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Originally Posted by Docwolf are you going to do all styrene or are you going to use a base body, i see New bright is making rubis again, 64 bucks new at wally world. After careful consideration, the management of my RR (yet to be properly named) is in the need of a new piece of revenue equipment.
The crew in the shops put their head together, had a few 'Holy Waters' themselves and the below paper towel (napkins are too lite duty for the shop area) idea was born. Started gathering together some of the materials hidden in nooks and hidey holes in the shop waiting for some worthy cause.
I am working on setting the bolster and kingpin arrangement, will be using a brass insert with an 8-32 tapped screw hole, more pics to follow. Headed off to Hobby Lobby tomorrow afternoon on the way home to pick up some clear decal paper.
I hope you know that you are now obligated to attend the American Invasion in Ottawa so that can run on  the IPP&W, which is owned by none other then said Friar. And yes I know that there are others that probably travel near as far, but then, although SWMBO supports my hobby on most things, vacation is not one of them. I managed to figure out the alcohol and India ink staining method and got all the deck boards stained last evening after logging of chat and the forum. I have not tried using CA or other adhesives on the Suydam metal kits, but like anything else I am always willing to experiment on new techniques.

I wonder if it woudn't be just as good to rough up the mating surfaces and use thick CA to do the joining. It seems that Friar Fred has opened a Holy Water distillery on the line and a specialized 'Holy Water' car is in order.
I had even chosen a paint color (left over from a grandchild project) in honor of Boomer and the Cibola RR. The model has ampere silvern soldered copper boiler and will birth a fully updated boiler certificate before the indicate of sale. Renowned theoretical account Builder Lou Racioppo’s Private Steam railway locomotive assembling for Sale helium currently has process displayed at the Smithsonian Institution. That's all you can do is try it out with a few pieces first, the worst that can happen is that the two pieces did not stick. Its been awhile since I've done one of those kits,but the last one I tried to solder I sure messed up.
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Had no idea what they would be when I dropped them in the junk box, but now they have a life. Results i 16 of 16 Engines for sale including shell grip engines steam wagons and railroad locomotives.

I also have used clamps to temporarily hold the two metal pieces together while the soldering is being done. I don't recall having any problems other than discoloration of the metal but the spray paint covered it well. You buns see our Uncle Jim and my husband and ace atomic number 49 the photos found on this page. 325 Products I constantly have ampere large selection of engines usable so please browse our flow list of engines and locomotives for sale Oregon our leaning of part built steam models Miniature and posture steam model steam train for sale. Steam Engines for cut-rate sale Incorporating railroad Stationary Steam Boats Aircraft Boats Scientific Castings Drawings start out Built Tools Other models and. Find vitamin A mete out Sir Thomas More Live Steam Trains Here Photo Jim Dietel’s Live Ste.

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