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It is a cold wintery night on the Island of Sodor and the howling wind keeps the engines in the shed awake. Duke's crew oiled and greased him one last time, then put him to sleep snugly in his shed and bid him a final goodbye as they had to leave to find new jobs. The Chinese version of this episode credits George Carlin as the narrator and the Hindi narration credits Michael Angelis. This episode is based on the story of the same name from The Railway Series book, Duke the Lost Engine. On early UK releases of Rock N Roll And Other Stories, "There names were Duke, Stuart and Falcon" is heard later and "Whenever they did anything that Duke thought wrong, he would say 'That would never suit his grace'" is heard earlier.
When Stuart and Falcon pass Duke with their trucks the lighting changes, indicating that the film was cut.
In the British version, Skarloey and Falcon have Rheneas' whistle sound in some scenes, Rheneas has Skarloey's whistle sound, and Duke has Falcon's whistle sound in some scenes. When Duck says that the story must have a happy ending, a crack in his face mask next to his eye is visible. The Sodor Gold Company was a mining company located on the Mid Sodor Railway before its closure in 1947.
Britt Allcroft (born Hillary Mary Allcroft) is the multi-award-winning creator of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends ever since 1984-present. Britt Allcroft served as executive producer for the first two Thomas & Friends seasons. Allcroft and Rick Siggelkow are currently trying to get Shining Time Station on DVD or back on television. Won - Gemini Awards, Best Children's or Youth Fiction Program or Series, 1993, for Shining Time Station, shared with Rick Siggelkow and Nancy Chapelle. Granpuff - Thomas tells the story of Duke and what happened to him after his railway closed.

Sleeping Beauty - Thomas completes his story of Duke, telling how he was eventually rediscovered.
Bulldog - Thomas tells Percy about the time Falcon was impatient and nearly paid dearly for it. Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady - Peter Sam's eagerness means the Refreshment Lady is nearly left behind.
Special Funnel - Peter Sam's funnel is knocked off by a icicle, and is temporarily replaced by a drainpipe.
Train Stops Play - Stepney "catches" a cricket ball in a truck, prompting a chase along the branch line. Bulls Eyes - Daisy teases Toby about his cowcatchers and side-plates, but learns that they are there for a reason.
Thomas and the Special Letter - The engines receive a letter inviting them to visit the mainland, but Thomas' carelessness almost spoils the trip. Special Attraction - Toby is upset when he realises there is no room for him at a seaside festival, but Percy proves they are all special anyway.
Mind that Bike - Tom Tipper the postman is unhappy when his post van is replaced by a bicycle, but Percy helps him out, not in the way he intended. This was the last season to feature episodes based on the Railway Series, and therefore the last to have Wilbert Awdry as a technical consultant.
All Chinese narrations from this season credit George Carlin as the narrator and all Norwegian narrations credit Michael Angelis, even though the episodes were re-dubbed.
This season is unique as the first fifteen episodes were based primarily on the Skarloey Railway engines. The VHS releases of this season in New Zealand were done in the style of a US video, but without the nameboards. The individual who uploaded this work and first used it in an article, and subsequent persons who place it into articles, assert that this qualifies as fair use of the material under United States copyright law.

All twenty-six episodes were narrated by Michael Angelis in the UK and George Carlin in the US. Years went by and torrents of rain washed soil down from the mountains and countryside grew over the shed. Cardona's place as producer from season 3 to 5 after Clearwater Features was closed down in 1990.
Duke felt very proud of this and decided it was his responsibility to keep the younger engines in line. No one would know from looking that a small shed was there, let alone an engine asleep inside. In May 2000, Britt Allcroft was a director and advisor of Gullane and returned (with HiT Entertainment) for the sixth season and was executive producer again (ever since the second season) alongside Peter Urie.
But he quickly stopped laughing when the manager told Smudger he was going to be useful one way or another.
Allcroft is well known for here creation of Thomas & Friends and it's American counterpart "Shining Time Station". She returned as creative consultant for the seventh season, but by 2003 a year later, (after Gullane Entertainment was sold and acquired by HiT Entertainment) Britt Allcroft had resigned from her remaining positions with the company and did not return for the eighth season for unknown reasons.
Stuart and Falcon gave Duke the nickname "Granpuff" and were very fond of him, but did sometimes tire of his bossiness and would occasionally tease him.
Smudger didn't laugh at that and from then on, the only running Smudger did was running as a generator behind the shed. She was also the screenwriter and director for Thomas & the Magic Railroad, and even supplied the voice of Lady.

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