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Zu3D stop-motion animation software has been developed to give children (and adults) of all ages the freedom to create amazing animated films quickly and easily, in school and at home. Autodesk® released Maya LT™ – a game modeling and animation software for indie and mobile game developers. Familiar game modeling software – get a powerful and familiar game modeling tool for creating and editing characters, props, and environments. Optimize content for mobile devices with polygon reduction, data cleanup, blind data tagging, and level-of-detail tools. Model material tools – use a familiar and intuitive toolset to help create, edit, and adjust game model materials.
Lighting and texture baking – efficiently simulate realistic game lighting using global illumination tools to bake lighting data into texture maps, or vertex maps. Game animation software for mobile needs – Bring your game characters, props, and environments to life with efficient game animation tools based on Maya and HumanIK animation software.

More accurate viewport previews – A more accurate viewport displays assets that more closely represent how they appear in-game, reducing iteration times for faster asset creation.
Built for mobile game development workflows – Create 3D assets faster with software designed to fit more efficiently into the common game animation workflows of indie and mobile game developers. Wondering what animation software Pixar uses to bring us magical movies like Monsters inc 2? Around 18 minutes into the presentation, we can have a good look at the interface and see Monsters Inc’s University character, Dean Hardscrabble, the dean of the School of Scaring faculty, in motion.
Instead of being displayed in the viewport as we are accustomed to, the controls or Avars (this is how they are called at Pixar) are tucked to the bottom right of the screen and displayed as some sort of advanced channel box or spreadsheet since this is the term used in AL, the ancestor of Pixar’s Menv.
An other interesting thing we notice is that Presto runs on Linux and the Gnome environment.
Ah and to finish this post, what a better way than posting Monsters University’s third trailer!!!

Export objects or selections up to 25 000 polygons in the FBX format to game engines such as Unity 3D or Unreal. Export objects or selections up to 25,000 polygons in the FBX format to game engines such as Unity 3D or Unreal. For more information, purchase and download options click "Read more" at the bottom of the page.
The interface reminds me of a combination of 3D Studio Max, Toon Boom Studio, and Adobe Premiere, and all the familiar elements of timelines, layers, drawing tools, and animation tools were clearly presented with only a little poking around required to learn what does what, and how to tweak it. Maya LT provides efficient workflows and a streamlined toolset for modeling, creating materials, lighting, baking textures, and animating.

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