world’s leading marine manufacturers, including hundreds of boats ranging from small inflatables and center consoles to fishing boats and superyachts over 200 feet. Several additions to this year’s show promise to bring even more fun and excitement for the watersport and outdoor enthusiasts that the show attracts. Other activities for adults and children of all ages include swimwear fashion shows, the IGFA School of Sportfishing seminars, and youth fishing clinics presented by Hook The Future. The show serves as the annual anchor event for the thriving Palm Beach County marine industry.
The Palm Beach International Boat Show is owned and sponsored by the Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County, Inc.
Last month saw The International SeaKeepers Society return from a successful shark tagging expedition, supporting the UM Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, Marine Conservation Program, as well as National Geographic.
Part of the expedition was also devoted to collecting and downloading acoustic receiver data from the Tiger Beach area. National Geographic Crittercams were attached to three tiger sharks during this expedition and several hours of footage were recovered. The International SeaKeepers Society is working with the UM Rosenstiel School to coordinate expeditions to Tiger Beach every six months. SeaKeepers’ DISCOVERY Yachts Program joins world-renowned scientists with world-class yacht owners to further scientific research.
The International SeaKeepers Society partnered with the UM Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, Marine Conservation Program, as well as National Geographic to conduct another tiger shark tagging expedition.
This year’s 29th Annual Palm Beach International Boat Show was held from March 20-23, featuring the striking Sanlorenzo yacht SL104-592. Luxury superyacht SL104-592 is the first of five yachts to launch this year for the Americas and has been specifically built in Italy for the most discerning yacht owners within the Americas luxury superyacht market. The SL104-592 yacht is now located in Fort Lauderdale and is available for inspection through Sanlorenzo Americas.
The last month’s Palm Beach International Boat Show was attended by the prominent Chinese manufacturer, Cheoy Lee Shipyards.
Having just sold the 88 Bravo superyacht to avid yachters, Cheoy Lee and its latest client used the Boat Show’s ramp to host a celebratory christening of the boat.

Cheoy Lee hosted a steady parade of prospects who raved about the sexy styling of the Alpha Express Yachts as well as their sturdy and efficient build.
Whether it’s a weekend cruise to the Florida Keys or chartering a trip to the Bahamas for several weeks – or sailing further abroad to Europe, the Maldives, and beyond, we make your dreams a reality with our affordable yacht charter options. Bimini is known for its laid back lifestyle, with its pristine white sand beaches and picturesque nature trails waiting to be explored. The eight to nine hour travel time from Miami will be spent however you prefer – relaxing with your friends, sampling food from a private chef, or simply enjoying the views of the Atlantic Ocean. Located near Duck Key, this small island is a beautiful destination for relaxing and adventure alike. Located in the uppermost Keys, Ocean Reef Club offers peace and quiet for a restorative and relaxing vacation. Collecting samples and performing genetic analyses on these organisms allows for identifying and tracking the origin of unique species.
The Museum is home to one of the largest online collections of invertebrates in the world, which will soon include the new species catalogued from this successful expedition. Happening along Flagler drive, overlooking posh Palm Beach Island, the yachting lifestyle event annually hosts buyers as well as sellers from all over the world. The Blue Wild will feature scuba, freediving, lobstering and safety seminars and a beautiful selection of marine art from world-renowned marine artists. Guests also are invited to come by boat and tie up to free Come-by-Boat docks located south of the in-water displays.
The shark tagging took place at Tiger Beach, a beautiful Bahamas yacht holiday location, onboard DISCOVERY Yachts 125’ Northcoast motor yacht Fugitive, out of West Palm Beach in Florida, and the 150’ Cheoy Lee super yacht Qing, out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Neil Hammerschlag and his research team, along with SeaKeepers staff, guests and crews of Qing and Fugitive, and National Geographic staff, tagged ten tiger sharks during the four days at Tiger Beach on a custom-made floating platform designed and built by Florida Biodiversity Institute. Researchers are able to track tagged sharks through hydrophone receivers that were mounted on the seafloor in October of 2013. Crittercam is a research tool designed to be safely worn by animals, combining video and audio recording with collection of environmental data.
By obtaining data regularly, researchers will continue to increase our knowledge about these important apex predators.
Yacht owners dedicate their yacht and its abilities to a scientist-led research expedition, in which owners and crew often participate. The shark tagging took place in November 2014 at Tiger Beach, a beautiful Bahamas yacht charter destination, on board DISCOVERY Yachts, the 125’ Northcoast motor yacht Fugitive, out of West Palm Beach in Florida, and the 150’ Cheoy Lee Qing yacht, out of Florida’s Fort Lauderdale. The prestigious Italian shipyard showcased luxury motor yacht SL104-592 in Palm Harbor Marina. She sleeps up to 12 guests in five staterooms, four of which are situated on the lower deck whilst her spectacular panoramic master suite accommodates the main deck.
The new owners family and their long time captain, seem to enjoy the subtle humor and luxuries of the yachting life – but even more so, the expereience of being at sea! Enjoy daily activities tailored to your every desire like snorkeling and kayaking, or take it easy by simply relaxing in style with our on-board amenities and our full service crew. Experience the tropical blue waters and sandy beaches of Nassau & Exumas by visiting Paradise Island, Sampson Cay, Compass Cay, Staniel Cay and Highbore Cay.
Unwind on the beautiful, isolated beaches or catch some rays onboard your vessel of choice. An ideal stop for couples or families, Hawks Cay provides plenty of entertaining activities that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. This millionaire’s playground will make you feel like every day should be lived in complete luxury. Leonid Moroz, the principal investigator from UF and an eminent professor of neuroscience, genetics, biology and chemistry, conducted the research team in plankton sampling along a transect from New York to West Palm Beach in Florida.
Sampling these animals in waters on the edge of and within the Gulf Stream was especially significant because this major current plays an important role in climate and fisheries in North America, Africa, and Europe. The AquaZone will feature live paddleboard, kayak and stand-up-paddleboard yoga demonstrations in a 15,000 gallon freshwater pool. Of the ten sharks, three were male, providing valuable and exciting new data for what was thought to be an only female-populated area. Crittercams allow scientists to study animal behavior without interference by a human observer, and are designed to release from the animal after a set time.

