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A New York college student with measles boarded an Amtrak station from Penn Station earlier this week and may have exposed other passengers to the contagious virus. The student at Bard College in Dutchess County took Amtrak train #283 from Penn Station to Albany, according to state health officials.
At Bard College, the Dutchess County Department of Health held a measles vaccination clinic for any students, faculty, or staff who have not been vaccinated against measles.
The current nationwide outbreak of measles has spread to 14 states and includes 84 cases reported this month. Measles is one of the most contagious viruses in existence and will infect an estimated 90 percent of people who not immune to the virus.
It seems the young man was not aware he had the illness, i have heard of people having measles even when they had the vacines, i hope the infection does not spread. I am so glad that i had my kids vaccinated against measles and all the other things that were necessary. These nutty parents who refuse to vaccinate stand up on their soapboxes shouting how it's their right.

People knowingly go on board planes, trains and subways sick because they don't care for anyone else but themselves. It is sad all of these old diseases are popping up again because parents have such negative attitudes about getting shots or are unable to vaccinate for some reason. If they had their measles shot then they wouldn't have to be worried about contracting the measles. That is true, it is sad it has to be this way, I didn't have this problem when growing up, kids had their shots, parents didn't argue with doctors about shots.
So sad i hope everyone recovers and if he knew he had it why travel and put other people at risk. That's right, we want YOU in our community, so each time you participate, you get rewarded!
This will help to prevent others at these facilities from being exposed to the illness," said a statement from the New York State Department of Health. New York has had three cases of measles this year, the department said, one in Dutchess County and two in New York City.

The incubation period is on average 14 days, but an infected person can be contagious up to four days before they start to show symptoms. If so, did he know how dangerous the disease is or was he taught (wrongly) that the vaccine is worse?
What's it to them that someone else might die because they caught an illness they were carrying in? This is probably a situation that a law making it illegal to contaminate others will go into effect but still there will be those who enjoy the suffering they cause. The leaders of the countries ( Canada and US) are allowing to many immigrant, and putting the general populations at risks.

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