Inflatable boat accessories, dinghy accessories, Zodiac parts and products all in 1 location. IBC provided Rozalia Project’s Bombard Commando C3 for their extended mission profile and they have been using it like it was meant to be used.
ParleyxRozalia: An Expedition for the Oceans took place in July and August of 2015 on remote islands and hard to reach shorelines in the Gulf of Maine. Thanks to our partner, Parley for the Oceans, and parters and host organizations around the country, during this expedition, we removed over 130,000 pieces of marine debris from shorelines, engaged thousands of people in person and through social media and collected data that will lead us to solutions and innovations to get ahead of this problem. I get asked a lot about replaceable tubesets and the Zodiac Advantage by even the most salty of sailors so I thought I’d share some boat porn. Zodiac pioneered the replaceable tubeset to keep old boats as good as new by simply sliding the old tubes off and sliding a new set on.
Some models that make use of this system are the Zodiac Yachtline Series and the Zodiac Pro Series. We find it helpful to spray soapy water onto and into the bolt rope slots to act as lube for the installation process.
Mike puts a new out of the box Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid together to show just what’s involved.
The Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid is probably the most used boat in water rescue and for exploration missions. While out on a safety patrol and rescue mission for the 2015 Portland Bridge Swim Mike and Adam came across a Zodiac MK2C Futura rigged with a 20hp Honda outboard. Adam runs a Zodiac MK1 Futura and Mike has a hard time keeping up even though he has a bigger motor. If you want to go faster, get better fuel economy, get more mass on plane, and use less motor then look no further than the Zodiac Futura line (also available in military and professional models).The Futura hull turns better, rides flatter, and is easier to beach and recover making any outing more fun and less work. Purchase your next Zodiac from the Zodiac leaders at The Inflatable Boat Center by calling (503)235-2628 or by ordering online. IBC designed and owns some exclusive kit designs but they also sell sheet material for DIY applications. One customer named Paul who recently upgraded his dinghy to a Zodiac RIB 310 took a sheet of SeaDek and did his own application. Just a few quick picks of the corner IBC Booth at the 2014 NW Sportsmen’s Show in Portland Oregon before I go out there myself today. When it’s 17 degrees outside and you want to run the river for brunch at The Riverplace Hotel go ahead and enjoy it but keep our seats open because we’re coming for lunch at the bar!
Zodiac Inflatable Boat Reviews If you arena€™t familiar with the history of Zodiac inflatable boats you should be.

Developed by French Navy officer and biologist Alain Bombard almost 60 years ago, the early Zodiac was the first inflatable boat to be fitted with a rigid floor and an outboard motor. In addition to its number one market share in recreational inflatable boats, Zodiac also sells a specialty line to professionals.
Lightweight, attractive, and built to high standards, Zodiac inflatables maintain a high resale value.
Some are standard repairproducts that work for most inflatable boats while others are custom products made specifically for the inflatable boat brand.
The Bombard C3 Commando was recommended to them by high latitude sailor Skip Novak as the go to expedition boat for remote access.
This video, by Alex Levin, introduces Rozalia Project through the experience of the ParleyxRozalia Expedition. Our objective was to pick up as much ocean trash as we could, bring it back to the mainland for upcycling and recycling and work with coastal residents to collect data and develop solutions to the problem. The Bombard Commando C5 has the room, takes the bigger motors, has a wooden keel for an all around whoop butt package. Things that make this easier, that we didn’t do, is to stretch the boat without floorboards on a brand new boat, as well as spray soapy water around the tube to floor fabric seam to let the new floorboards slide into place. Zodiac engineers knew that they could go faster with less wetted surface so the measured and analyzed and planed then made the best hull imaginable.
Turns can be so instantaneous that you can toss out an unprepared rider when the boat is at full speed. SeaDek manufactures EVA non-skid for boats and anything else that requires good traction in all conditions. He got the idea after talking to SeaDek surfing buddy Jason at a boat dealers show and the rest is history.
Call us and see what we can do for your boat or if you want to do it yourself what you can do for yourself with IBC and SeaDek.
Stop by the booth and say hi to Adam and Mike, both have enough miles at sea to answer just about any question you may have about boating. Bombard sailed across the Atlantic in 1952 in his first inflatable design, the Zodiac Mark III.
Zodiac Sea RIBsa„? are used by Navy Seals, the Coast Guard, law enforcement, search and rescue, researchers, and in numerous other industries. These custom products include repair kits and glue, inflatable boat paint, internal leak sealer, and others. IBC also uses the Bombard Commando series of inflatable boats for much of their use as well.

A new out of the box boat will fight you for the first assembly so just have patience and if possible a helping hand.
Heavy Duty Aluminum Floorboards with included Zodiac Floor Channel System allows for many accessories to be used expanding mission capabilities even greater. Often used in military special forces designs because it will get enormous amounts on plane with very little hp it also tracks and turns better than any other hull type.
Zodiac’s patented Futura hull utilizes additional tubes on the bottoms of the main sponsons that give it lift and makes it ride like a bullet train. What The Inflatable Boat Center does with it is make exclusive custom kits for the Zodiac Yachtline series of inflatable boats, as well as offer solutions for many of the other sport boat types. In the sixties, the brand gained worldwide attention when ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau used it as a tender for the Calypso on its many expeditions.
What makes this possible is the environmental float suit first made popular by the military.
The Classic is a recreational fold up boat that comes in six models from 11' to 13' 10" with either an aluminum sectional floor or high-pressure air floor.The Pro Open boats are larger recreational RIBs. The problem with the copy cats boats is they are merely imitations and haven’t been engineered for each model like the Zodiacs which is why so many boats get utterly owned by Zodiac Futura hulls. Taking a page from their book the yachtsman or inflatable boat operator can effectively extend the boating season to a year round activity. There are five models of Pro Open Deck RIBs from 13' 9" to 27' 11", and two Pro Open models at 18' 1" and 20' 4".Zodiacs are backed with a 5-year warranty on the fabric. We have countless surfers, fishermen, explorers, and recreational users going where others can’t in their Bombard Commandos. Fishing, hunting,crabbing, camping or just playing around are activities that open up completely in the winter months. Unbelievable carrying capacity on an ultra-stable platform means impossible things become realities.
Unrestrictive vistas and aventures await you this winter season and all it takes is a suit.
Check out Rozalia Project’s video below and see some of the things they do in their Bombard Commando C3.
IBC can get you the right suit for any activity but for most it will be the Mustang or 1st Watch Environmental Float Suit that meets the need.

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