The Zodiac range of rigid inflatable boats has an enviable reputation for their stability, manoeuvrability and economy.
The Zodiac FC range have become the definitive special forces boat, used by more elite soldiers and sailors around the world than any other craft. Zodiac's history started way back in 1908 with the formation of the 'French Airship Company'. Zodiac RIB technology makes these craft some of the safest, practical boats available today. It is features like these that have enabled Zodiac RIBs to have been successfully used by the military in combat and to have come through these demanding conditions with flying colours. The Zodiac RIB range starts with the Zoom, a reliable small tender with an exceptional load capacity. The Zodiac Projet comes with a turbocharged 4-stroke engine making these low-slung RIBs both fast and great fun. The Yachtline RIB: a very light, safe and compact RIB that comes with integrated lifting points. The CZ7 (Civilian Zodiac 7 metre): which is the consumer version of the famous military Zodiac Hurricane.
Demaree Inflatable Boats: Maker of industrial grade inflatable boats including rescue boats, work boats, commercial white water fishing boats, military boats, pontoons and more, that are customized to your own requirements. EBay: Over 1000 new and used inflatable boats that are up for auction or immediate sale available here. If you suspect that a valve is the source of the slow leak, you can verify this by fully inflating the air chamber, closing the valve cover and applying a soapy water mixture around the valve housing and cover cap.
Over time, it is possible that debris, sand, dirt, oils and grime will accumulate on the rubber seal ring that is designed to keep the valve air tight.
If you are observing air bubbles around the valve housing perimeter while applying a soapy mixture, there is a possibility that the valve needs to be tightened with a specialized valve tool. You can also quickly seal the slowly leaking air valve by applying a thin layer of glue around the valve housing perimeter, or putting a drop of glue inside the opening, where the string that secures the valve cover enters the valve housing, if you observe air bubbles at that particular place. Pro - Will last significantly longer than PVC when exposed to prolonged periods of direct sunlight.
In general PVC fabric won't last as long as Hypalon fabric if the boat will be subjected to prolonged periods of direct sunlight and no measures have been taken to protect the PVC fabric from the sun (i.e. Assembly page if you have difficulties installing your plywood floor into your inflatable boat.
On the end of the plunger you will see 3 ridges: A top ridge, a 2nd ridge that is just below the top one, and a bottom ridge. The seal is bell-shaped so that its upper opening is smaller in diameter than its lower one.
Once the rubber seal is properly situated, re-assemble the pump, taking care not to damage the seal. Many cruising sailors have small outboard motors for use with their inflatables, which creates a dilemma when it's time to tow: should the motor be left on the dingy while towing?
Another consideration is the additional tow load the extra weight of the motor will create.

You will need 8-9 inch long pieces of 2" diameter white plumbing PVC pipe and a piece of thick rope. Make 2 knots where the rope exits the holes in the pipe, to make sure that the pipe will stay in place and will not slide when boarding the boat. When boarding, insert one foot inside the loop with the pipe and grab the rope with both hands.
Pennine Marine is the premier marine dealership for ribs, powerboats and outboard engines in Northern England. We also sell a full range of marine chandlery, sailing clothing, wetsuits, boat trailers, boat trailer spares and increasingly more canoes and kayaks. The WavEco 2.6M Slatted Floor Dinghy is incredibly lightweight and if you are a looking for a dinghy which has been designed for leisure use, then look no further. Zodiac offer more models than any other RIB manufacturer which means that there's a Zodiac RIB model for everyone, from the compact Zoom to the Medline III, the flagship of the Zodiac range.
Zodiac offer a diverse range of inflatable craft specifically for military, enforcement and search & rescue applications. During the Second World War Pierre Debroutelle worked in secret to develop an inflatable boat using scrap balloon fabric. Alain Bombard crossed the Mediterranean from Monaco to Tangiers and the Atlantic from Las Palmas to Barbados in a Zodiac Mark III boat. Their exceptionally low centre of gravity means they are incredibly stable and almost impossible to capsize, under normal conditions.
These include Zodiac's exclusive removable tube system that allows the tube to be disassembled and folded for maintenance, repair, storage and transportation. This means that they can achieve exceptional speeds making them perfect for water sports enthusiasts. These RIBs are incredibly easy to handle and come with an inflatable keel that improves ride comfort and contributes toward the craft's excellent performance and handling.
The Projet is reputed for its ability to plane easily, even with several passengers on board, making it ideal for waterskiing. These beautiful boats have been carefully designed and built for comfort with a bolstered pilot seat, rear double seats and a cockpit that converts into a sundeck. These beautiful boats will also accept a pair of 150hp outboards for extra power and speed. Saturn inflatable boats start at only $549 for a 7’ personal dinghy and up to $1499 for a 15 feet, 8-persons inflatable monster.
You’ll find inflatable boats from manufacturers like Z-Ray, Intex, Vinyl, Sevylor, Seahawk, and more. Visit their Boat Selection Wizard to help you choose the right boat that will perfectly satisfy your needs.
You can stop by to see their 11,000 square foot showroom with over 50 inflatable boats on display.
If you find the hand pump provided is not able to achieve enough pressure, inspect the hose and all connections for leaks. Many boaters knot the tow bridle into a loop at the center, and attach a towing line there.

The tendency to do this is proportional to the weight of the outboard and the difficulty in removing it and storing it on the boat. A completely empty inflatable is usually a very light craft and hence a very light tow load. It can quickly lead to failure of the bridle pad eyes, especially in those instances where the load is not being equalized. We specialise in sales, servicing and support of ribs, powerboats, outboard engines - together with boat and engine servicing and outboard engine spares parts.
We have put together a guide to help customers choosing a boat, ensuring you make the right decision. This remarkable feat served to reassure people that inflatable boats really were sea-worthy and the term 'Zodiac Boat' quickly became synonymous with all inflatable craft. Equipped with masses of storage space, a retractable bathing ladder, swimming platform, water-skiing tow ring and a high capacity fuel tank these beautifully designed craft are the ideal leisure RIB or yacht tender. They even come with an integrated cooker, sink with running water and collapsible table, making them ideal for cove-hopping and picnics. Smaller boats might be fitted with a compact 3 or 4 horse power short shaft motor whereas the more powerful boats can use engines up to around 250hp.
To remove debris you will need to blow air into the open valve with a hand pump while keeping the hose slightly away from valve's unlocked pushpin.
Remove the hose and block the air outlet at the T handle with the palm or your hand while pushing down on the T handle. There are a number of reasons for recommending against towing with the outboard on the dingy.
When you add 70 pounds or more of motor and gas tank, you could very well be doubling the tow load from a small inflatable.
Being based in Yorkshire we always offer you quality boating products at reasonable prices. They are great for longer cruises as they are fitted with two high capacity fuel tanks carrying. It might be also possible to splash a bit of acetone inside the valve to clean off the dirt and grime. You should encounter very substantial resistance to pushing down when the air outlet is blocked.
The towing line should not be fixed to the bridle, but instead should end in a small bowline loop, through which the bridle passes. If that does not help, remove the valve with a special valve tool, clean the rubber seal with a cotton swab soaked in acetone and re-install the valve with a tight fit.

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