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Some want to feel like a princess, whilst others may want to feel like a fairy… either way, it’s all about a girl feeling magical on her wedding day, and a wedding theme such as this should just about do it!
This beautiful and mysterious Wood Nymph wedding inspiration by Paul Douda Photography will not only delight your senses, it will also have you dreaming of warm Summer nights, decadent luxury, and romance under the stars.
At a time when the heat of summer begins to wane, the leaves transform their colors, earthly creatures begin harvesting and preparing for the bitter cold of winter.
I choose the wood nymph as my theme for their playful earthly focus, but also for it’s mystery and magic. For example we used birch and vines as an alter, wood benches for seating and the ceremony itself in the woods.

The reception used wood tables and benches, moss runner, wood candles and vases, branch silverware, wood slabs for chargers and the table scape itself being set under a large tree.
We also had a moss swing with vines, shoes covered in leaves and flowers, deserts centered around berries and apples, menus in the form of a maple leaf, as well as an organic game centered menu.
We conveyed mystery and magic though dramatic makeup for our model, dry ice in drinks to create a potion effect, and a complex layered ethereal gown. I choose the name Edmund Mountbatten for our groom; Edmund being a common princely first name and Mountbatten being a Royal English Surname. I choose the name Rusalka Wood for our bride; Rusalka being literally translated to Wood Nymph in Czech and Wood referring to our focus.

For me this was one of them and I am so very pleased with the final product, the process and the entire experience.

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