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New York might have a reputation of being fast-paced, but the New York City subway system is actually operating on century-old technology, according to Business Insider. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) uploaded a YouTube video a few months ago to show the old system and what needs to be updated. MTA needs funding from the state legislature to update its telecommunications-based train control. Business Insider also reported that communications-based train control is currently being installed on Flushing-bound 7 trains.
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Currently, only the L Train runs on a computerized system using automated signals that allow trains to travel closer together—and, in turn, carry almost twice as many passengers over the course of an hour.
1930s equipment is kept running by a maintenance team that is often required to fabricate replacement parts that have long been out of production. It will cost up to $250 million to convert each control tower and link it to tracks and switches.
Anyway, before you dis relay logic remember that it’s lasted 80 years and is commodity hardware available from multiple vendors.
Behold the Subway Terminal Building, hidden in plain sight in the middle of downtown LA, where at one point during the 1940’s over 65,000 riders were shuffling down into the depths of Los Angeles to board a train which traveled beneath the busy streets.
I forgot to take a photo of it yesterday, but if you walk down Hill, you can see this lettering on the entrance to the lobby of the building (photo via), which is now owned by Forest City Development and named Metro 417. Passing through an unassuming black glass door, we started the tour in the huge ground floor space (which was big enough to be a grocery store, HINT) where we heard a presentation by John Lesak on the building’s renovation.
The next stop was a little sub-floor that felt exactly like walking through a New York subway station.
And here’s where we started to see the real evidence that the subway once existed: signage!
Suddenly we found ourselves in a vast, pillared space that, even with the tracks and trains removed, felt very much like a subway station.
Here’s looking back the other way, towards the platform, with de LaB spelunkers heading down the tunnel. Also, the LA rail was operated as a loss leader by Huntington to help persuade people to move further out.
In the modern day, one of the problems is that modern government and government contract unions make it quite slow and expensive to build anything and especially to operate anything. Because Auto Companies didn’t want los Angeles to have a massive subway system rivaling the one in NYC.
Standard Oil, General Motors and Firestone bought the subway so they could sell gas, cars and tires.
Just curious, Old Man, could you tell me when routes 802 and any higher numbers actually started running?

Not being able to buy a house eventually is a deal-breaker for many people (if not most), but many residents of older big cities have been resigned to apartment dwelling for many, many generations.
Wikipedia has decent articles on LACMTA (entire system including buses), Metrorail (rail system generally), and each of the individual rail routes specifically. 800-series lines are the rail system, but these designations are almost entirely limited to internal documents of the MTA. In many sections, PE and LARy trains had to compete with motor traffic and heed stop lights, as not all routes had their own rights of way.
By contrast, I believe Beverly Hills bought out the old PE route paralleling Big and Little Santa Monica outright, and there are now permanent concrete parking structures all along there. Yep … I remember as a kid, my mom parking in a slot on North Brand Blvd, and taking the Red Cars to downtown LA. I was watching “Down Three Dark Streets” (1954) and in the movie they use the old subway!
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XOXO Loves Tech: A new Portland conference launches and breaks all the records—and the rules. Check out our next de LaBDesign East of La Brea is a monthly design event I co-host with Haily Zaki, Marissa Gluck and Erin Cullerton.
Get to know my Los AngelesIf you're coming to town (or even if you live here), check out my Guide to LA for Dwell, 27 of my favorite places in the city. Walk this wayLos Angeles Walks is a new pedestrian advocacy organization that's focused on making walking safe, accessible and fun for all Angelenos.
Climb some stairsJoin me and some of LA's most interesting people for The Big Parade, an annual 40-mile walk through Los Angeles over the city's many public stairways. Bring GOOD Ideas for Cities to your city or schoolAn initiative funded in part by ArtPlace, GOOD Ideas for Cities asks creatives to create solutions to urban problems proposed by city leaders, and present the results at lively public forums. Some of the outdated features include manually pulling handles to operate track switches and signals, and logging trains by hand. An updated system would allow a better understanding of where the trains are by attaching transponders under cars so they can be tracked in real time, according to Business Insider. It showed that website performance is critical for all brands, including “Star Wars.” and that millennials (52%) are more likely to say online performance matters compared to their older counterparts. The company has announced ReSharper Build, a new feature that replaces Visual Studio’s build management. Transit authorities are only now beginning to replace the eight-decade-old system, which still uses—wait for it—pencil and paper to track train progress.
As of 2012 there was only one microprocessor controlled interlocking on the entire system and that includes the CBTC on the L (I have a private video of a tower operator sitting in the 14th St relay room manually routing trains after the computer CTC system broke down). And, fittingly, it’s just a block from where you might board the Red Line subway today.

Fullerton Weaver, the same architects who designed the Biltmore Hotel a block away, the Jonathan Club on 5th and Figueroa, and the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. As we maneuvered around the left-behind belongings of former Metro 417 tenants, above us you could see the years reflected in the ceiling. People really were eager after the war to have their own, as large as possible house, which necessitated far flung developments impractical for rail. When I left CA in 2006, after having live down in OC for 10 yrs, I was only aware of the Blue Line (801), and I could see the one that runs along the 105, just didn’t realize these all connected. Let’s contact the news and save us million s of dollars in taxes place it on their hands of those bad representative s that they always find ways to arranged deals between construction companies and government.
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Read about this year's walk, or come along for a practice walk (sometimes hosted by me), which take place throughout the year. Read more about this program I co-founded with GOOD's Casey Caplowe and how you can get involved. The new system would allow trains to go at higher speeds, communicating with each other to avoid collisions if they get too close. The update is a long overdue one, yes, but don’t expect your commute to get any more comfortable in the near future.
It was actually approved in a bond measure passed by Los Angeles voters—in the same election where another bond measure was passed approving a new City Hall.
And—plug time—you can see it during the Big Parade, where we walk from Angels Flight to the Hollywood sign, coming up May 19 and 20. Also, post-war big city liberal policies made the cities increasingly expensive, dirty, uncivil, and unsafe, which helped drive people out. Also, the SF rail, Muni has high fares, high subsidies from taxpayers, and very slow and creaky service. You also might like this talk I gave about how to do the work you love, or this New York Times article that featured me and other LA pedestrians. I also love and highly recommend walking, biking and riding LA's transit system, here's how I do it. With 700 miles of track to cover, the time estimated to make the switch won’t be much of a boon for us six million riders now boarding daily. A lot of that is the pay scale (BART for example is on strike despite their high pay and great benefits), and also some of the effects of liberal policies; the city encourages the homeless to come with government handouts and favorable regulations, and in turn they render escalators and elevators inoperative by pissing and crapping on them.

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