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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The objective of the Heritage Train Engineering Project is to provide an exhibit which demonstrates the working of the traction motor equipment cases (and later other key auxiliary equipment) of a 20th Century tube train. Courtesy of the scrap recycling company (Booths), a driver’s cab of a scrapped 1967 Victoria Line car and two motor control equipment cases were sourced and brought to the Depot.
The most recent phase of work has been to design and install wiring from the cab to the equipment cases to simulate 600V working.

Over 100 pieces of track in excellent condition.The trains and play pieces are both wood and plastic and some of the wood pieces have some minor wear and tear.
In parallel, signal engineers are developing a project to show how the associated signaling worked. Working with a specialist metal conservation company (Context Engineering), the large cases were mounted on steel frames and raised in the air, so that visitors can walk underneath.
Future stages of the project will include interpretative captioning, better to explain the exhibit to visitors.

The cases contain Pneumatic Camshaft Mechanisms (PCMs), 600V dc line-breakers, a 600V dc reverser, as well as various relays and other smaller control gear. This style of control gear was the best available technology for some 60 years and was phased out for new rolling stock at the end of the century, in favour of heavy electronic equipment.

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