Twiddy has over 930 Outer Banks vacation rentals for 33 years has serviced the Outer Banks' visitors needs for vacation rentals from oceanfront to the sound. To begin your charter, you will join Captain Lenny at one of the following public boat ramps on Roanoke Island or in Manns Harbor. One or two days before your charter, the captain will notify you about when and where to meet. Contact Captain Lenny to learn more about the Outer Banks boat ramps in Manteo, Wanchese, and Manns Harbor, North Carolina. Gather your family and friends and enjoy an Outer Banks crabbing charter on the roomy Kingfisher.

For 2016, North Carolina regulations allow up to 100 crabs per boat, and you keep all the crabs that we catch. Although we do not keep the crabs caught in the pots, everyone loves to get a close look at the catch.
To learn more about an Outer Banks crabbing charter with Soundside Adventures, contact Captain Lenny. March 29, 2014 Brian White (right) with help from Dennis Gower (left) built a 63-foot charter boat called the Waverunner at his home in southern Warren County. March 29, 2014As the boat is removed from the building it was built in, Dennis Gower makes sure it will clear the roof line.

Captain Lenny will boat your group through the sounds surrounding the beautiful barrier islands. This is also a perfect opportunity to teach kids about the life of a Blue crab and about the Outer Banks commercial crabbing industry. The boat will eventually be docked in Oregon Inlet where White will run his fishing charter business.

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