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Thanks again guys and a link to another thread would be fine if I just typed the wrong thing into the search box and did not find my answer. There are a lot of military vehicles available in HO, so that's a good point about military modeling. Few months ago, there were a lot of solid trains of MRAPs coming back from Iraq passing through DC. So far in my 6 yrs in the Army i've only seen flats we use to move equipment and containers we store smaller items in (anything not a tank, brad, apc, trailor, howitzer etc). Other than that the days of a rail gun or machine gun bunkers on a train are over my friend. I hope to come close to Eric B's excellent rock making and backdrop painting talents, but that remains to be seen.
While I am not nearly as far along as Michael on my layout, I do model the modern Rio Grande (1985). Leyden Siding and the two staging yards ( the backdrop is removable to be able access the yard if a derail is to occur. I got this on Ebay this week, it started life as an old Atlas (Austrian made) SD35 and has been detailed to a good standard.
This is one of the few locations on my layout that kept roughly the original configuration. Good morning from Northeast Ohio!  The below are cars that I have just recently finished. Rule 3: Illuminating discussion of prototype history, equipment and operating practices is always welcome, but in the event of visitor-perceived anacronisms, detail descrepancies or operating errors, consult RULE 1! When I finished painting the pit, there was still some Aged Concrete in the airbrush, so I painted the parts to the base of the Walthers Ash Pit as well (though this'll have to wait til other things are done). I Hope NERM is happy with teh Finger Lakes Wine list and has tried some UNLESS he has a problem in that area. The Cedar cRapids Industrial Branch: Proudly Shipping Yesterday's CrunchBerries Tomorrow! When I got rid of my Century last month it had 350,000 miles on it and the engine was still tight.
Bear, nice job on those flats, looks like they are idler flats for the car float you are building? While working on the X37b and the Covered Hopper Kit, I managed to finish a few cars this week. Intermountain 10,000 Gal Tank Car Kit, painted with Floquil Platinum Mist and Scalecoat II Black Paints, then lettered with Champ Decals. The Birmingham Southern railroad acquired 100 PS1 Boxcars, 50 with Superior Doors and 50 with PS Doors. This is an IMWX 1937 AAR Boxcar Kit, painted with Scalecoat II Boxcar Red and lettered with Champ Decals. This week, I started building a truck dump for transloading coal from trucks to hopper cars. Further out, the creamery that Ray inspired me to get built with his wonderful example in last week's WPF was built. Up in Animas Forks, government money apparently funded an overhead crane, indicating even more projects like the hush-hush Haymarket Tram are likely in the surroundings. Finally, a pair of DL-535E's about to cross the National Forest boundary on the Silverton Branch with the morning freight extra.
I had hoped to show pictures of my finished On3 kits,but rain and temps in the 40s has put that on hold(my backyard is my paint booth). There is much work still to be done on the layout we should have the layout complete in 3 years.
The video is 12 minutes long we think this is too long and will limit the next ones to under 5 minutes. Anyway, instead of the silver wire that looks like conduit that links the HL LEDs, these have a dark green wire (almost black) that looks like wire. Round Top Farms was a real dairy in Damariscotta, ME that had a side line making ice cream.

