Pennine Marine is the premier marine dealership for ribs, powerboats and outboard engines in Northern England.
We also sell a full range of marine chandlery, sailing clothing, wetsuits, boat trailers, boat trailer spares and increasingly more canoes and kayaks. The Zodiac range of rigid inflatable boats has an enviable reputation for their stability, manoeuvrability and economy.
The Zodiac FC range have become the definitive special forces boat, used by more elite soldiers and sailors around the world than any other craft.
Zodiac's history started way back in 1908 with the formation of the 'French Airship Company'. Zodiac RIB technology makes these craft some of the safest, practical boats available today. It is features like these that have enabled Zodiac RIBs to have been successfully used by the military in combat and to have come through these demanding conditions with flying colours. The Zodiac RIB range starts with the Zoom, a reliable small tender with an exceptional load capacity. The Zodiac Projet comes with a turbocharged 4-stroke engine making these low-slung RIBs both fast and great fun. The Yachtline RIB: a very light, safe and compact RIB that comes with integrated lifting points. The CZ7 (Civilian Zodiac 7 metre): which is the consumer version of the famous military Zodiac Hurricane. We specialise in sales, servicing and support of ribs, powerboats, outboard engines - together with boat and engine servicing and outboard engine spares parts.

We have put together a guide to help customers choosing a boat, ensuring you make the right decision. This fast response aluminum rib has a range of 400 miles with crew seating consisting of four Ullman suspension seats. Zodiac offer more models than any other RIB manufacturer which means that there's a Zodiac RIB model for everyone, from the compact Zoom to the Medline III, the flagship of the Zodiac range. Zodiac offer a diverse range of inflatable craft specifically for military, enforcement and search & rescue applications. During the Second World War Pierre Debroutelle worked in secret to develop an inflatable boat using scrap balloon fabric.
Alain Bombard crossed the Mediterranean from Monaco to Tangiers and the Atlantic from Las Palmas to Barbados in a Zodiac Mark III boat. Their exceptionally low centre of gravity means they are incredibly stable and almost impossible to capsize, under normal conditions. These include Zodiac's exclusive removable tube system that allows the tube to be disassembled and folded for maintenance, repair, storage and transportation. This means that they can achieve exceptional speeds making them perfect for water sports enthusiasts. These RIBs are incredibly easy to handle and come with an inflatable keel that improves ride comfort and contributes toward the craft's excellent performance and handling. The Projet is reputed for its ability to plane easily, even with several passengers on board, making it ideal for waterskiing. These beautiful boats have been carefully designed and built for comfort with a bolstered pilot seat, rear double seats and a cockpit that converts into a sundeck.

These beautiful boats will also accept a pair of 150hp outboards for extra power and speed.
Being based in Yorkshire we always offer you quality boating products at reasonable prices. This remarkable feat served to reassure people that inflatable boats really were sea-worthy and the term 'Zodiac Boat' quickly became synonymous with all inflatable craft.
Equipped with masses of storage space, a retractable bathing ladder, swimming platform, water-skiing tow ring and a high capacity fuel tank these beautifully designed craft are the ideal leisure RIB or yacht tender. They even come with an integrated cooker, sink with running water and collapsible table, making them ideal for cove-hopping and picnics.
Smaller boats might be fitted with a compact 3 or 4 horse power short shaft motor whereas the more powerful boats can use engines up to around 250hp.
Cabin insulated by Zodiac with acoustical liner and equipped with heat and air for added crew comfort in the harshest of conditions.
They are great for longer cruises as they are fitted with two high capacity fuel tanks carrying.

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