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Lionel’s wide varieties of train sets are great for both the little kids and the little kids at heart. Any of them would be great for the train lovers in my family, but I think the Lone Ranger Wild West set is cool!
We have inexpensive train sets and would really appreciate this set since we can’t afford to buy a set like this. It adds some really nice imagination play items to the mix likes a switch, a crane, and some bridges.
This starter train set comes with a snap together track and a simple remote controller for forward and reverse movement making it easy for little hands to operate.

This exciting TV character themed train set comes with forward, neutral and reverse controls, interchangeable faces for the train, over 10 different track section pieces and an electronic whistle. This starter set features forward, reverse and neutral controls, realistic air whistle, operational headlights, puffing smoke unit, traction tires and classic oval track. We would be so grateful to win this set since we were unable to get tickets to the real Polar Express ride in New Jersey this year.

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