I just opened my new issue of Classic Trains and they are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the end of steam on major railroads. Sad to see that the promotor of Nscale, Arnold Rapido had semi dissappear and enclosed in the Hornby group. Sorry for the poor photos the glare makes it seem that the front is more weathered than the rest of the car. However, models of actual military rolling stock are relatively scarce, so that will require some serious model building unless you're OK with close-enuf.
You will find one track on the north side of the road for loading containers etc, and a track with an end loading and side loading ramp along the south side of the avenue for loading vehicles.
I like it when one focuses on a certain local if they don't have the room to accurately model a more vast area. Last month I took my van to an oil change shop in town, a shop that I had stopped doing business with some years ago I might add. I have also been tried to be talked into the new super cleaner high mileage oils that I refuse to pay the extra for. FIrst thing was he thought I had a lesion on my back to be removed someone got wires crossed THERE. Gotta go up to the fire station in a few, gotta wash trucks for the North Cedar Knights homecoming parade tomorrow.
I have a strong hunch (hmmmmmm, the soap box just fired up) such problems are gonna get more and more common in the not-so-distant future.
Apart from decaling and weathering I did find enough time to finish the second scratch built truss rod flat car.
It's small, intended to make sure the local kids and moms have milk when the Silverton line gets shut down by snow sometimes. While located at the Gold Prince Mill, it is a railroad facility that can be used by all to further economic growth. The dairy has been gone for years, but Round Top Ice Cream Ice Cream is very busy, particularly on warm summer evenings. But for the most part it is carved styrofoam covered with plaster diluted to a milky consistency. I used a combination of MicroScale and ShellScale decals for this Conrail Quality loco that looks anything but these days. I had to fight the urge to really grunge it up as I am aware that not everything has to be completely worn and beat. The Army was going to have a commuter train run between Ft Eustis and Ft Lee, VA for troops in basic and AIT however, the budget cuts axed that program.
Since I live in Helper, Utah my railroad will be a knock off of the line through Price canyon so I can run Utah Railway SD 40's also.
Any one who has been to Lake Powell, Moab, or Arches National Park will know what I am talking about.
You did a great job with the Conaco Oil Refinery, I'm modeling that as well in my extension room.
All the piping either came with the kit or the supplemental piping kit I also got from Walther's.
I'm going to model the line from Denver (which will be my staging area) to Axial Mine (on the Craig Branch).
Closest unit in the ABA lashup of F-units is C&S 700D which was a rebuilt wrecked F7-A. Right now the special is the FInger Lake Region UPstate NY State wines that Howmus RAY is recommending. Long ago I had a Camaro just like that and eventually most of the clattering valve gear went away after a few months and a couple of regular oil changes finally disolved enough of the crud to let oil go where it was supposed to. Went to Lowe's and got a refund on the paint and bought the need supplies to finish the hallway. The only thing wrong with the engine was the injector control assembly and the crankshaft sensor were shot but it still ran good regardless. The always busy Thompson Supply finally got its icing dock, which doubles as a canopy for the loading dock.

The premise is that somebody in the D&RG management saw the coming building boom in St. I know that having too little space almost forces a person to want to cram more into the space that they do have.
I also need to add the tortoise to my Free-Mo section which requires me taking it down so I can get to both sides of the module. Well I took it there and right away they're telling me I should put a heavier grade oil in it because of the age of the engine. When we DO buy a MMR space witha  house covering it I paln to Hire strong young men to move us! A loan from the credit union improved the structure and expanded the business enough that they now supply milk, butter, and cheese  to local food distributors.
Five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, prototype-specific details, and McHenry scale magnetic knuckle couplers.
The upper staging yard is where the Big Ten Curve would connect if I ever expand the layout into the dining room (fat chance of that happening though).
Now everything I know about oil viscosity was telling me not to but they convinced me otherwise.
I'm actually running these without a resistor on my 3 volt structure lighting circuit as an experiment and they seem to work fine.
I do not have the space to produce a model of the moffat line or the Tennessee pass line so I thought I would narrow my scope to the local traffic of Denver.
USed to could change my own, but now to hard to crawl around under and do it, rather let them do it on a lift. AS I get older my teeth are going south no matter how well I take care of them and have them cleaned by Hygenist every 3 months. I think my wife has a Battering Ram on the vacuum cleaner!  Looks like she took a Claw Hammer to it.
I have a new partial for uppers now and I would trade your discomfort today for a natural tooth in my mouth any day!!! I drove it over 1,000 miles a week for the first 2 years I had it and most of that was on dirt roads, in heavy mud, across pastures and sometimes on wooded trails if the situation called for it. In terms of detail and quality, N scale has now reached the status which HO scaled had in the late 80?s - and that?s pretty dang good! FOrtunately my Medicaid covers all my dental work and I have a very good Dentist who treats me well for what Medicaid doesn't. Five-pole skew-wound motor, road-number-specific details, and McHenry scale magnetic knuckle couplers. It is double deck and approximately 24 x 30, with 2 track main and 10 track staging at both ends. Prototype-specific cab types, see-through fans, and McHenry scale magnetic knuckle couplers.
Separately applied grab irons, metal wheelsets, and McHenry scale magnetic knuckle couplers. General Electric Rail Services (AESX reporting marks), Staley (AESX), Shell Oil (SCMX), and Emery (UTLX). Wire grab irons, etched-metal platforms, and McHenry scale magnetic knuckle couplers (upper-lower shelf version if applicable). Separately applied grab irons and stirrup steps, metal wheelsets, and McHenry scale magnetic knuckle couplers.
Detailed brake gear, upgraded, see-through running boards, and Accumate magnetic knuckle couplers.
Burlington Northern, Fruit Growers Express, Kahn's, Merchant Biscuit Co., Sioux City Dressed Beef, and Western Fruit Express (large Great Northern goat herald).

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