Enhanced reliability, exceptionally smooth and quiet operation, outstanding fuel efficiency, maximum performance and convenience.
No matter what you're using your outboard for this weekend, the 4-stroke, 4-cylinder F75 is a great choice. The F6 is easy to store, easy to use, and offers the power and reliability to let you hit the water with confidence. The F20 features all the benefits of a reliable Yamaha 4-stroke outboard in a compact, lightweight and portable package that rivals any 2-stroke.

Quicker, stronger, smarter and lighter - outperforming two strokes on hole shot, displacement, fuel economy and weight.
If you are looking for the ultimate in reliable, compact and efficient portable power for your boat, the F20 will deliver you many years of hassle-free performance.
The addition of a five-inch longer shaft means multi-species boaters can now enjoy the benefits that have made the V MAX SHO famous. These models are also perfect for a variety of other applications that require a 25-inch shaft length.

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