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At the conclusion of my two day meeting in NYC I shed my business attire and re-entered my normal world. If you’re nice this attendant will tell you when your train has been assigned a track. I had caught this woman skimming through life —sifting through the world, grabbing only the information she needed to complete her tasks. Donning my casual uniform, jeans and my red baseball cap (the G on its front stood for Gates not The Gap of course), I checked out of my hotel and grabbed a cab to Penn Station. Usually I can sneak into the Acela’s premiere lounge for a nice seat while my train advances to the top of the departure board. My close proximity to the Acela information desk filled in the rest of her misdiagnosed context.
This is especially sweet when your train is sold out and getting a seat home is high priority. I pointed the way (having scoped the station’s geography in order to quickly exit when I got my special word). I nonchalantly flicked the bill of my cap up a bit on my forehead as if that would help me figure out why she was asking me to do this job.
And she was checking everyone’s ticket as they walked passed her to make sure they belonged.
I once had to stand all the way from New York to Philadelphia before I could rest my derriere. So I silently stood on the outside with the rest of Economy waiting for my gate number to appear.
With a long line of patrons wanting help with their baggage, they too wanted to know which track my train would come in on.

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