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In a deadening blow to a breathe-easy future for New York, the State Assembly has just shot down Mayor Bloomberg’s implementation plan for congestion mitigation.
Last Monday it appeared as though Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s green dream was going to be a reality. The proposal for a congestion pricing system was first outlined by Mayor Bloomberg in April 2007, and has seen a year of heated division and debate. Debate had provided the bill with a flexible framework of provisions that sought to please nay-sayers while tightening its focus and directing all revenue into the city’s over-stressed mass transit system.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Along with track car rides the museum also offers rides on two restored trolley cars originally owned by the Philadelphia & Western Railroad. Also, we should have mentioned the museum gift shop… lots of books, t-shirts, and memorabilia available… AND you can pick up a 2008 Rochester Subway Poster! Four major airports, three subway lines, five commuter rail lines, six bus systems, four major rail centers, three underwater tunnels, and a dozen major bridges all add to the challenges of travel in New York. With an annual ridership last measured at 1.6 billion, the New York City subway is one of the most widely-used public transportation systems in the world, and with good reason!
When you know where you're going and when you need to be there, private cars are often the most comfortable way to reach your destination. NYC taxis are a great way to make a quick trip from one part of the city to another, or to cover longer distances when you don't feel comfortable navigating the subway. I don’t understand why road wear would be the relevant metric for deciding how much to charge for a vehicle toll.
Tolls usually are imposed as a revenue source that can be bonded to pay for the construction of the bridge or road.  Tolls collected beyond this level are seldom dedicated to maintenance of a specific piece of infrastructure. Although there are practical reasons why collecting tolls from bicyclists may not be feasible, morally bikes should pay to the extent that there is bike infrastructure.
Maybe the cartoons exaggerate to make a point, as cartoons will do; weight and wear and tear do not fully describe the economics of using a bridge. The proposal would have mobilized $354 million in federal grants to simultaneously tackle two dire transportation problems, alleviating inner-city traffic while providing a steady source of income for the funds-starved Metropolitan Transportation Authority. March 31st’s City Council victory showed an encouraging round of support, with 20 votes pouring in from outside of Manhattan, where resistance to the plan has been strongest. The plan would have created an $8 fare for most motorists who enter Manhattan south of 60th Street, reducing inner-city traffic congestion and other related health and safety issues within the city of New York.

Tax breaks were suggested for working drivers with low incomes, and an express bus system was proposed to service the outer boroughs.
No Congestion Pricing Legislation, No "Millionaires Tax", cut in transit aid all over the state.
The NYMT, located just off the New York State Thruway and I-390 in Rush, NY, focuses on not only the State of New York’s rail history but also its transportation history in general as well. These trips cover about 2-miles (round trip) and can be taken as many times as you would like during your visit. It’s primary goal was to preserve old Rochester interurbans after a museum in Pennsylvania which had been home to the equipment closed its doors.
Plus 15,000 taxis and a flock of private cars make New York the bustling metropolis you've imagined it to be. Your New York Guest trip planner can advise you on the best way to reach all of your destinations throughout your visit! The subway can be intimidating, but rest assured it is a very safe way to travel, and stations, directions and transfers are clearly marked. Especially highly recommended for airport transfers, your New York Guest travel planner can book a private car for you at a guaranteed rate with a friendly, courteous driver.
Often walking is a speedy and fun way to get from point A and point B, and New York was built to make almost any trip walkable. Send me the best of the best!I'm willing to spend a little more on my vacation, but not go crazy. It’s strange how motorists care about equity when it comes to paying a bridge toll but when it comes to inequity for randomly killing and maiming cyclists, they are indifferent at best.
Basically, the relationship between weight and road wear (or structure wear in this case) is not linear, so even this comic isnt telling the whole story of how little bikes should pay compared to cars. And so, around the world, there are many tolls for automobiles crossing bridges and tunnels and very few for pedestrians and cyclists. Early last week New York’s City Council had approved of the plan with a 30-20 vote, but it was snuffed by a secretive vote conducted by State Assembly higher ups. This would in turn have produced an estimated $4.5 billion over five years, providing a steady source of funding for much-needed MTA improvements.
Its exhibits range from railroading equipment and trolley cars to historic vehicles and carriages. Between May and October you can catch a trolley ride to the nearby Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum—just under two miles away.

Run by volunteers, the museum slowly grew its collection and was able to acquire unused rails and ties from the former Rochester Subway system to use on the grounds.
Every week we go out exploring, experiencing Broadway shows, sightseeing, new restaurants and more in our fair city and we'll share all of that insider information with you on our blog.
One ride costs $2.25 and you pay your fare using a Metrocard, which can be purchases in any subway station in the city using cash, credit or debit card.
The actual relationship between true maintenance costs versus weight is somewhat complex, but proportionality to weight squared might be a good approximation.
That’s not the case, and if we must watch some of the more extravagant and fragile elements of motordom collapse before motorists are willing to contribute more to their upkeep, we can do that. Jim Dierks, a member of the NYMT Board of Trustees, tells us the museum also boasts plenty of Rochester Subway artifacts. By 1993 the museum had completed a small two-mile stretch of track connecting it with the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum. Tune in weekly for new Broadway show reviews, restaurant reviews, New York stories, and photos from our monthly photography contest. Plan your route before you go and the subway can easily be the fastest and simplest way to get where you're going. We charge for some government services and not others (use of the sidewalk, public waste bins, calling 911) based on many factors, not some universal tolling morality. The 20th century has left American pedestrians and cyclists with very little to lose, and plenty of patience.
The two museums are independent groups and each museum is located at either end of a shared two mile demonstration railroad. Any way you look at it, if you arrive at a fairly reasonable toll which motorists will stomach (say $20 or less), cyclists come out paying one cent or less, an amount not even worth collecting. Some uses are impractical to toll, and some uses should be encouraged for the greater public good. And where morality does factor in, we may consider that some uses are literally killing us.

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