You have found the yacht that you were looking for and have asked us all the questions and discussed the merits and values of the boat. You fill out a Purchase and Sales Agreement with all of the "Subject to" items you want to have as a condition of purchase such as: Marine survey, Sea trial, Financing and Personal inspection etc. You choose a surveyor (a marine survey is highly recommended - we can supply a list of surveyors), we then set up a date for your Sea Trial and Survey. It’s Closing Day - you receive the bills of sale, the keys and possession of the yacht you always wanted! Now that you know the steps, call one of our Professional Brokers and find the yacht of your dreams!
Edwards Yacht Sales is seeking Experienced Professional Yacht Brokers for our expanding yacht brokerage business. Edwards Yacht Sales uses a complete National marketing and advertising program to help make our brokers successful. Jaquelyne and Ned, new owners of the 42' Grand Banks "Pleiades", with former owners Roy and Dawn on the happiest day of everyone's life!
William and Rosemary from New Zealand with broker Roy Stringfellow aboard their 43' Nordhavn. Today this same magnificent boat has been refitted with all of the modern technologies and amenities.

MARATHI has all of the comforts of modern day and can easily support all of your electronic needs and wants. Most of our clients live outside of Florida and even outside the United States, so we are old hands at helping you through the purchase process. They will order a abstract (lien search), prepare Bills of Sale and discuss with you the differences of Coast Guard Documentation or doing a state title. We have several locations on the Florida east coast and Keys that need experienced Professional Brokers. They are moving from their Gemini to the Defever to continue exploring FL during the winter and Canada in the summer.
The design changes included substituted a cutter rig instead of the Whitby’s ketch rig, adding a Brewer bite to the keel resulting in a long fin keel with a skeg-hung rudder, adding a very well designed centerboard. MARATHI is ready to take your friends and family on the cruises that you have always dreamed of. The Navigation station has been completely redone using a Dell desktop computer as the control center to it all, with use of the autopilot it is possible to sail the Boat from the Navigation station below deck, above deck comes with all new top end equipment that any mariner would dream of. We not only know the boats we are selling very thoroughly, but we are completely up front about what we know of them. At this point, you will need to send the 10% deposit to our escrow account (if you decide against the purchase, your deposit is fully refunded).

You will need to complete all of your "subject to" items by your the Acceptance Date that you wrote in the Purchase & Sales agreement. Once we have received it, we forward your offer to the seller for their acceptance or rejection.
You will need to send the balance of the purchase price to our escrow account, where it is held until closing day (usually 2-5 days after your acceptance).
The hulls are lighter and stronger, and the weight savings were used to increase ballast and stability. If there is a counter-offer (although we try to minimize this by encouraging both parties to be reasonable) we continue to negotiate until an offer is accepted by both parties.
Meanwhile the closing service will get the sellers notarized signature on the bills of sale and back to them by the closing.

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