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La potente y pesada tracción de esta locomotora era soportada por cuatro cilindros, su rodaje 4-8-8-4 era articulado con el fin de adaptarse a los radios de curva sin problemas.
Su abastecimiento de carbón a la caldera fue mecanizado, aunque luego muchas unidades se transformaron en gasoil. Due to the overhang of the long boiler, signals, catenary masts, bridge railings, tunnel portals, etc.
Could somone confirm this as my 91 and 93 are in there boxes?All functions are separate and can be mapped to whatever button you want.

On 94 the smoke generator contacts are connected to AUX3 and can therefore be assigned to another button. The headlight, backup light on the tender, and the number board lights are maintenance-free, warm white LEDs. 2 smoke generators (7226) can be installed in the locomotive; the contacts for them are on constantly. The headlight, backup light on the tender, the number board lights, and the engineer's cab lighting will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally.

Carefully unscrew the base and remove the base carefully.The hardest part is to secure it to the base again as the foam is deeper than the engine.
You have to push the base in the foam AND find the holes for the screws and secure the screws.

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