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This exquisite hand-crafted brass pre-production sample is one of four 4-6-0 class S-4 O scale models under development by importer Glacier Park.
Others locomotives in this ten-wheeler project include a C&NW class R-1 (please see MRH Page 6, August 2009 News for details).
Prince Edward Express Company is available as a limited-edition S scale kit from Grand River Models. Initial response to Kadee’s new HO scale split-bolster, self-centering, equalized trucks has been very positive. In other news from Kadee, three new HO scale cars will be introduced in May including a 50-foot NH boxcar with 15-foot door, an EJ&E PS-1 channel-side 2-bay covered hopper and a 50-foot DTI boxcar with 9-foot door and a functioning cushion underframe. The HO scale cast resin McAdam Building features a terra cotta cut-stone front with gray-tan random stone sides and back. Micro-Trains has developed a new N scale 33-inch wheel-set with a modified flange that is reported to look more like the prototype and operates well on code 55 rail. The Missouri Pacific Historical Society has commissioned American Model Builders to created two new MP drover caboose kits.
This cloverleaf design offers multiple train or multiple route action with a fun look for toy trains. The curves used are O-36 (36 inch) diameter, and the straights are all standard lengths which are available from all of the major O Gauge track manufacturers.
Thank you for your interest in the most advanced, reliable, and realistic turntable indexing system available today: the PTC Model III Programmable Turntable Indexing System from New York Railway Supply, Inc. The models are being built in Korea by Boo-Rim Precision and are scheduled to arrive this summer. The structure consists of a brick freight office with an attached board-and-batten shed with a loading dock. The kit comes with six pages of assembly instructions including painting and weathering tips. In reviewing the heritage of the HO scale version, freight car historian Richard Hendrickson said the Red Caboose model is based on New York Central flat cars numbered 49600-49299 that NYC built at it’s Avon, Pennsylvania shops in 1930.

Since mentioning the Arch Bar, 50-ton ASF A-3 Ride Control, 50-ton Bettendorf-type and 70-ton Barber S2-B trucks here last month, MRH has learned that Kadee plans to retool all of it’s HO scale trucks to the new design. Each of these new models will be equipped with Kadee series 2100 coupler and appropriate two-piece self-centering equalized trucks. Recessed doors, the building sign, clear window glazing, chimney backs and printed name sign are separate items with all other details, including windows, cast in place. Micro-Trains began equipping all of it's new rolling stock with the improved wheel sets in March and will release separate packages of trucks with the new wheels beginning in June. The HO scale kits include an as-built 1930 drovers caboose that operated from 1930 to the early 1960's, and a side-door caboose that was modified for LCL and merchandise service on branch lines in the late 1940s.
The set covers the entire service life of the FM cars and is suitable for lettering either brass cars imported by Railworks or resin cars from F&C or Sunshine Models. The exact geometry of each companies' tracks can vary - especially switches, so you may need to make some adjustments. As always, feel welcome to contact us by phone or email with any comments or questions you may have about our system. Production will be limited to just 100 of these kits which features cast resin and laser-cut wood construction.
With the notable exception of the unevenly spaced stake pockets, the NYC design and the Red Caboose model, is similar to the USRA 42-foot flat car that was owned by several railroads.
The equalization provided by the split-bolster design ends the need for the troublesome lightweight springs that in addition to lacking the hefty appearance of the prototype often failed to actually function.
Both kits utilize laser-scribed sides with tab and slot construction, peel and stick door and windows with color shades, resin steps with laser-cut sills and end railings, laser-cut ladders and brake wheel and a cast white-metal smoke jack.
The ready to run models will be fitted with the company’s newly-developed NMRA DCC-compliant circuit board. On a railroad interchange, an arrangement like this would take up far too much real estate.
As long as you stick with one brand of track however, you should not have any problems fitting this layout in the space shown.This plan was drawn with templates for Atlas O track.

We are in the design phase of a new controller and expect to have it available this summer.
The back wall of the brick structure is fully detailed so the shed can be placed in alternate positions. Tichy brake detail parts are included along with a special bending jig for forming grab-irons. Other special features include directionally controlled constant headlights, illuminated number boards and operating ditch lights. Thanks to the tight curves of O Gauge trains however, this interesting pattern can make a fun layout in just an 8 x 8 foot space.This plan is shown with traditional O Gauge 3-rail track. The most challenging part of a plan like this is finding the right combination of lengths of track sections to make everything fit.
Also included are special decals designed under the guidance of the MP Historical Society for this project. If John receives sufficient inquiries he will consider preparing a similar set for N scale.
The new trucks are molded in HGC (high gravity compound) a relatively heavy thermoplastic that results in a plastic truck with a weight comparable to Kadee’s metal versions. Buildings, mountains, a lake, you could put just about anything inside the four lobes.The O Gauge market is filled with fun accessories to load and unload cars.
Additional lighted and animated buildings and other accessories could be placed in the corners as well.With a train running on the outer oval and another circling the cloverleaf, this layout can provide a lot of action and visual stimulation.

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