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Direct underground passageways connect the terminal with NYC Transit subway A, C, E, N, Q, R, 1, 2, 3, and 7 trains, as well as the shuttle to Grand Central Terminal.
Take an uptown NYC Transit subway A, C or E train one stop to 42 Street-Port Authority Bus Terminal. Take a Times Square-42 Street-bound NYC Transit subway 7 train two stops to Times Square-42 Street, or a 42 Street-Times Square-bound shuttle train one stop to 42 Street-Times Square. Once the doors were closed and indication was given to proceed (doors are locked), another series of commands would accelerate the train to 30mph. Approaching the other end of the shuttle line, the train would pass over an insulated rail joint, and new commands slowing the train down to 6 mph would be given. Passing over yet another insulated rail joint (now inside the station), the 6mph commands could no longer be given to the train, causing an air brake application to stop the train within a certain tolerance. Once stopped, door open commands would be sent to the train from wayside equipment, causing the doors to open, control of the train to be changed to the opposite direction, the lighting of the appropriate side destination signs and the headlights at the (new) front of the train. People wait on a 7 train that is being held at the Grand Central–42nd Street subway station on July 30, 2014.
NEW YORK—The subway car came to a halt but it was unlike any halt that Amy Strano had experienced. Finally, the train conductor announced that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) was looking into the issue. The train was not attacked by terrorists; instead, it was the working of a piece of machinery underneath the train called the contact shoe. The contact shoe looks like a paint scraper, and it helps conduct electricity to power trains. MTA spokeswoman Amanda Kwan declined to give data on the frequency of contact shoe malfunctions.

It’s just another one of these little things that will inevitably go wrong in a 100-year-old train system. MTA has been allocating funds toward big projects like the Fulton Mall in Downtown Manhattan and the No.
Train signals need to be modernized, cables on bridges need to be repaired, old train cars need to be replaced, and 86 miles of subway track need restoration.
How could these equipment flaws happen when the MTA’s capital budget has allocated more than $20 billion for repairs and safety fixes in its 2014–2017 capital budget plan? One reason is that the MTA runs the largest transit system in the country—the second largest in the world—spanning 5,000 square miles and 2,000 miles of track.
New York City has a subway system that once coexisted with horse buggies, and delis that sold jumbo malted milk for 5 cents a jug.
The MTA’s 2014–2017 capital budget is a $32 billion five-year plan that will maintain its trillion-dollar system.
Meanwhile, Strano and the stranger next to her started sharing stories about raising children in New York City to keep themselves calm.
Trimlett, one of the trapped riders, watched them walk outside with their flashlights and radios. Construction crew check the 7 train as it is being held at the Grand Central subway station in New York on July 30, 2014. She left the station and walked from Brooklyn Bridge to the office of her nonprofit on Wall Street. To finish off, here's a photo from my first visit in October 1986 when the a trip on the subway coule be a very scary experience!. Your browser either doesn't support Javascript or you have it turned off.To see this page as it is meant to appear please use a Javascript enabled browser.

It occupies the blocks between Eighth and Ninth avenues and 40th and 42nd streets, and it is well-connected to the City's many transit systems. Line 2 is now open and it runs from east to west across Wuxi (while Line 1 runs roughly north to south). The bridge is used by Shuttle passengers to and from trains on track #4 to reach the rest of the Times Square station complex. The workmen get back to work reinstalling the transfer bridge, although there will be no train on track 4 until one is brought back via this same procedure in reverse.
This stranger turned toward Strano and confided some troubling thoughts: She has a 5-month-old boy and she did not did not think her husband could sufficiently care for their son if she died.
But on that hapless morning the contact shoe touched something it was not supposed to touch. It includes funding for expansions like the Second Avenue subway project, major projects like Penn Station Access, new trains, new stations, and more service.
Strano laughed and assured the stranger that children will sleep more through the night as they get older and she will become more well rested. Firemen carrying axes and police officers stood by the doors of both cars as passengers crossed from the front of the broken train into the back of the rescue train. 6 train for the next leg of the journey, an announcement came on that there was going to be a wait. But advocates are calling for more of a focus on repairs, a prioritizing the fixing of small problems before they turn into big problems.

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