Previous expeditions include coral reef research in the Dry Tortugas, drifter deployments off the Channel Islands, genome-scale sequencing in Bimini, tiger shark tagging in the Bahamas, and harbor porpoise research in San Francisco.
Below are the photos of the yachts from the last month’s Tiger Shark Tagging, released by The International SeaKeepers Society. They will keep the boat at their home in South Florida in between jaunts to the Bahamas and other exotic ports. Swim up close with dolphins and stingrays, or explore the mysterious remains of a shipwreck.
The turquoise waters surrounding these islands offer stunning clarity, so much that a dropped coin can be visible on the sandy ocean floor from the deck of your yacht. Tour the island via jet skis and wave runners or get some downtime and decompress at the globally-renowned Little Palm Island Resort & Spa. There are endless things to do at Ocean Reef, from kayaking through the mangroves, sampling the freshest Florida stone crabs, fishing, and meeting new friends. Each of the 130 samples had at least 400-600 marine planktonic species, with over 95% of the total species collected never having been sampled for genomic analyses. Ultrasounds were conducted on the seven female sharks that were captured, and several were found to be pregnant.
Bimini is also rich in culture and history and is home to many landmarks that can be visited by boat. For entertainment, take a stop at the Atlantis Resort, where adventure lovers of all ages can get their thrills by discovering the infamous roller coaster-styled water slides – these are moments you will remember for the rest of your life. This trip is recommended to cover two to three days – and amongst the many luxury yacht charters choices in Miami, this one is perhaps the favorite. In addition to acoustic tagging and ultrasounds, researchers also attached several satellite tags, recorded morphological measurements, and took blood samples and fin clippings from the sharks, which will help scientists better understand the behavior and health of tiger sharks in The Bahamas.
These data give researchers insight to the behavior and habitat use of tiger sharks in the Bahamas, and how these patterns may be related to reproduction, diet and health as well as the potential impacts by tourism at Tiger Beach. One of the most well known is the Bimini Road, an unusual underwater rock formation that dates back centuries and is believed by some to be the remnants of an ancient human-created road. In the evening, the Atlantis Resort offers a variety of fine dining restaurants, night clubs and casinos, or we can also prepare a private dining experience at sea. Taste some of the finest cuisine at the world class restaurants, or spend the day fishing and let us prepare your fresh catch of the day onboard your private charter.
There are also various water sports available, including kayaking, kiteboarding, and waterskiing. Located near the underwater Bimini Road is what some believe to be Ponce de Leon’s Foundation of Youth.
Or you can take a scuba dive and explore the beautiful coral reefs located just off the island, and then swim with the dolphins at Little Palm Island’s amazing dolphin encounter. Hawks Cay Resort also is home to a man made enclosed lagoon that features a sandbar in the center where children can play safely while parents look on and observe. This pool, which locals call the Healing Hole, lies at the end of a network of underground tunnels that pump out cool, fresh water during outgoing tides. This awe-inspiring cave, located just west of Staniel Cay in the Exumas chain, has been featured in several films and is known for its breathtaking views of various sea creatures. For those looking to see the view from above, sea planes are available to tour the beautiful islands from the sky.
Charter a motor yacht with us to explore this beautiful island chain for a vacation you’ll never forget.
Our VIP yacht charter team will take you to one of the five entrances of this cave, which can then be explored via scuba diving or by snorkeling.
This trip is recommended for at least two or three days with our luxury yacht charter voyage that leave from Miami. Whether you decide to charter a yacht with friends or family, there is always a endless amount of experiences for any crowd available on our yacht rentals in the Bahamas.

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