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Sisters Informing Sisters on Topics About AIDS consists of five groups designed specifically for heterosexual African American Women ages 18-24.
These interactive groups will have a special focus on fun and new ways to practice safe sex, negotiation skills, building relationships, and much more. At the end of these sessions young women will walk away feeling sexy, empowered, confident and strong!
Red Line - Board outside Union Station (garage-tour bus level) on the east side of Columbus Circle on Massachusetts Avenue NE between First and 2nd Street NE. DC Circulator drops passengers off at the M Street and New Jersey Avenue SE entrance to the Navy Yard Metrorail Station allowing for a short, half-block walk to the ballpark - a great alternative to the congested rails and metro transfers. Bus: There are numerous cross-town, uptown and downtown bus lines in close proximity of our office. Amtrak easily connects at Grand Central Station which bring you to a few short blocks away from us at 36 West 44th Street.
When you’re traveling to an unfamiliar place, or a big city with overwhelming public transportation, there are many websites and applications you can turn to for directions and online maps.

Google Maps is the industry standard, and probably most people’s go-to application for directions.
Enjoy extended summer hours and escape the Navy Yard Metro crowds with the DC Circulator Union Station - Navy Yard route. Connection is available to 42nd Street-Port Authority Bus Terminal for ACE via Times Square 42nd Street Station.
In many ways Google Maps has earned this reputation, delivering accurate and simple driving and walking directions. HopStop is reliable in always accounting for service changes and planned work for the subway, bus and train system. From cheats and tips to reviews and guides, Cool Apps Man is the place to go for all our your iOS and Android needs.
Service hours are extended until midnight for Washington Nationals home games beginning at 4:05 pm or later, Monday through Saturday. If you have a smart phone such as an iPhone or Android, Google Maps serves as a GPS navigation system, and really becomes a life saver at times.

I have had most of my experience with HopStop in New York City, but I am told that it is as consistent for many other cities as well. For Sunday home games, DC Circulator provides service from 10 am to 10 pm, Rides cost $1 and arrive every 10 minutes.
Many times HopStop and Google Maps provide the same subway route, but I rather stick with the more reliable and thorough service. Whether it's puzzle games, platformers, or everything in between; Cool Apps Man has you covered.
So if you're absolutely lost, be sure to check out Cool Apps Man for all your mobile gaming cheats, tips, and walkthroughs.

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