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Many people new to the world of affiliate marketing struggle to grasp some of the fundamental concepts involved in choosing a niche to write on. However, there is a separate type of website that is related to niche sites, but encompasses a slightly larger user and topic base. However, depending on the business, choosing just one of these niches might not be a good choice.
There are pros and cons to both authority sites and niche sites, and choosing the right one for your business depends a lot on your experience, time, and objectives for that business. If you’re completely new to affiliate marketing, I recommend you focus in on a niche site first, improve your affiliate marketing skills, and gain confidence in your business. This is because authority sites, while they have the potential to be more profitable than niche sites, also take longer to develop.
Last month, I got on the scale for the first time in a while, and I wasn’t happy with what I saw. So, check out my new fatblog, and if you are an advertiser with relevant products or services, give me a holler. The post, Making My Effort at Weight Loss into an Affiliate Site by Shawn Collins, was originally published on the Affiliate Marketing Blog.
FAQ and contact NIKI News NIKI World english english Select market Israel Select language english If you choose this option, you will be directed to the homepage of the country selected. Entry regulations – ThailandTourists travelling to Thailand need a valid passport that is valid for at least six months after the date of entry into the country. Mainly, many new bloggers confuse markets or industries with niches, and worry too much that their niche is too small, when more often than not its the opposite: their niche is too big. They are sites that attempt to dominate a larger market, by providing relevant, information information across several niches. If the business depends on developing information over a broader set of materials, then it becomes an authority site. If you’ve already built several niche sites, however, it may be time to move on to try your hand at an authority site.
Whereas a niche site will start to see results after a few months, authority sites commonly take more than a year to develop. It is important to understand what an authority site is so you can understand if you’re dedicating your time to building an authority site or a niche site.

All other visitors require a visa issued by the Thai diplomatic mission abroad; this also applies to stays for periods of more than 30 days.
I can certainly relate to that, as I have built such sites during the early phases of my internet marketing endeavours.
Children need to have their own passport.A confirmed onward-passage or return ticket is also required for entry.
A typical affiliate site will usually provide a review of such a product with affiliate links, and if a visitor makes a purchase or takes action through these links, the site owner earns a commission from the vendor for the referral. Beach holidaysCertified for quality, transparent & safe, airberlin holidays offers great value for money.
MallorcaEasy to book and individual, customize your package holiday with airberlin holidays. One of the other interesting and emerging trends associated with such affiliate sites is the user clickthrough rate (or CTR) in organic search results. The reverse side of the arrival card asks passengers for details of their stay and a cross will need to be entered in the relevant boxes.We recommend that you contact the embassy or consulate of your destination country for information about current visa and entry regulations. Over the years, many marketers have realized the power that exact-match domains have held with search engines like Google, and were heavily exploited for affiliate-type sites.This has somewhat impacted the way exact-match domains are now perceived by many people and they will be hesitant to click on such sites when they show up in the search results, as they are commonly regarded as low quality.
You will find a list of contact addresses on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand » airberlin does not accept any liability for the completeness and correctness of the contents. To demonstrate this a little bit more, let’s take a look at a search term like “cheap office supplies”. In terms of other content, there are links to two other articles which are somewhat related to weight loss.A quick look at the SeoQuake toolbar reveals just six pages of indexed content, which is common amongst affiliate sites of this nature. It is interesting to note that many of these articles are also optimized for several weight loss-related keywords (eg “Jenifer Hudson weight loss”).So, where are the affiliate links? They are nicely positioned alongside many of the rating-based product reviews inside the weight loss products category.
Additionally, the visitors only see AdSense ad units as they navigate to deeper and individual posts within the site—not on the landing page.Another key attribute commonly associated with a high quality site is the use of relevant categories to carefully group similar posts and content. Categories make it easier for users to find related information, and encourage them to stay on the site longer. Additionally, a Facebook Like box is also positioned on the sidebar, with a significant number of fans for a site of this nature.

That said, the actual revenues are possibly a lot higher as we are not even considering any sales through email marketing and long-tail traffic.As you can see, there is a lot more work involved with building such a site, but no doubt this particular site is likely to earn significantly more revenues in the long run. Even ten to 20 pages can often be enough—as long as the information you provide comprehensively covers your chosen niche or topic, and is not just one or two biased articles with affiliate links.So which model are you more likely to choose now for your next affiliate site?
Please leave your thoughts and comments below.Anshul Dayal is the author at Nichsense Niche Marketing blog offering cutting edge niche marketing strategies for starting a real, sustainable and profitable online business. If you'd like to guest post for ProBlogger check out our Write for ProBlogger page for details about how YOU can share your tips with our community. Although, the purpose of the post is to demonstrate content, quality and structure more than the platform itself.
My current site is a personal finance blog, and it is headed towards the Authority Site route. I have about 85 posts so far and at least 60 of them are longer pieces with at least 500 words.
Absolutely agree with you about the quality of affiliate sites and that is one of the main reasons why we as Internet Marketers often find ourselves playing catchup with search engines like Google as they go out on a mission to weed out thin affiliate sites.
I ve added also a privacy policy part to make the customer more new site parisians paris will talk about my country, paris, i will try to promote few things on it.
Thanks for the article, we all should aim for quality content to please not only search engines but the visitors at the first place. So, if you write TONS of content based on these keywords, eventually you will get a LOT of traffic. If the site has unique content and not being hit by Google then it should have been in the top.
What is more interesting, I have started the process of converting one of my sites into a better content site which is the way to go in my opinion.

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